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  1. Sometimes I can, but most of the times I can not create a new Lv.2 backpack cover. It says I do not have the required materials. That doesn't make any sense to me. Did anyone figure this out?
  2. Play the game on hard from the start. The game is easy. I never changed difficulty at boss fights. The game is extremely easy.
  3. Thanks a lot. I thought I did every order for sam but I missed one at the farm in the south. It was a pizza and champaign. Thanks again!
  4. Peter Englert is on my map but I dont have any more missions for him. I did a few pizza ones. But he is greyed out on my map. Anyone know why? Did I miss a mission somewhere? If so, where? I have every facility maxed out on the right side of the central map. But Peter Englert doesnt even have stars...
  5. This is not going to work. After a few orders you will get duplicate orders. You can check before accepting a new order if you completed it already. No way you can do 80 different missions in the eastern area. You can only do a few before you keep getting the same orders.
  6. The funny thing is... Metal Gear Survive is a better and more fun game to play than Death Stranding. If you think Im bullshittin... that proves you havent played both. And props to Kojima Productions for delivering a product without any bugs! Thats rare these days
  7. I give Kojima respect for trying something new. After 15 hrs in I must say its one of the best looking games I have played. But its also the most boring game I have played. Its torture. Its like having a shit job. A game should be fun to play. And the game is no fun for me. This is what happens when you let the creator 100% free. It feels like a game he made for his self and not for people to enjoy. Kojima is something special. I love the Metal Gear games. A big fan of the series. I must say I hated MGSV. Kojimas last great game was MGS4 in my opinion. I am going to try to complete the story. But if the game is not changing soon I will quit and play something fun. I am not going to waste my time on something I do not enjoy.
  8. Fuck rumors
  9. Dead Space trilogy, Dante's Inferno & Medal of Honor's please
  10. This trophy was never glitched. Season objectives do not count. Only short and mediums. It works fine since day 1.
  11. Not true. The reason that the june 144 overloard appears is people overloading the game with sidequests like getting the free wunderwaffe, samantha box etc. The best way to do it now is do it solo, get the wunderwaffe from the box. Samanthas box is needed so you have to do that sidequest. Treyarch even said this in their blogpost or patchnote a while back on reddit
  12. Must be the dumbest thing ever. All big triple A games wont release at launch when only a few million people will have a ps5. The best time to release a big game is when most people have a ps5. And that wont be when the ps5 just launched. Late 2022 at the earliest when we are going to see the big triple A games including rockstar games
  13. Its not fixed. Treyarch said on Reddit that it will get fixed with a new patch during this operation.