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  1. I had EXTREMELY bad luck with drops, especially with the Yoshiyuki farming. Seals were kinda a pain in the ass too, but overall.. 175+ hours discounting save reloads 🤕
  2. #383 - Like A Dragon: Ishin! Bakamatsu Boss Collected all trophies. Been a while since I've done one of these, but I had to post this since it took a lot out of me lol. An amazing game as always from RGG studios, but the grind was real on my part and I had terrible luck. 175+ hours later and I managed to finish the Completion list finally, but the seal crafting and Yoshiyuki grinding were an absolute pain in the ass IMO. Either way, I enjoyed the hell out of it and can't wait to see what Gaiden has to offer later this year. I hope you have better luck than me if you plan on going for this platinum haha.
  3. After what felt like 10 thousand years, I finally have the platinum. Took me 170+ hours discounting the time I spent idling and saving/loading for seal crafting. My luck was absolute crap but I got it done. Thank you everyone here for your tips and tricks. Can't wait for Gaiden later this year!
  4. It's just random I believe. I got unlucky once and a Golden Sneak dropped a Brawler seal on me. 🤦‍♀️
  5. For the Gun style, here's what I use: Ichiban - Corporal Uta Horiemon Shinada Tatsunosuke Kaneko Tetsujiro It's all basically DPS, Kaneko is basically Furious Combo which racks up damage when you have a rapid fire gun. As for stacking drop rate seals, I think you should be fine. I got lucky and managed to get a Dragon Hawk off of Sanada and have 2 Greed in it along with Pierce. The thing is a rapid fire machine lol. I might go with more drop rate seals myself as I need to get more Sturdy Lumber. Hope that helps out somewhat though!
  6. I haven't found any seals in the dungeons from my experience, but you can find weapons/armor that might have seals attached that you can dismantle. I personally found quite a few seals just farming enemies in Fushimi among the Golden Sneaks. Stuff like Madness, Composure, Fireproof, etc. I don't believe I've found a double shot one yet, but that's easily craftable via the seal state method. Maybe just crafting all the seals is the better way to go, but I'm still trying to get the Yoshiyuki from the dungeons, and getting the Square Seal: Special Moves to drop off the Golden Sneaks. No luck so far but at least I made progress lol.
  7. You can put "Pierce" on your guns that can tear enemies armor off. However, you can also bring cards that deal extra damage like the Uta card for the Gun style. Basically by the time you're grinding in the battle Dungeon with item drop seals, you're already doing a shit ton of damage so it's not a huge issue. Only place it's not really worth it is the Sanada dungeons imo, but most likely you'll be using something like the Golden Gun or another gun with Pierce/attack seals on it.
  8. Thanks for this thread. I really don't like how you have to go about getting these seals but whatever, I'll get it done lol. I platinumed the original Ishin and now they found another way to make it tedious like you said 😂
  9. I'm surprised they actually added trophies to them but I'm not complaining. Hopefully the list gets better every month and maybe we get stuff like Crisis Core with trophies 😅 More PS2 releases would be appreciated as well since there was a report about Shadow Hearts being rated.
  10. Anytime you get a piece of purified gear you're able to use it to skip a mastery challenge. They'll stack each time you purify cursed gear. So just play whatever you like
  11. Theres an option when I play on PS5 so idk. I've given them out to other players
  12. In the results screen after a match, you can scroll over to stats and there'll be an option saying, "Give Accolade to Players". You press X iirc and can choose whichever player to give one to.
  13. I recently went back to Legends and started having fun with it surprisingly. Mainly to gear up for the new content, but also to just mess around. Rivals sounds interesting but I'm already thinking of cheese people could use to win haha. The Moon Master Cancel is OP and so is the Spirit Kunal + Skipping Stone Bow. They're nerfing the SK from 15 seconds cooldown to 10 seconds so that's something I guess. I'm in the camp as well where I hope you aren't forced to win so many Rival matches but maybe it'll be fun. I almost have all the current cosmetics so I might try to get the ones the new updates throw out. Stand alone version might get more people to play which is always nice. TL;DR: I'm excited for the new Legends content and hope I can find some more enjoyment out of it.
  14. This is good news. I was about to buy some stuff on the store but I held off. Glad Sony saw some sense after the immense backlash.
  15. Now I regret not getting Splatterhouse. I already saw someone wanting $110 for it. Least I saw it for was $49. The most hilarious one was someone wanting $999 for Yakuza Dead Souls.