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  1. Awesome, hope they fix it soon, really want to get stuck into this game but holding off until they sort these trophies
  2. Bought this game as part of January sale, has been on my radar since it was announced. So glad i did get it, game is great, its not your typical ubisoft open world game, exploring the world is very streamlined and easy to do. Puzzles are entertaining and require a little bit of thought. Even doing the tasks for trophies doesnt feel like a chore like most ubi games, its reached my top 5 games of the year, would give 9/10 and recommend it
  3. Finally got around to doing ffvii remake so now on 12 main games and 3 bonus games. Been trying to do kings tale 100% as all the guides say it’s quick and easy but I always get frustrated with it and quit.
  4. Wonder if this will have a shared trophy list or seperate on ps4 and 5?
  5. Cheers, will buy the standard edition then!
  6. So just to be clear if i buy the Miles standard edition on PS5 i can choose to upgrade to ultimate version later on if i change my mind?
  7. Not sure what version of Miles to get, i want to see the Spider-Man remastered trophy list first as im not too keen on doing all the crimes and collectibles again, im hoping they'll do a new list which has all trophies from the main game and city that never sleeps in one story focused list. Also hoping Sony does shared trophy list for Miles on ps4 and 5 and every other cross gen title for that matter
  8. Man I hope this is going to be a solid single player game but rumours are it’s a GaaS title, guess we’ll wait and see. Wonder if it’ll be in the arkhamverse or in the new rumoured Montreal BatmanVerse
  9. Keep it wrapped and it might be a collectors item one day, the complete collection is so cheap digital now with frozen wilds its the way to go. I had the physical edition and recently wanted to play the dlc but it was cheaper buying the whole game than just frozen wilds on its own
  10. Part of me really wants to play it as we are starved for superhero games, I like what they’re doing with the free content, the different ways the heroes handle, I’m glad they updated the character models, the level based design instead of open world, allowing more varied locations. But on the other hand with the 2 gameplay demos they’ve shown the game just looks boring. The Thor demo they showed the other day just didn’t look exciting, very run of the mill, this should be one of holidays biggest hits but I feel like it will be average. Picking 7 and 8s out of 10 reviews
  11. Final Fantasy versus Xiii for me, when they announced the three xiii games together this had me the most excited. Unfortunately being morphed into XV I think the original concept and design were lost. I would have liked to play Nomuras original vision. Also Amy Henning’s Star Wars project, based on her work on the legacy of kain games and uncharted series I feel we probably missed out on something quite special here
  12. I’m looking forward to the fact that while we’re going back to the same New York it will be covered in snow and Christmas decorations, should look really cool with the PS5 graphical boost
  13. Im in the same boat as you. Am planning to do all dlc soon, just working on spiderman new game plus and dlc first. This games going to be amazing Spiderman!!
  14. Never enjoyed the controls or the level design of the littlebigplanet games, levels always looked liked a huge mess of things but this could be interesting if it plays more like a standard 3d platformer, hopefully will have tight controls
  15. One of my favorite series from back in the day. Would love to see it revisited