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  1. I bought a Nintendo Switch today. Who else owns one? 

    1. Paul


      Send me your friend codes. 

    2. Potent_Delusions


      The Nintendo Switch doesn't have trophies. Are you out of your mind, Paul?



  2. It is literally a copy-paste of the Vita version’s trophy list.
  3. Rest in Peace Marvelboy10, Excelsior! 

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    2. Sergen


      I guess this is why people post their retirement on PSNP, to make sure that people know that they haven't just suddenly died. I hope the best for marvelboy10 and that he is safe and sound. I always check every so often to see if he has come back, but so far he hasn't earned a trophy in over a year and hasn't signed into this site since February. But he was a guy who often posted about school and working hard, so here's hoping that he just went to college and has as ferginator said just become busy.

    3. lucky0ne16


      i wonder the same about him myself, i saw he liked my profile, i am the same boat as him if its the case. i am super busy with college and life. 

    4. ee28max


      I really hope he's just busy with college and life-related activities because I've been following his posts whenever he was online. I'm also busy myself, I mostly check the forums out during the weekends. This guy is one of my best friends on this site. Hope life is doing wonders for him. 

  4. You should finish Disgaea 4 on Vita one of these days. :'( 

    1. YaoiGod


      I'm planning to achieve the platinum a second time of this beautiful game soon. It's just that i was saving it for a milestone, save data got corrupted and decided to just hold off on it. Might go back to it after SM6, i need a relaxing game after that shitshow.

  5. Can anybody who has earned the platinum trophy for Disgaea 3 on Vita please contact me via Discord? It's Paul#3953. Your help is greatly appreciated!

    1. Paul


      I seek answers regarding post-game grinding.

    2. DaivRules


      I haven’t really used Discord, but I can PM if you like. 

    3. Paul


      Will do! 

  6. So, you're fine with Sony censoring games that are targeted towards adults while Microsoft, Nintendo, and Steam sell the same game untouched? Sony is being influenced by the current social and political climate. They have said it themselves before. The The #MeToo movement is influencing Sony, which I think is a weak argument. If the games pass ESRB guidelines and aren't censored on any other platform, there's no reason for Sony to intervene. It should be up to parents to monitor what their children play, not corporations. Should we censor first-person shooters because they might affect somebody who has PTSD from being in war? Of course not. Any reasonable person simply avoids something if they don't like it.
  7. The PS4 version won't have the touch and rub system or the Boobs Rock Paper Scissors System. The developers themselves have classified the PS4 version as the "Play In Front of Your Parents" version. You're a good man. Don't support Soyny if they are going to censor games, even if it's just anime titties. In the foreseeable future, these policies will be applied to AAA titles. I don't trust Sony whatsoever.
  8. Will you be buying this game on PS4 despite its blatant censorship? Although I want to play Labyrinth Life, I don't intend to buy the PS4 version. I can't support Sony if the company is going to dictate what consumers, specifically ADULTS, can or cannot see in the products they purchase. It's ironic, considering Mortal Kombat 11 and GTA V are extremely violent games, yet they are left uncensored. Thanks, Soyny!
  9. The PS3 version is uncensored. Only the new content in Full Body will be censored.
  10. Although I have all three games downloaded on PC already, I'm excited to embark on the journey to obtaining each respective platinum trophy. I cannot wait!
  11. About to hit 6,000LP on Street Fighter V, which is 500LP away from Ultra Gold. Once I hit Platinum, I think I will stop playing for a while. This game has no soul compared to the previous titles, 3rd Strike especially. 

    1. Copanele



      That is the reason I can't get into this game no matter how much I try. It is way too "template ish". No personality at all, just a mashup of fighting game tropes 

    2. ShinigamiSensei-


      Nice job dude, i envy you, i'm still Bronze since...ever...

      never though i would suck so much in a game 😔 it's a lost cause for me...

  12. Currently Super Gold on Street Fighter V. I hope I can reach Platinum League before the end of the month! 

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    2. Paul


      Definitely. However, Bison this season gives Akuma a run for his money. The matchup is actually in Bison's favor. 


    3. grimydawg


      Dictator is solid, but most folks are pretty easy to beat.  I used to CC them for trying to flail their fierce button SMH

    4. Paul


      Same. Akuma's standing Fierce does the trick. 

  13. I've always wanted to play this game. The trophy list looks very straightforward!
  14. These games are no joke. If you don't have a second controller, you will probably die from an aneurysm before you'll obtain this platinum. SNK bosses are hard. Have you ever heard of "SNK boss syndrome"?
  15. During my Story runs, I didn't take the time to properly learn each character's respective command list because I wanted to put the platinum trophy behind me already. I continuously spammed HS and performed finishing moves when my opponent's vitality was low enough so I could kill them instantly. This tactic worked for me until I reached Shizuka as Yoshitora, and needless to say, I wasn't pleased with the outcome. Shizuka defeated me four times before I finally beat her and obtained my platinum; it was a great feeling. I will continue to play Samurai Shodown online as it is, in my opinion, the best fighting game that is currently out on PS4. Also, I want to support SNK for making the season pass free temporarily. SNK is the antithesis of Capcom and other fighting game companies.