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  1. Boss Hunt Mode is happening on November 5th finally! Those who need a CRAAAZZYYY Difficulty trophy - please put your names/tags down here and we will get a party together and do this! Session will be on November 5th at 1 PM EST USA - MARK YOUR CALENDARS. LETS GET IT!
  2. I am in for this oh and btw Cats bs Dinos is in early october!
  3. I sent friend request as well FarSideofSaturn - name is Rengarious - please check thanks!
  4. For those who are looking to get the secret ending - here are videos t for every single world in Kingdom Hearts III that has Lucky Emblems to collect. These guides were recorded at 1080P 60 with full commentary as well without any weird cuts or edits. Extremely easy to follow, hope this helps for either your platinum run or simply to get the secret ending. Let me know how it goes for you all! Olympus 100% Lucky Emblems Twilight Town 100% Lucky Emblems Toybox 100% Lucky Emblems Kingdom of Corona 100% Lucky Emblems 100 Acre Wood 100% Lucky Emblems Monstropolis 100% Lucky Emblems Arendelle 100% Lucky Emblems San Fransokyo 100% Lucky Emblems Caribbean 100% Lucky Emblems
  5. Hello friends and to all the trophy and achievement hunters out there. Here is the beginning of our Spyro The Dragon 100% Guide and yes the other two games will be receiving their guides as well when the time allows it too. We will be creating full fledged 4K/60 Guides with Commentary on how to get every single gem, dragon egg and find all the dragons and of course the achievements/trophies themselves within the levels. We hope you like it and it helps you out. Update November 18th, 2018- Peace Keepers, Ice Caverns, Cliff Town, Dry Canyon, Night Flight and Dr Shemp are now added - Magical Crafters all 6 levels coming tomorrow. Level - Artisans 100/100 Gems 4/4 Dragons 1/1 Reach Tricky Platform (Skillpoint) Achievement/Trophy - S1 | Hop, Skip and Jump Level - Dark Hallow 100/100 Gems 3/3 Dragons Achievement/Trophy - S1 | Light My Fire Level - Sunny Flight 300/300 Gems 8/8 Chest 8/8 Airplanes 8/8 Barrels 8/8 Checkpoints Level - Stone Hill 200/200 Gems 4/4 Dragons 1/1 Egg 1/1 Burn the hidden tulip (Skillpoint) Achievement/Trophy - S1 | Sheep Kebab Level - Town Square 200/200 Gems 4/4 Dragons 1/1 Egg 1/1 All bulls stuck (Skillpoint) Achievement/Trophy - S1 | Leaf on the Wind Level - Toasty 100/100 Gems 1/1 Dragons Achievement/Trophy - S1 | Burnt Toast Level - Peacekeepers 200/200 Gems 3/3 Dragons 1/1 Egg 1/1 Scare 6 Gnores into Tents Achievement/Trophy - S1 | Shoot the Moon Level - Ice Cavern 400/400 Gems 5/5 Dragons Achievement/Trophy - S1 | Triathlon Level - Cliff Town 400/400 Gems 3/3 Dragons 1/1 Egg Achievement/Trophy - S1 | Birds of a Feather Level - Dry Canyon 400/400 Gems 4/4 Dragons 1/1 Egg Achievement/Trophy - S1 | Bird Brained Level - Night Flight 8/8 Chests 8/8 Rings 8/8 Checkpoints 8/8 Light Posts Achievement/Trophy - S1 | How Wings 1 Level - Dr Shemp 300/300 Gems 1/1 Egg 1/1 Perfect Achievement/Trophy - S1 | What's in the box? Level - Magic Crafters 300/300 Gems 4/4 Dragons 1/1 Eggs Achievement/Trophy - S1 | Comin' Through! Level - High Caves 400/400 Gems 3/3 Dragons 2/2 Eggs 1/1 Burn the hidden painting (Skillpoint) Achievement/Trophy - S1 | Arachnophobe Level - Wizards Peak 500/500 Gems 3/3 Dragons 2/2 Eggs 1/1 Achievement/Trophy - S1 | Egg Hunt Level - Alpine Ridge 500/500 Gems 4/4 Dragons 1/1 Eggs 1/1 Achievement/Trophy - S1 | Pops of the Tops Level - Blowhard 400/400 Gems 1/1 Dragons 1/1 Ride on the Druid platform for 10 seconds (Skillpoint) 1/1 Achievement/Trophy - S1 | Gatherer
  6. This guide assumes that you have finished the game and have acquired all the mandatory story items that will also give you access to hidden areas and collectibles that were not in your reach when going through the story for the first time. Everything is available in Free-Roam after you beat the game and nothing is missable. This series will cover all of the existing of 332 Collectibles that God of War contains which includes the following: 51 - Odin's Ravens 45 - Artifacts 21 - Nornir Chests (Health/Rage Upgrades) 34 - Legendary Chests (Runes), 15 - Favours (Side Quests) 11 - Jotnar Shrines (Lore) 9 - Valkyries (Optional Bosses + Materials) 3 - Dragons 39 - Lore Markers 38 - Mystic Gateways (Fast Travel Portals) 18 Realm Tear (Combat Challenges) 16 - Shops (Blacksmith Locations) Finding all of the collectibles will also unlock the following trophies: Beneath the Surface [Bronze] Death Happened Here [Bronze] Trilingual [Bronze] Idunn's Orchard [Silver] Quick Tempered [Silver] Dangerous Skies [Silver] Like Oil and Water [Gold] Curator [Silver] Allfather Blinded [Silver] Unfinished Business [Silver] Treasuer Hunter [Silver] The Truth [Silver] Chooser of the Slain [Gold] We gonna start with the first zone - Wildwoods - Here is the video and it's fully voiced/commented for your guidance. I hope it helps you! More coming tomorrow =D Wildwoods 100% Collectibles - Total 11 Lookout Tower Collectibles - Total 4 Foothills 100% Collectibles - Total 9 Volunder Mines 100% Collectibles - Total 8 Veithurgard 100% Collectibles - Total 21 Fafnir's Storeroom 100% Collectibles - Total 10 Thamur's Corpse 100% Collectibles - Total 8
  7. Hello and welcome to my How to Slay series for God of War Will be uploading videos as I play the game and beat the bosses. Here is the first boss at minute and 13 second kill with full commentary and perfect/clean kill on Give me a Challenge difficulty with 0 hits. Enjoy! More coming tomorrow and over the next days/week. Stay tuned! First Boss - Daudi Kaupmadr Second Boss - The Stranger (Will be added soon) 3rd Boss - Benna Daudi 4th Boss - Stone Ancient 5th Boss - Svartarljofurr 6th boss - Jarn Fotr You can also check out my Shadow of the Colossus Full Hard Time Attack Video Commentary Guide
  8. Hello Friends, Here are 10 video trophy guides in 4K/60 so far for A Way Out. Each video is commented and tells you exactly what you need to do and how to get them and they're super quick so you can get your trophies in no time! Hope this help =D The rest of the other 4 trophies: In-Sync, Not Kids Anymore, You Started It and No Cheating will be coming in tomorrow. Freedom Break From Reality Mayday! Backseat Mechanic Home Run Take A Breather Timeless Treasure Managed Anger Live The Dream Take It For A Spin
  9. - February 19th, 2018 UPDATE 2:37 AM EST - Added the following #9 Basaran The guide is 100% Completed!
  10. Thank you so much brother! More guides will be coming for other stuff as well. If you really enjoyed the content and the guides please support us by subbing to our YouTube channel and following us on Social Media as well and our website Quick question - What games in the future would you like us to cover for guides/tips and tricks?
  11. - February 13h 2018 UPDATE 9:09 PM EST - Added the following #14 Cenobia #15 Argus #16 Malus Basaran will be added tomorrow and that will be the complete guide!
  12. - February 11th 2018 UPDATE 11:07 AM EST- Added the following #7 Hydrus #8 Kurumori #10 Dirge #11 Celosia #12 Pelagia #13 Phalanx Basaran, Argus, Malus and Cenobia will be uploaded later today as well! CerealEnthusiant No, you need both Normal and Hard for the trophy because you have to do it all in One Set meaning in 1 save file and get all the items.
  13. Hello Friends!Here are the majority of Hard Mode Time Attack Guides for your trophy needs. Rest will be added very very soon. I hope this helps you and you fellow trophy hunters as well. I enjoyed doing this and will keep making more guides if this helps you out If you have any constructive criticism on future videos please let me know, always looking to improve =D #1 - Valus Hard Time Attack Speed Slain - 2:11 #2 - Quadratus Hard Time Attack - Speed Slain - 3:02 #3 - Gaius Hard Time Attack - Speed Slain - 4:26 #4 - Phaedra Hard Time Attack - Speed Slain - 5:16 #5 - Avion Hard Time Attack - Speed Slain - 2:36 #6 - Barba Hard Time Attack - Speed Slain - 4:13 #7 - Hydrus Hard Time Attack - Speed Slain - 6:26 #8 - Kurumori Hard Time Attack - Speed Slain - 4:05 #9 - Basaran Hard Time Attack - Speed Slain - 3:28 #10 - Dirge Hard Time Attack - Speed Slain - 2:36 #11 - Celosia Hard Time Attack - Speed Slain - 1:10 #12 - Pelagia Hard Time Attack - Speed Slain - 6:28 #13 - Phalanx Hard Time Attack - Speed Slain - 3:06 #14 - Cenobia Hard Time Attack - Speed Slain - 6:03 #15 - Argus Hard Time Attack - Speed Slain - 5:12 #16 - Malus Hard Time Attack - Speed Slain 7:48 This list will be getting update throughout the weekend as the guides are completed - Stay Tuned!
  14. Could of been a really good list but they messed it up. No 100% sync is weird to me, every AC game has that. I am looking forward to playing it regardless due to me being a huge AC fan. I think this is the easiest AC since Syndicate.
  15. So I am in Chapter 3 now and I haven't gotten the Chapter 2 trophy... is my game bugged or something, or am I supposed to do something specific in the chapter? Here is the trophy I didn't get...