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  1. Hi, got a question. I will get my PS5 on the 19th (Europe). I started playing Zombies on PS4 already. If I unlock for example the "upgrade all perks to level 3", how can I get the trophy again on PS5? Since progress carries over and I already achieved the trophy on PS4. All perks are already upgraded. Does the trophy auto-pop? Anyone unlocked the trophy both on PS4 and on PS5? Thanks in advance
  2. Was wondering the same. I also want to know how to unlock the "Form Devastator" trophy. I have no clue what it is
  3. Stop lying fool
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. Yeah hopefully this gets fixed.
  5. I hope this gets fixed.
  6. Hahaha
  7. A good reminder to pick up 2 whoppers with cheese and a strawberry shake today
  8. You judge a game by it's trophy list? Smh
  9. You should find new friends
  10. LOL @ the thread title. How about just play and finish it. Soft ass people on this forum.
  11. My source said November 20th and that is in the Netherlands. He was also right months before the PS4 date got leaked. Maybe it does have different release days in different countries like the PS4. The PS4 came out 2 weeks earlier in the US than in Europe. I have no clue.
  12. People who grind with remote play and software should be banned. Fuck cheaters!
  13. Yeah there was a problem with the items. Should be fixed now
  14. A platinum trophy should be an achievement, not a walk in the park. You sound like a person who doesn't deserve the platinum anyway, crying after the game is out a few hours. Practice, have fun and be patient!
  15. This is going to be a modern day classic!
  16. I can not wait to build my dream park
  17. They can remove it the day after @WorldHobo achieved the trophy.
  18. 😂
  19. Rank 100 in a weekend?
  20. Great list and happy to see a trophy for all gaps!
  21. Happy I did not buy this broken game. I learned my lesson with WRC8 😂 I'll pick it up when it is 5 bucks.
  22. Domination is not hard. It just takes a while to play them all. Beat them all 100% in previous years. Thank god there is no collector trophy anymore for the countries where the auction house is banned thanks to the lootbox law 👍🏻 I know there is a way around with a VPN but who wants to play with a laptop connected to the PS4 all the time lol
  23. You are a bit too sensitive kiddo. And it was a question. I am not telling people what to play. I couldn't care less how people waste their money 😂