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  1. ok so i must buy her then ... Yuna is good but not all that fast.
  2. I know that this game in 2021 is pretty dead but ther is a suggested path to get 50 titles in the free edition? At least the last time consuming ones?
  3. I don't think manikins title count. Y'shtola is fast? I remember they nerfed her. I'm using Yuna for farming levels right now
  4. the trophy on the final levele is patched? i haven't got it yesterday :\ mybe because i freed the mudokons with the moolah?
  5. by thew way is very stupid that i cannot do multiple save files... no for me is very difficult menage the remaining trophies (no death, 100 slig, 1000 mudokon kills)
  6. ok! i'm waiting your experience (otherwise we shoul wait some patches) meanwhile i'm keeping doing the medals
  7. ok i will wait your experience with the 1000 kill on level select then but for what i know the level select upgrade only better score... so if you hvae saved mudokons in the first place will not upgrade the score for the kills... that's why the NG is needed. For the slig one i will wait patch or confirmation of how to pop it. But the no death run still is very very very difficult ç_ç
  8. i'm a bit worried about the no-death trophy... i learned too late the "cloud save" trick and now i'm doing the medals and i don't want to do that again. a will star a new game for the 1000 mudokons killed but i don't know how to do the no-death runs... some levels seems impossibile to me
  9. if i start a new game for this trophy i will lost all my medals?
  10. OK, thank you!
  11. You need to complete the level after acquiring the key? Or i can grab a key reach a checkpoint and then switch level through level select?