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  1. Freeloaders, if you want to play it then buy it. You are doing damage to the industry by getting it for free.
  2. I am at 1900 and never bought a pack. I completed domination and triple threat offline and play online. And thats without the auction house. I would have had the trophy by now if I had the auction house. Yes it's very easy. A long grind yes, but easy. With the auction house I could buy all balls, coaches, playbooks, complete teams etc. And imagine if I could sell my 7 galaxy opal players in the auction house for MT. How much MT would that give me to spend on what I've just mentioned. The MT I earn I use on packs. Never spend a dime on this game.
  3. That is the reason I will not get the platinum. 2900 myteam cards is impossible in the Netherlands. I do not understand they banned the auction house in our country since it is not gambling. They should have banned buying pack with real money. That is gambling. Not the auction house. If the auction house was in our game it would have been easy to get 2900 cards. A shame
  4. Nice
  5. It plays like an early ps3 game. Outdated mechanics and gameplay. Online is the worst ever. I had fun with the story. But thats it. And the platinum is a grind. Voice acting is top notch
  6. Same here. Ill wait too. Not going to spend hours again on something I already did.
  7. No. I have found them all in both dlc's. It is still not fixed.
  8. Still glitched after patch 1.08 today
  9. Yeah I did Inferno without the infinite RPG. Used no bonus items. The only hard parts for me were the spiders (probably the hardest part in the game for me) and the endboss. When I mastered the dodging and his paterns of the boss it wasn't that bad. But it took me a couple days to practice the perfect strategy and where to save. Inferno is great and feels like true survivor horror without that damn infinite RPG.
  10. Seems like a great game for @WorldHobo and @Romer819
  11. This. I always buy the games I want to play. I never play a PS Plus game. I wish playing MP was free like the good old days. Oh well... 60 bucks a year is nothing but still.
  12. Great to hear that!
  13. I forgot about this DLC. Cant wait to play it
  14. I would wait for the patch if I were you. Just to make sure.
  15. Glitched for me as well. I even found all DLC collectibles as well... No trophy