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  1. A while back they said that your PS4 save won't transfer over to the PS5 version. So unless they change that then no, you'll have to earn the platinum again.
  2. I got Kenny to show up on the daily infernal with a full human party. A lot of the time you may just get one or two people and it just cripples your chances of him getting to show up. Not a lot of people are playing, especially when I was. It depends on the time you play it too.
  3. #270 - Battle Fantasia Bestowed upon those who have been awarded with everythingBattle Fantasia has to offer. Thanks for playing! Thanks to Meepy for the boosting, overall the game wasn't too bad. You just need to practice Deathbringers Apocalypse Flame timing and it just falls into the place there.
  4. Well I wasn't wanting to start the game right now but after all the talk I've seen, I better rush comrades ASAP I guess. Would be funny if everything just carried over into the new cilent but who knows at this point.
  5. I'd rather them shut it down and be done with the people who actually run the western branch. Its dumb, backwards and its not needed. Their movies suck, and now they're trying to police mature video games for mature audiences. Nice society we live in.
  6. Nope that's too easy, gotta police it and let NO ONE enjoy it, no matter what your age is. How the times have come by.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if the PS5 launch is fucked up and does poorly. They already canceled a game, so it can't get any worse. Cutting content is just as dumb though.
  8. Based Sony, they wanna hate anime games now. I love how they're turning into assholes again, can't wait to see it blow up in their faces once more. Can't let adults actually ENJOY mature content, oh no. Gotta pick and choose what they can see.
  9. More PS3 servers to be added to the list. It's expected by now though, I still don't have that dumb Nariko stage trophy but $5 just for that is so stupid. I don't even know if I wanna do the vita version.
  10. Good thing I didn't buy this season pass. It really sucks you'd be only getting 2 episodes out of the $20 you put down. They said they'll try to finish the last 2 episodes but who knows when or if that will happen.
  11. And here I got the complete edition when it was on sale. Granted the DLC is like $9 but still doesn't excuse the fact its not "complete" anymore. Reminds me how FFXV has a Royal edition and theres more DLC out next year lol.
  12. I can't wait dude, Capcom could have easily made this a 100% and I still would have bought it but this makes me extra happy. X5 and X8 I'm looking forward to the most. If all 8 games had platinums Holy hell lol but I'm fine with two. Now I just need Command Mission 🙃
  13. I'm glad they did this collection justice. Definitely gonna pick it up when I get the chance. Megaman X is my jam, my fav ost has to be from 3 but the other games don't lack at all.
  14. #260 - Monster Hunter World Conqueror of the New World Unlock all trophies for Monster Hunter World. Kushala daora was my last crown and his large crown took F O R E V E R. Fun game, glad its done.