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  1. I have NordVPN, so that won't be much of an issue. But thank you for responding!
  2. I must clarify: she MUST be free of any boyfriends. I'm a man who values monogamy above all else. I will post a picture of myself in the common section if it gets to that point.

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    2. AK-1138


      Best of luck in becoming the next Chris Chan

    3. Troz
    4. Paul


      @AK-1138 Just because I want a boyfriend-free girl does NOT mean I will be the next Chris-Chan. Every man should demand a boyfriend-free girl!

      In the meantime, I have to go back to Paulchu HQ...

  3. Please help me find a trophy hunting girlfriend. Ideally, she must avidly enjoy fighting games, JRPGs, and have nice gamer girl feet. Her patrician taste allows me to see where she stands in life, as I don't have the available time to deal with Western garbage franchises. Life is too short, and I would rather choose a gamer girlfriend that will eventually become my gamer WIFE.


    Where the fuck is this PSNP dating app? We've been waiting for years. It's time we move forward and create a dating app for trophy hunters!

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    2. Paul


      @Yuber6969 as long as she’s a trophy hunting girlfriend, I don’t care. We are truly the most oppressed people in this world, and we need to rise up. 

    3. Jeanoltt


      Jesse, what the hell are you talking about??

    4. Paul


      @Jeanoltt you know good and damn well what I'm talking about. I don't think I have to make myself more clear.

  4. I am in desperate need of a trophy hunting girlfriend. Any potential candidates? DM me now. 

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    2. zizimonster


      Find one who already owns a PS5. Chances are she won't ask you to buy one for her and then leaves you... alone again. JK JK JK! :P


      Good luck! :D

    3. Paul


      @ihadalifeb4this please help me find a sexy trophy hunting girlfriend. 

      @zizimonster got anyone special in mind!?

    4. Paul


      @enaysoftsometimes, a man must go out of his comfort zone and assert what he wants. I can’t let another man accomplish what I ultimately desire, which is having a sexy trophy hunting girlfriend. I won’t be successful if I don’t chase after my dreams. 

  5. You have stolen my words verbatim. I do not admire people who commit the unforgivable sin of plagiarism. It shows you lack authenticity, the ability to remain steadfastly firm in YOUR own convictions, and I will not tolerate this whatsoever. Be prepared to face the dire consequences of copying a man of MY caliber.
  6. I’ll be honest: I’m interested in PSO2, but considering this game is cross-platform, I’d rather play on PC and sync my trophies once I’m done. Is it possible, or will I be locked out of obtaining the 100% unless I play on PS4 exclusively?
  7. Once you become a subscribed player, you can never go back to being a trial player unless you start a new account and completely start over with a new character. You will be locked out until you renew your subscription. I hope this helps!
  8. Good luck. Keep us updated.
  9. Does this game have a similar option like Final Fantasy XIV, which allows you to earn all the trophies on PC and transfer your save to PS4? I’ve been playing FFXIV on PC since I run it at a higher frame rate/resolution compared to base PS4. I’d like to play Genshin on PC and get 100%/platinum that way as well (I don’t have a PS5 currently).
  10. This is a load of shit, as a fighting game player myself. I want harder online trophies. I reached level 80 in the beta.
  11. I play Xrd REV 2 online still, and I can confirm that the online is down. It's been down for a few days now. I'm hoping Arc System Works gives REV 2 the same treatment as Accent Core Plus R on Steam: implementing rollback netcode. Anyway, the online is down. It's not just you.
  12. It is accumulative. My advice is to not spend the Fight Money though, so you know when you have approximately 1,000,000 FM.
  13. Reaching Golden League isn’t impossible. I’m not bullshitting any of you when I say that people in the lower leagues make a multitude of different mistakes, such as constantly jumping or performing heavy attacks. Learn to maximize your damage output, the fundamentals, and I assure you that you will win the vast majority of ranked matches in Bronze all the way to Golden League. Boosting is more work than actually putting concerted effort into learning how to play fighting games. I have done this trophy on three separate occasions using three different characters. I know what I’m talking about.
  14. Platinum #82: Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-. 


    I don't trophy hunt much these days, but since I had the time, I thought I'd take it upon myself to fully complete my favorite fighting game series of all time: Guilty Gear. I can honestly say there is nothing I dislike about GG. The vibrant, eccentric character designs, intense airborne combat, elaborate combo system, and riff-filled soundtrack are all very refreshing to me, as an avid fan of both heavy metal and anime. Although I am passionate about Capcom fighters as well, I admit that I prefer Arc System Works. I could live without Street Fighter or Marvel vs Capcom should the company cease to exist one day.  


    I couldn't have finished GGXRD REV without the help of @Sergen, who aided me in obtaining my last remaining medals. 

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    2. Potent_Delusions


      Probably the best ever trophy hunter to grace the Playstation Network. Don't be fooled ladies and gentlemen, he may not have the most platinums but he's got the temperament, the tenacity, and the doggedness needed to secure himself a place in the annals of trophy hunting history. Named as "the one to watch" in a 2019 poll, Paul has got it all. It's only that he has a job and works out to achieve his goal of physical perfection that he isn't cruising his way to the top of a plethora of leaderboards (all very desirable leaderboards to be the top of, may I add). 

    3. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

    4. Maxximum


      Well done! 💯 

  15. You lose around 75LP every time you rage quit. I don’t think Capcom enforces the ban policy anymore, as I frequently play Street Fighter V (Ultra Gold, was Platinum) and I still get matched with the people who rage quit on me. However, it’s not advisable to rage quit. Accept the lost and continue practicing in Casual Match, Training Mode, and Battle Lounge. Reaching Golden League is not difficult if you actually block and anti-air. I see you reached Golden League. My bad. Good job!