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  1. It says in the store free to those who own AC Valhalla
  2. Just seen this is on PS store, this is s standalone version of AC Valhalla Discovery Tour, guess they were going to announce at the Assassins Creed showcase later. Do you think trophies will take long?
  3. Oh didn't realize, does it not help with trophies?
  4. There was meant to be Bot support coming which is what I'm waiting for before I go back to get the plat
  5. Just so people know you can obtain these trophies and the collector with infinite lives turned on if you need to do a second playthrough
  6. I'm similar to several people here, autopopped 36 of 52 in UC4 and and 42 of 49 in LL. All the crushing and collectibles popped but have to do a few misc and combat trophies again. Deleted game reinstalled, deleted saves, re-download them but couldn't get any more to pop so just have to replay chapter and encounters, makes me want a UC5 for sure though
  7. Well I’ve turned all PS5 updates off so when I get to the stage of the exploit I wil try. Usually my luck with exploits aren’t great but fingers crossed
  8. So is it worth its price? it's expensive in my country, twice the price of the original Life is Strange titles when they came out and double the telltale games. Doesn't seem like a $100 game to me
  9. I think it's identical, I did a quick scan and seems the same Thought there might have been some new ones to cover new content
  10. I just feel the bad press wouldn't of been there if they released Ghost of Ikishima has standalone for $30 and everyone would of been happy Playstation had another new exclusive. I feel like years ago we did trophy boosting?
  11. Just being greedy for more Plats, but I wish Ghosts of Ikishima was it's own standalone game ie. Infamous Festival of Blood/ First Light, Miles Morales etc... Would of been cool for this game to have its own trophy set, and probably would of saved some grief for Sony since alot of chat has been about how they're nickel and diming its customers. Obviously too late now just wishing they had gone that path
  12. I had to replay 8 missions. I think I figured it out. I was only using auto saves on ps4 towards the end, and when I transferred data I only bought over the main save. Took me and hour to do them again so it was my bad not anything to do with a game glitch
  13. I always have problems with these auto pops. Used latest save and everything popped except for Helping Sword Hand. Hopefully I just need to replay one and not all
  14. Be interested to see how this one turns out, the demo wasn't too bad, i really need to get back to Demons Souls though
  15. But if he has a disc it shouldn’t matter? Just have 4 accounts and pop the disc in? I imagine the auto pop will only work on one region?