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  1. Oh man... Imagine
  2. Yeah you are right. You can queue up solo for those 2 trophies you have mentioned. I should have been more clear
  3. YES. And a very underrated game.
  4. If you dont like it, dont play it.
  5. Hiding trophies is lying to yourself.
  6. No trophy bugs. And you can do the whole game solo.
  7. Remakes. Not remastered.
  8. Can't wait for VRR Is the NBA app in store on PS4? Not on PS5. I do not have my PS4 connected. Too bad I still have to use google chromecast to stream livegames with NBA league pass.
  9. This game is lots of fun
  10. After a few hours my balance got updated with the credits
  11. Anyone else with this problem? I did get the cars but not the credits.
  12. I do not care anymore. The series was destroyed... now its a live service with neon colors and pink skins. And zombies is dead. A shame
  13. Cant wait. Should be fun
  14. The game is horrible
  15. Got it in ranked races