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  1. Hello. :) 

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    2. PooPooBlast


      Get a room you two!

    3. Paul


      Thank you, @Trophy Huntress! Your compliment is greatly appreciated. Regardless of the person's gender, when a fellow member of this community compliments, I can't help but blush. It brightens my week. 


    4. Paul


      Fake news. 

  2. BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger BlazBlue: Continuum Shift BlazBlue: Chronophantasma
  3. That's because the game's servers ARE NOT working properly. Anyone who earns the online trophies past September is not earning them legitimately.
  4. There is no LAN mode in KOF XII. Versus is entirely offline... Lol.
  5. Be under no illusion, the time of reckoning for the PS3 is upon us. There cometh a storm of server closures that will test man like never before. Many casualties will result—the Killzone and Wipeout games among others, so I am told. For many moons, I have forecast that these games were operating on borrowed time yet the foolhardy chose not to heed my warning. Now you are offered the chance to repent your sins and harvest these trophies in good time, for the Lord has displayed His divine benevolence and graced us with a 3 month warning for the afflicted. Act now, for you will live to regret your blithering ignorance were you to act the ignoramus and not take action this instant. If you are blessed in having done all of these games already, do not stand by as Mary Magdalene did at Golgotha, help your fellow hunters in their time of need.

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    2. Galactic Poke Balls

      Galactic Poke Balls

      shotgun is loaded with bananas, ready to goooooo

    3. Astolfo
    4. Saionji


      I shall prepare for what is yet to come

  6. It does. If you created your save while signed in to PSN, then your VR Missions save carries over. I, myself, used Transfarring to pop Virtually Impossible.
  7. Am I to believe this is nothing short of a divine intervention? To start this game and finish it when Disney exercised their right to taketh away what we hold dear. When my completion stared straight into the abyss of unobtainability but emerged unscathed. Were I to have started later, there's no telling of the dire consequences I may have endured, but the Lord directed me to start at the right time. He knows that I am a believer and I reap the rewards as such. The infidels who started late must pay a heavy toll, for the Lord has acted on their platinum and they know how.


    The Lord allowed me the Marvel platinum. I am one of the lucky few who may be thankful for what he owns, for Disney giveth the server, but they may also taketh away, and taketh they most certainly did.

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    2. Paul


      Thank you, my brother in Christ. Your words of wisdom have led me right into His all-encompassing and all-loving Arms. I anticipate what the future has in store for both of us. Together, we will become exemplary followers of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 


      Here's to the rebels: the few who take the road less traveled, the few who stare temptation in the face and declare themselves victorious through Word of God. Satan won't win us over. 

    3. Galactic Poke Balls

      Galactic Poke Balls

      For we must buy, sale and donate to charities, that is our purpose on planet earth. 

      Jesus guided you to a platinum trophy. for his powers are within the digital universe to help with platinum trophies. 

    4. Paul


      And I hope He, too, guides you to platinum trophies. 

  8. It's the Korean version.
  9. I will run a script that constantly refreshes my web browser, increasing your view count. :)<3 

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      Sly Ripper

      And I'll reset it to 0

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      I don't care about views, man. 

  10. Enjoy the positive reputation! 

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      Likewise Paul. 


    1. Paul


      Your extraordinary contribution to this community is greatly appreciated.


      Love, @Paul and @Meepy-'



    2. AlphaTrash


      So it should be. 



  12. I am currently working on Yakuza: Kiwami (I'm at 61%), and I can confirm that there are no missable trophies. All of the sub-stories (sub-story-related trophies included), miscellaneous trophies, completion objectives, and mini-games can be played and earned in Premium Adventure Mode. I suggest you try earning 100% completion in Premium Adventure as you will lose everything except Dragon abilities, items, EXP, etc. and your Majima Everywhere rank if you start NG+.
  13. Thanks! I will try these tactics out soon! You're a very kind person for taking your time to return to this website after so long simply to assist this amazing community.