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  1. Exactly
  2. I played on EU servers with cross play on.
  3. Krauser knife fight in chapter 11 on pro without taking damage is a bitch. So far I still have 100% health. But I am stuck at this part for the last 30 minutes
  4. Gold case is not for deluxe edition. Its the pre order bonus.
  5. This game has so many bugs and glitches. It was the worst call of duty ever. Pure trash.
  6. Yes, there are enough players
  7. Hazard Zone is not abandoned at all. Lots of players. You can find matches 24/7. It is a fun mode. You do not have to team up to get the trophies. The platinum is around 100-110 hours and a 3/10 difficulty in my opinion.
  8. 😏
  9. Yes, and it is a very easy platinum. Hazard zone is really fun
  10. Trophy popped for me on very first try. Did not glitch for me.
  11. You have to unlock them, yes.