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  1. This is good news. I was about to buy some stuff on the store but I held off. Glad Sony saw some sense after the immense backlash.
  2. Now I regret not getting Splatterhouse. I already saw someone wanting $110 for it. Least I saw it for was $49. The most hilarious one was someone wanting $999 for Yakuza Dead Souls.
  3. Not bad. My JP copy is already on its way so I'm fine. Glad you didn't have to fork over so much cash for it.
  4. Yeah I haven't played Asuras Wrath and wasn't willing to fork over $80 for it lol. I got the JP version for about $20 and I just need to get the DLC from the JP store. Luckily the JP version lets you use english menus and subtitles.
  5. More then likely if you use CFW and go online, especially with trophies you could get banned. So yes you can earn trophies with CFW. Worth it? Not really. This is why most people who have CFW on their PS3 stay offline.
  6. It's mainly for preservation sake. And not really on PS3 side as far as I'm aware.
  7. I've already thought about it as some of my friends mainly just game on PC now. And Sony is slowly but surely putting exclusives onto PC. I would like for them to offer a solution to all of this but I don't really see that happening.
  8. There's PS3 games I can't finish on my list due to delisted DLC or defunct servers. I've come to terms with that though. I do want to go back and finish up what I care about though as my backlog is pretty big. I'm not jailbreaking mine atm but we'll see. Other then that, yeah Sony really is just taking the piss lately.
  9. It lets you fully customize your console and also lets you play games for free, especially delisted games like Outrun or After Burner. I have CFW on my Vitas/PSP and don't really regret it. It's up to the person to jailbreak it if they want to but I see no harm in it.
  10. I would love a goodbye sale but I guarantee it won't happen. I'd love to be proven wrong though. Jim Ryan and company just don't care about their legacy and it honestly sucks. Yeah the stores are really old at this point but Microsoft/PC in general still let you get old games and play them to your hearts content. I know other people have been saying this but the deadline should have been a lot longer. I fully recommend jailbreaking your systems whenever you feel inclined to at this point. I'm not abandoning my playstation stuff as I have too much but I'll be damned if I can't play stuff that's not accessible anymore.
  11. After some mulling over I've taken a look at my library and realized how much I've spent on playstation products overall. Especially my digital library. It really pains me how the new CEO just doesn't care about the legacy anymore. My backlog is huge and I want to finish it but also I've considered PC gaming multiple times by now. Not really sure anymore tbh.
  12. No problem. And as for region locking, game wise I don't believe so. DLC is region locked though.
  13. You can get the Japanese physical version and play it on your NA account.
  14. I would say yes for Asuras Wrath as the True ending is locked behind DLC. Ofc you can just youtube it but you know. I don't own Asuras Wrath and a physical copy of the english version is like $80 on ebay. The Japanese version is way cheaper with the only downside having to get the DLC off of the JP psn store. As for Drakengard 3 it's a good game but the DLC is overpriced. $40 for all of it iirc. I've thought about getting it too as I wanted to 100% the game eventually. And yeah I already hacked my Vita systems. Probably gonna end up hacking my PS3s soon enough.