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  1. Hi, i have a second account (BroJo1337). Everytime i switch to the forum i get signed out. When i try to sign in i get redirected to the psnprofiles site and this repeats when i try to use the forum. I tried a different browser already, didn´t help.
  2. This won´t happen anymore. I will be far more careful.
  3. Yes i did.
  4. Like you said im a completionist. If i cant complete every game, there is no reason for me to continue to pay on this acc. Hiding doesnt remove the game from the list. It´s still there
  5. Already done. This one Game sticks out like a sore thumb
  6. Would be great if they fix this... Playing on a new account for completionist sake is annoying.
  7. Yeah i looked into this, people said it´s bugged on the vita too. Guess i try to contact the developers myself.
  8. I made the mistake to start this game without looking more into this bug. So basically my 100% account is ruined by a little game called roundabout ... . Is there any new information if this game will getting any patch?
  9. So i need to build this artifact for the 100 Food trophy. I got the artifact but i missing a memory for this. Since i didn´t got a single memory of this kind, it is marked as "???". What are the memory ingredients for this artifact?
  10. I go with Super Meat Boy
  11. Thats a useful rule too
  12. Just 2 Rules: Complete every game to 100 % No Duplicates
  13. Batman Arkham Asylum