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  1. So i must stay 24 hours my PS3 turned on to get the trophy? because i cant do that, so my doubt is if this trophy is time accumulative or must be do in one 24 hour sessionThank you.
  2. Well. about the changed music, PC version and Classic Complete version are a bit different, for example the drum tracks are hard to listen in the CC (less volume, in Evilution literally i stopped the music because some maps has terrible music without any emotion), some effects are different than the PC but some tracks are good to hear (like Last Call TNT or Barrels of fun) I think the worst part of this game are the controls, no custom sensibility, no remap. Now ill try the BFG Edition. PS1 port is as far better even with the frame drops and less enemies Thanks for the replies.
  3. Bought this game expecting a great nostalgic experience after 6 years from the last time i played all Doom games and best wads collection. But: 1.- The game has changed music, different than the original... in some levels the music has changed too much and there is no sensation of the nostalgia and terrific environment 2.- Controls, cant remap any button, disaster, also not sure if stick sensibility is possible to program but it makes the game so slower in reactions, even the PS1 versions has the option 3.- Sometimes the enemies don´t make sounds when they are near of you (sergeants and soldiers specially), surprise attacks are common 4.- Not sure if is my system or a common bug, but when i reload or save files, after pressing SAVE or LOAD GAME it takes most of times at least 15 seconds to load the save/load screen This game is a real temptation with all of games included, but... : /
  4. Im not a trophy hunter, just i like to get all trophies i can get and seize all the money spent at 100%

    1. CriminalCrimson


      this makes me a trophy hunter? lol

    2. Zanzarro


      Hmmm...yes and no i say :P

  5. Wow 3 lives for all the party. Nice to know, thanks for all the info, i appreciate it .)
  6. the game is awesome, cant stop playing, but every day im learning new things and getting more questions 1.- how can swordians do sonic waves when attacking? im at level 11 and they can do it at level 10, i dont know what card or what sword are using (even checking his states in multiplayer i used Shadow Sword and Sonic Wave card and nothing .-. 2.- whats the best mission to farm the TRAITOR? 3.- sometimes when im playing multiplayer with other 3 players, sometimes i die 1 time and quest failed, other situations i die 2 times and quest failed, whats the pattern? Thanks.
  7. Problem solved. I went to History and i pressed R1 to switch pages to Presents (i cant remember exactly) and there are some gifts and rare items.
  8. the login bonus is other thing, i tried with every NPC to see some rare items to pick but nothing, no DLC nothing, i dont know where i can pick my items ;_; btw, any interesting use to do with Billionaire Pot? thanks
  9. i pick always login bonus but Norn says to me "You have items waiting for pickup.", and i dont know where are those items, any help? thanks.
  10. Yay so fast! Thanks a lot!
  11. According to "quest restrictions", is possible to play the story mode in multiplayer? If im currently in chapter 5-2 and i want to play multiplayer and beat 5-2, this will unlock 5-3 and more quests or neccesarily to unlock more quests i need to play in single player? Thanks.
  12. Couldnt find this game in PS3 directory, so i need to post here. About the PS3 version of Ragnarok Oddysey ACE, this have has multiplayer MMO like PC ragnaroks? free open world or possibilities to found more players in game thats all, thanks .)
  13. I started this game normally until at least 4 hours. Then i tried to test Uplay settings and options, i created my account and after watching all uplay services i back to game. I started to play normally until a battle starts, and the game got lag, the text in game like HP counter, target lights and in battle menus doesnt show until a pause or pressing home button, the music gets lag and is almost impossible to play. Anyone who had the same problem? i heard the solution is play without connection, offline. Thanks.
  14. I was yesterday in the final Treasure Hunter Trophy stage, ready to face Albums Atrum and ive found the Healers Ribbon. Also ive readed about that equipment who makes Marta can spam photons using only 1 TP but ive leveled up to 66-67 and nothing, nothing in skills and equip, no 1 TP skill. ..... EDIT: problem solved, i did finally cheap Martas Divine Saber spam, close this topic
  15. I tried the "Pitch Perfect" trophy in all game modes (vs, online ranked, arcade, vs com, etc) but i dont get the trophy : / just i rushed with all against my enemies without chip damage and just defenses, so , totally 100% without any damage and dont get trophy help ! ! : ((