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  1. I'm gonna stream FFXIV Heavensward in a bit. Fair warning: I will not skip any cutscenes.

  2. Gonna stream FFXIV 2.5 in 15 minutes~

  3. I'll probably stream FFXIV 2.5 come pach day tomorrow. Don't know when though.

  4. Doing it LIVE again!

  5. Okay, I'll actually start stream FFXIV in 10 minutes. Boy, lotta peeps be streaming tonight, huh?

  6. Postposing my stream at 8pm est

  7. I'll be doing a 2nd stream tonight on 6 PM EST for those interested, or even care, lol. Playing FFXIV again.

  8. Okay... We're going it LIVE! Fuck it. (For those interested, I'm live now)

    1. XarliaKoneko
    2. CrimsonMars


      FFXIV on twitch. It was more of a test run so I stopped early.

  9. Hey guys! Been a while. I'm gonna see if I can make use of the PS4 gameplay streaming system.

    1. Dark_Tooth69


      Cool. What are you streaming?

    2. CrimsonMars
  10. Power went out while I was working yesterday. Good times.

    1. Dav9834


      No uninterruptible power supplies?

    2. CrimsonMars


      Nope. It was gone for like 4 hours until the store re-opened. They made us clean up and restock in the meantime.

  11. Power went out while I was working yesterday. Good times.

  12. I'll be laying off on buying any brand new games after Febraury, Gonna be focusing on my backlog of games and FFXIV.