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  1. I was talking about the number of dislikes on the video you posted not you. Sorry if that caused any confusion. They (the idiots that down-voted the video) think that these games are "not good" because they aren't "AAA" that's why, which is sickening to think that people can't accept the idea of indies being good, which they, in fact, often are. They also cannot accept the fact that "AAA" titles are often NOT good either. But the internet is the internet. Nature of the beast and all. Another problem with having "AAA" titles on the service is the fact that they would often "hog the spotlight", so to speak, from the other titles. People would only focus on that game and complain when they don't get more like that, even considering how difficult it must be for Sony to get those games on the service to begin with.
  2. There like "derpderp Sony sucks since there not giving away Final Fantasy XV this month! derpderp" They don't understand what it takes for Sony to get some big "AAA" title on the service, like negotiating with the publishers and having to possibly pay a pretty penny on top of all of it and more. Those people want a brand new $60+ game for $5 and throw fits like overgrown babies when Sony doesn't deliver on their horribly overblown expectations for the service. They make gamers look like greedy assholes.
  3. That's the Internet for you, not understanding why they don't get the latest so-called "AAA" on the service when they only pay less that $6 per month...
  4. Don't we already have a topic about this? I swear we do. On topic anyway: Metal Gear Saint's Row All Kingdom Hearts after 1 and 2 Hyperdimension Neptunia Assassin's Creed Prince of Persia Ratchet and Clank Jak and Daxter Sly Cooper Uncharted Killzone
  5. My new Vita came in the mail today. It's the slim model and honestly the color quality of the LED screen doesn't look any different then the OLED unless the brightness setting is all the way down. I really like the design and the way it feels in the hands. Better then the original IMO.:)

    1. --Deleted--


      I've only ever used the slim version. I cant hold it for too long before I start cramping up. It's just too small for my big fat hands. I had to get this rubber case for it. Works really well, comfortable, also looks good.

    2. Fatty_Fatness


      I'm really tempted to pick up the slim at some point, for how much I use my OG Vita.

    3. Fatty_Fatness


      @prarpin: Same for me, but for the DS - I could never play it for more than 30 mins before cramping, UNLESS I had the Nyko power grip thing attached, and I have kinda normal-size hands. I never even bothered to try playing my Vita without the Nyko grip.

  6. This is off topic, but seeing this game's servers shutting down reminds me that I need to finish Mass Effect 3's multiplayer.
  7. [Dark Souls III Ashes of Ariandel DLC] And people say the Nameless King was hard. They haven't seen the boss of the new DLC yet.

  8. No you can't. Pretty much all trophies have to be done in Single Player aside from the trophies in the Wallace Wells DLC.
  9. It won't unlock in co-op. I tried it.
  10. I remember those cards. I don't remember if I ever had the Mewtwo card but I do have the Ancient Mew somewhere.
  11. I remember seeing the third movie in a theater back in the day with my older sister's then boyfriend. I think I still have that Entei card you got seeing the film and still sealed too.
  12. Picked up Far Cry 3 since I've been thinking about taking a stab at this series at least once, Splinter Cell Blacklist for the same reason, Shadow complex Remastered and LittleBigPlanet 3 for PS4 for the same reason as Far Cry and Splinter Cell.
  13. *Trophy Checklist under construction* *Intro coming soon* *Might add more details to my thoughts to each plat/100% in the future* I will add more to this when I have the time and not being too lazy lol. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Project Platinum Emblems ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bonus Emblems ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All Platinum Images: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Update History: Oct. 8 2016: Trophy list has been started. Oct. 12 2016: Finished typing all the lists, platinums #1 - #3 are finished, added and finished the "All Platinum Images" tab to showcase all the plats at once, added a section for Project Platinum Emblems and put all the lists in spoiler tags to help reduce the possible lag that all the images can cause. Oct. 13 2016: Finished putting up the Project Platinum Emblems. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Platinum #1 - #5: Platinum #6 - #10 Platinum #11 - #15 Platinum #16 - #20 Platinum #21 - #25 Platinum #26 - #30 Platinum #31 - #35 Platinum #36 - #40 Platinum #41 - #45 Platinum #46 - #50 Platinum #51 - #55 Platinum #56 - #60 Platinum #61 - #65 Platinum #66 - #70 Platinum #71 - #75 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Non-Platinum 100% #1 - #5 Non-Platinum 100% #6 - #10 Non-Platinum 100% #11 - #15 Non-Platinum 100% #16 - #20 Non-Platinum 100% #21 - #25 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Playstation games I own but haven't and possibly won't play: Games played but personally unfinished with regardless of trophies: Games I'm finished with Regardless of trophies: Wish List: