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  1. HAH! Radiant Mythology was the first Tales I ever played. I enjoyed it quite a bit. I had a 360 at the time and played the Vesperia demo afterwards. Which paved the way to getting Vesperia as well as Dawn of the New World. And thus began my Tales of journey.
  2. I probably will do Jude if I play Xillia again. When I first played Xillia I did Milla. It just wasn't as much fun as other Tales games I've played. But we'll see... Vesperia is also my favorite Tales. Really a bummer the PS3 version was never localized. Oh well. I could always go the fan made patch way, but I don't have the necessary stuff for that at the moment.
  3. I've come back to say I just platinum'd Zestiria. :3 That makes 5 now! One more and then I can rank up! Now whether I want to finish DotNW or do Xillia 1... I don't like either. Dx
  4. I'd like to join! I've got 4 platinums for Tales of games currently. Tales of Xillia 2 Tales of Graces f Tales of Symphonia Tales of Hearts R I wish I platinum'd DotNW but I'm not fond of that game and don't have much incentive to finish that... :_D It's difficult to platinum a game you don't have fun playing... Anyway, thank you! ^-^
  5. Well, I managed to get it at the end of level 4. There was a tank I destroyed there. I don't know why it worked, but hey, it did. So, case solved! Kinda. lol
  6. I'm guessing something messed up when I tried to get this. I've done this multiple times and it's just not giving me the trophy. My only solution to this would be to delete my save and start over again(i plan to do this). Has anyone encountered this problem? Or something similar and found a way to fix it? This is really bizarre why it'd lock me out of this for whatever reason.
  7. I second changing it to PS3 only.
  8. Not required? Well, if so... Good. 2 trophies away till plat. Rank 100(yuck) 70 gold medals Don't even know if I want to do those two either...
  9. I ended up doing this but I didn't get the trophy. IDK why I didn't but is it because I need another team to race against? I would love to get this done with. The fastest way would be asking 3 others to join from here to help and just doing Criminal Records. My PSN is: SnowconeAssassin Thank you~