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  1. Nah. KiDdViRuS53?
  2. Nah. The Flope Doge?
  3. That was one lucky guess How did you know where I was? I was supposed to be invisible
  4. He had been telling me he was a man all of this time, but it turns out he's just a "loli" who's actually 22,000 years old and grows at the exact rate that the sun is burning up its fuels.
  5. The first true drug lord
  6. Yes, Rory, I know...I kind of miss how brutal you used to be, though. You used to be like a hungry wolf, but now you just sweet talk me and and give me light taps to my leg. I miss when you would make me your dog every time I dared to speak up, and all of those times you beat me like a naughty child when things did not go your way...I want to be your slave again, Rory. Unless you're doing it with someone else?! Maybe that would explain why I'm not a necessity as often now! So, Vert, what is your input on our relationship status?
  7. Banned because one of your undead friends just feasted on my husband
  8. Aw, are my looks too masculine for you now, dear? Fine, I'll lay off my special "Easy Breezy Beautiful *flips hair* cover squirrel" injections off for now, Rory. But at least let me look this way whenever girls are around. I need to play with them some, too, you know. After all, no territory goes unexplored.
  9. Banned becau- Oh oh My bad, wrong game. I mean, no. jgcc?
  10. I got it from that old dude who owns that store in some Goose Bumps movie. Wanted to give me a possessed book but I said screw it and bought some perfect model rendition of you he had (he had tons of images, too) Nah, but... *throws cookie to ruliya* It's from jgcc!
  11. Yeh, I'm Ruliya! *puts on Ruliya mask* Can you tell the difference, Surfboard? I swear this mask makes me look so close to her that no one could tell us apart!
  12. Banned because I love to know the cup and band size of a female characters bra
  13. Banned because this is absolutely pathetic
  14. Banned cuz ur all peasants
  15. Yes, I would! As long as he'll wake me up with a Volt Tackle