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  1. This game looks really fun! One of my favorite games as a child was Nicktoons Racing.
  2. The evidence has been assessed, and the verdict is in: GUILTY. Send him down. What sayeth the crowd?
  3. Personally, I am anticipating playing this game again. I loved the PS3 version! 😁
  4. Hi, everybody! Captain Mahvel here. I hope you all have a Mahvelous Tuesday/Wednesday! 

    1. heartoftheocean


      mahvelous dahling...simply mahvelous

    2. ee28max


      Have a mahvelous day as well ☺

  5. It's not stupid shit, it's letting our fellow trophy hunters know that women deserve to be respected and liberated from the oppressive patriarchy
  6. What do you mean? If you can't handle the heat, then get out of the kitchen. Social justice will prevail in the end.
  7. What's wrong with being an "SJW"? Do you not fucking care about equality and the LGBTQIA+ community? Sometimes, I'm appalled by the responses I see in threads on PSNProfiles. It seems to me that many members of PSNProfiles do not understand how the patriarchy and heteronormativity are marginalizing people of color and women by not acknowledging that representation of diversity in media IS, in fact, a WONDERFUL thing. I can't wait until social justice activists win this battle and oust all of the homophobes, fascists, and racists that have been dominating the gaming industry for decades.
  8. Right now, I am finishing up BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND. Although I play both Capcom and Arc System Works fighters, I prefer BlazBlue/Guilty Gear to Street Fighter nowadays.

    1. Honor_Hand


      Me too, I have always found Arc System Works fighters to be full of color and personality compared to anything Capcom has been putting out recently


      You also reminded me that I have yet to finish a couple of BlazBlue games I have ^^

  9. After having the King of Fighters XII on my trophy list for almost nine years, I decided I'd go back and earn the gold trophy Perfect Fighter. Unless somebody who bought it on July 28th, 2009 has all of the online done obtains the platinum trophy, I don't think anyone will be beating my timestamp as the slowest achiever any time soon. 

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Phil


      KoF12 is unobtainable? 

    3. Phil


      Just saw the thread in the kof12 subforum. That sucks. I never planned on doing it, but it sucks for those who started it and never finished it. 


      Do 13. Much better game.

    4. Slim



      I probably won't do XIII. I want to do XIV instead.

  10. I awoke today a jolly man, but jolly I am no longer. I’ve loaded up my profile on here to find that the layout has been revamped. As a steadfast believer in the notion that unnecessary change is a synonym of regression, I’m dismayed to say the least. The aesthetic impact of this change is noticeable, but in the wrong way. The right hand side is cluttered and the percentage bar is asphyxiating in a “sea of stats”, as another user put it. The left hand side is looking solemn and sequestered, like the little house on the prairie standing alone. One with little savvy might be prone to believe that some form of taxation has been enforced on using the left hand side of the template, I don’t know?
  11. I have an important news announcement to make. I am officially the proud owner of yet another platinum: Slyde. In my opinion, it is the hardest platinum I've obtained so far, but I didn't let Slyde's challenging puzzles stop me from achieving my goal of earning that satisfying 100% and increasing my platinum trophy count. I'd rather do all of the Super Street Fighter IV Trials again with my feet (I have been running a lot lately, so I think my feet are strong enough to operate my Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai arcade stick) than play Slyde 2, if there is ever a sequel. One Slyde game is almost enough for me to throw in the towel. 


    Before I submit this status update, I would like to thank my family for motivating me to not give up. Without their help, I don't think I would have been capable of developing the fortitude, perseverance, and ambition necessary to succeed in my trophy endeavors. 

    1. Sergen


      I guess you didn't use a guide then, people do it in literally 1 second :o 

    2. VeritableLemon


      I've honestly been scared to add that game to my profile because I don't want to ruin my chances for a 100% profile by putting a nearly impossible game on there.

  12. Hi! I'm silently passing by to give you a fan sign and say hello. In the Interests section, you wrote that you enjoy nature. As a result, I included a flower in your fan sign. Like flowers, your trophy list will continue to blossom and evolve. Happy Gaming! :D 






    1. PooPooBlast



    2. Silently


      Heh.. nice.. thank u👍

  13. Why didn't you play Marvel Heroes Omega and earn the platinum while the servers were running? You could have transitioned from marvelboy10 to marvelMAN10 by earning that particular platinum. :D

  14. Thanks for making this post. I’d feel bad if someone paid $60 for this shit bundle and got flagged for no apparent reason.
  15. Hope you had a wonderful Good Friday, lil bro! And I hope the Easter Bunny surprises you with lots of candy and good food on Easter Sunday!