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  1. Horizon forbidden west has too many weapons and it’s overwhelming me . I suppose the point is to figure out what I like and not consider them all .

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    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      @Darling Baphomet eh. i didn't find it overwhelming lol

    3. Boorish


      All are slightly different versions of each other. My main was a sharpshot bow, and I was mainly pumping my tear damage (543!!) lol. Still have picture of it saved on my phone. I think there was one which I found towards the end of the story that had slightly better base stats than this, but I was already committed to this one.



    4. JPtheNeurotic


      At the point I’m at I need to head to plainsong . I think the most rare weapons I have is the shredder claw and a frost hunter bow . 

      im not really struggling with combat but all the different weapons is a lot for me and I feel like I’m missing out my not considering all of them . But that’s probably not the intention at all . 

      it feels really bloated compared to the simplicity of zero dawn so far . 

  2. Potatoes 

    1. breakingthegreen



      I have a great many videos about potatoes if you want more.

  3. The whole point is to show what Joel can become . It’s actually the same as the game jist handed differently : bill in the game is warning of what Joel can become where as the show is a sign of what he can become
  4. Gosh I was till crying af re times after the episode I really hav eto not think about it i think the framing of their final moments mixed with the music is just amazing at capturing the beauty and tragedy of their relationship . fuck , as someone still sometimes afraid of my gay side I needed an episode lkke this . The world needs more representation like this .
  5. Episode 3 broke me im crying so hard everykne tears were running down my face I had to stop for min one of the greatest moments of television ever
  6.  Jesus fuxk cancer . She was a great actress especially as the voice of Tess from the last of us 

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    2. JPtheNeurotic


      45 is way too damn young 

    3. zizimonster


      I knew her from 24.


      Goodbye, Annie. 😢

    4. Cleggworth


      @zizimonster 24 was where I saw her first too. Very young

  7. I’m not sure how I felt losing a match in splatoon 3 by .1 percent 

  8. WEll, it seems im ok now playing Forbidden West?? I think the visual density of the game was what was causing my motion sickness and i finally got used ot it. I know how weird that sounds but its the only thing that makes sense.


  9. i just realized your banner is heather!

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    2. Sgznr


      Bloober has been a mixed bag for me. Enjoyed Layers of Fear and Observer and The Medium was okay but Blair Witch was boring. Fingers crossed it all goes well and the next SH game we get is just as good as I remember.

    3. JPtheNeurotic


      im so starved for Silent Hill content Ill take anything at this point lmao

    4. Sgznr


      I agree, Still sad that the SH that was first announced with Norman Reedus and PT never happened.

  10. Honestly impressed worh how good xenoblade 3 looks for such a late gen switch to title .
  11. Ugh yeah I seem to be getting motion sickness while playing forbidden west and idk what else to do I hate this 

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    2. JPtheNeurotic


      Because it was it MAKKNG me feel worse lol 

    3. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      oh man thats weird lol!

    4. JPtheNeurotic


      I’m a weird dude . : p 

  12. Haha thanks for the tips. Don’t think I can do motion thogh but that’s ok . It’s super fun so losing a lot won’t stop me
  13. I’m so bad at splatoon 3 but it’s also so mixh fun . Nintendo really did make one of the most unique shooters in a whole and that’s wild
  14. I...dont kknow whats wrong but playing Horzion Forbidden West earlier I kept feeling like I couldnt focus and was straining my eyes. I turned off motion Blur and even tried performance mode. This sucks ...

  15. As great as Shannon Woodward is as Dina in the last of us part 2 (and in raising hope which  is hilarious show ) I don’t like Dina was played by a white person. I’d like to give naughty dog the benefit of the doubt they also casted Laura Bailey as a black woman in uncharted 4 …

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    2. Boorish


      @KingGuy420 I think the solution here is to have more POC representation and creating more opportunities. More representation is always good. There has been a progressive change in this direction over the past decade or so. I won't say playing a role outside of your racial background to be racist in itself, but it can (and has historically) lead to inappropriate representation of the character.

    3. KingGuy420


      @Boorish you make some valid points but I still disagree. But we can both think what we want. It's not like either if us are saying anything malicious which is rare in a conversation about this subject.


      And besides, if a character is misrepresenting a race, that's not the color of the voice actor. They're just doing what the director tells them too... so that's kind of irrelevant. If the director wants a caricature version of the character, than that's what is going to be in the game regardless of the voice actors skin color.

    4. Jeanoltt


      I think Laura was selected as Nadine before they changed the design of the character to a black woman. But they decided to keep it on The Lost Legacy because she's great.

      I don't really see a problem with Dina, sometimes the actress just fits better.

      Maybe I'm biased because since I'm not from the US, for me Dina is a white person, but outside of that I don't really see nothing wrong with it.