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  1. coffin dodgers
  2. AC 2 AC brotherhood All NFS ps3 games Hitman absolution killzone 2 infamous 2 dead island Crysis 3 and 2
  3. 3 or less times a day O___O
  4. Cod4 remastered.
  5. alien isolation or dying light.
  6. MAFIA II Big Brother Trophy
  7. feel free to add
  8. i defended myself against a random saying crap lol. all i said was idiot....
  9. cod4 remastered. just pre ordered zero dawn horizon.
  10. Feel free to add
  11. saints row 3, it kept glitching and because of that i pushed over 2 weeks for that game. it was a pain.
  12. well im about to get outlast whistleblower.