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  1. Some only unlock doing missions or side missions. Hidden areas.
  2. Yes. I tried every class in every mode. Trophy does not unlock. Same with winning wrc championship. Does not unlock in career and not in the other mode.
  3. Yes
  4. You are pathetic
  5. I contacted BigBen Interactive and they responded. They thanked me for the feedback and they contacted the dev team for the glitched trophies. So hopefully there will be a fix soon.
  6. I already confirmed yesterday in this thread. I beat multiple stages on Authentic in career. And nothing popped. There are 4 trophies glitched so far... Winning wrc championship in career. Completing 13 objectives in a season. Reach all podiums. Winning on authentic difficulty. Those 4 glitched on me last night.
  7. Interesting. I will check it out. Thanks for testing!
  8. I just used 15 perks. For you it glitched I think. I had 4 trophies glitch on me tonight. And 1 of those 4 you have earned (reaching the podium in all rallies). For some people trophies pop and for others they dont... I should only have the 2000km trophy left now. My guess is that I will have to start a brand new career when its fixed. Im in my 7th season now. All for nothing
  9. Will do! Thanks
  10. Tonight I completed the WRC class in career after starting with WRC Junior and rank myself up all the way to WRC2 and eventually WRC. Won every stage and rally. I also did all objectives. The trophy for winning the WRC championship did not unlock and the trophy for beating 13 challenges in 1 season did not unlock either. When I was at the last rally (Australia) in the WRC championship I noticed my challenges were gone in the menu and couldnt check them anymore in the career menu. I also got at least 10 blue screens tonight when I was trying to check my e-mail in the career menu. I think we all should wait until this games is fixed. A lot of stuff is glitched and not working. And for the people who want to know how I reached WRC class... Win WRC Junior. Do tryouts. Get a contract in WRC2 after a while. Then I won every rally and did tryouts for different teams in between rallies. When the meter of the teams or filling up you will get a contract offer to sign with a WRC team. And yes, the legendary cards are the cars with the yellow/gold color in the bottom right of each card. Trophy popped right away when I equiped them earlier today. I also won at least 10 stages on Authentic tonight. I won a SS, SSS, ES and a PS. Trophy did not unlock. I also started a new career on Authentic and won 2 stages. Trophy did not unlock either. 100% glitched.
  11. All my cards are higher than 115. Maybe it has something to do with the color on the lower right. Yeah after level 50 you wont get any more upgrade points. So select them wisely.
  12. Nice that it popped for you! Yes, I want to know more about the golden trophy for having 4 legendary cards. How can I see if its a legendary card?
  13. Show-off did pop for me. Are you driving in the WRC class right now? What are legendary cards?
  14. Playing on a pro but have no problems with the fan...
  15. It looks like Germany went soft when Adolf left the country