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  1. I can't wait dude, Capcom could have easily made this a 100% and I still would have bought it but this makes me extra happy. X5 and X8 I'm looking forward to the most. If all 8 games had platinums Holy hell lol but I'm fine with two. Now I just need Command Mission 🙃
  2. I'm glad they did this collection justice. Definitely gonna pick it up when I get the chance. Megaman X is my jam, my fav ost has to be from 3 but the other games don't lack at all.
  3. #260 - Monster Hunter World Conqueror of the New World Unlock all trophies for Monster Hunter World. Kushala daora was my last crown and his large crown took F O R E V E R. Fun game, glad its done.
  4. The game looks really good, amazing in fact. I just want the damn demo already lol. Watching so many people play it hurts my soul, and January can't come fast enough.
  5. I got almost all my guns through regular gameplay and some were a literal slog fest. Getting 25 kills with the Lance was pretty funny tho
  6. List sucks but I'll pick it up on a sale most likely. I don't have hopes for the X Collection to have a platinum but it would be dope. Especially if it was for all 8 games.
  7. I am digging the look of this game and if I have to do multiple runs so be it. I've always wanted some more vampire games so bring em in. As for the trophies, I'm not a huge fan of collectibles but it's nothing to gripe over. It'll be interesting to see how not killing civvies factors into your playthrough. Especially if there's some real tough sections. Hope there's a hard difficulty or something, most likely will be.
  8. #256 - God Of War Father And Son Obtain all other trophies #257 - Battlefield 1 World War 1 Hero Obtain all other trophies
  9. (:O

    1. Cielle


      Hey Ramona, how have you been? 

  10. The new update is fantastic. I pulled this as my free summon off of the Nowi and Tiki banner. +DEF/-SPD which isn't bad at all. Now I can pull other ones and give her away for wrath. I appreciate the changes to the 4 & 3* hero pool but I hope they take mist off of the 5* exclusiveity at some point. I could go on but this is my new account 9912704502 Add me if you want, rival domains and grand conquest help with more friends.
  11. I'm glad I never started this but that really sucks for people who really liked this game. I kinda tend to stay away from multiplayer games on PS3 now cause I feel like a bunch are going down this year and some already have. I won't be surprised if a lot of the PS3 multiplayer titles are offline by 2019 or 2020.
  12. #250 - Persona 5 Legendary Phantom Thief Earn all trophies.
  13. Over 300 hours in and I have a good chunk of the crowns. RNG is a cruel mistress but it's probably I keep killing the monsters till it just gives me the crown lol. Is Deviljho actually needed for the trophy? I wouldn't mind hunting him more but that's more hours tacked on for me. I'm still gonna play this after I platinum it but it's one of the longest grinds I've done in a while.
  14. Spending money on this game is dumb but I wasn't letting a 11+% go away. I'll spend for limited units if I really want them but even then I'm hard pressed. I only have Like and Fjorm legendary heroes lol. Those banners are dumb but they hold those characters hostage. Oh and yeah, F2P orb accumulation is tedious and it may not even pay off in the end. I've been burnt real bad. If I didn't get my pity break Nowi I'd probably be pissed. I'm not even a hardcore Arena player, I float between Tier 16-18. I love getting new characters and building them and clearing game content but idk man. I wish Legendary heroes weren't locked behind a dumb banner but it makes them a lot of money. There was already a +10 Female grima the day she was out.