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  1. I do not care anymore. The series was destroyed... now its a live service with neon colors and pink skins. And zombies is dead. A shame
  2. Cant wait. Should be fun
  3. The game is horrible
  4. Got it in ranked races
  5. Smh
  6. I will pick this up. Looks good
  7. Yeah that could be it. Maybe a firewall thing. Good thing is, it worked now 👍🏻
  8. Maybe a NAT thing?
  9. And you have no backup save in your cloud?
  10. The trailer looks horrible. Grid is becoming the new NFS.
  11. I think people were upset cause he is a 6'6" SG/PG. And that is far from "meta" these days with all the 6'9"-7'0" PGs from OOP packs. But yeah, it is strange they come up with another Vince Carter card so soon. Too bad he won't even make my team with all the invisibles and 1 goat card I got.
  12. It is so stupid that most games have no ps5 to ps4 transfer. It should be either way.
  13. It is a huge difference. Its not locked at 120fps. I checked and its between 100 and 120 on my tv.
  14. Never buy a codemasters game day 1
  15. Same. A very large margin!