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  1. I'm disappointed. I've been anticipating this game's arrival for a while, and I was hoping the platinum would be a challenge. It seems the hardest trophy will be winning ten Survival matches. Too many fighting game trophy lists these days are laughably easy. Fighting game fans will enjoy the fact this game will have rollback net code. It's playable on Fightcade.
  2. This isn't new, but it is helpful.
  3. After fourteen years of trophy hunting on and off, I'm finally at 90 platinums. Elden Ring will be my next platinum, then Resident Evil 2. What should my 100th platinum be?

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    2. CelestialRequiem


      Sol Cresta. 

    3. Sikutai


      Only 90 Platinums in 14 years? Don't be so lazy, man.

    4. Paul


      @Sikutai, I play too much Dreamcast.

  4. Ryu has never been top tier.
  5. There’s no other way to say it. People are going to spend more time boosting than they will actually learning fighting games. Lmfao
  6. You scrubs should just learn the fundamentals of fighting games so you can continue to grow as a player and not be so dependent on boosting when the game is popular. Relying on fundamentals alone will get you to Diamond League.
  7. I have NordVPN, so that won't be much of an issue. But thank you for responding!
  8. I must clarify: she MUST be free of any boyfriends. I'm a man who values monogamy above all else. I will post a picture of myself in the common section if it gets to that point.

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    2. AK-1138


      Best of luck in becoming the next Chris Chan

    3. Troz
    4. Paul


      @AK-1138 Just because I want a boyfriend-free girl does NOT mean I will be the next Chris-Chan. Every man should demand a boyfriend-free girl!

      In the meantime, I have to go back to Paulchu HQ...

  9. Please help me find a trophy hunting girlfriend. Ideally, she must avidly enjoy fighting games, JRPGs, and have nice gamer girl feet. Her patrician taste allows me to see where she stands in life, as I don't have the available time to deal with Western garbage franchises. Life is too short, and I would rather choose a gamer girlfriend that will eventually become my gamer WIFE.


    Where the fuck is this PSNP dating app? We've been waiting for years. It's time we move forward and create a dating app for trophy hunters!

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    2. Paul


      @Yuber6969 as long as she’s a trophy hunting girlfriend, I don’t care. We are truly the most oppressed people in this world, and we need to rise up. 

    3. Jeanoltt


      Jesse, what the hell are you talking about??

    4. Paul


      @Jeanoltt you know good and damn well what I'm talking about. I don't think I have to make myself more clear.

  10. I am in desperate need of a trophy hunting girlfriend. Any potential candidates? DM me now. 

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    2. zizimonster


      Find one who already owns a PS5. Chances are she won't ask you to buy one for her and then leaves you... alone again. JK JK JK! :P


      Good luck! :D

    3. Paul


      @ihadalifeb4this please help me find a sexy trophy hunting girlfriend. 

      @zizimonster got anyone special in mind!?

    4. Paul


      @enaysoftsometimes, a man must go out of his comfort zone and assert what he wants. I can’t let another man accomplish what I ultimately desire, which is having a sexy trophy hunting girlfriend. I won’t be successful if I don’t chase after my dreams. 

  11. You have stolen my words verbatim. I do not admire people who commit the unforgivable sin of plagiarism. It shows you lack authenticity, the ability to remain steadfastly firm in YOUR own convictions, and I will not tolerate this whatsoever. Be prepared to face the dire consequences of copying a man of MY caliber.
  12. I’ll be honest: I’m interested in PSO2, but considering this game is cross-platform, I’d rather play on PC and sync my trophies once I’m done. Is it possible, or will I be locked out of obtaining the 100% unless I play on PS4 exclusively?
  13. Once you become a subscribed player, you can never go back to being a trial player unless you start a new account and completely start over with a new character. You will be locked out until you renew your subscription. I hope this helps!
  14. Good luck. Keep us updated.