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  1. A while back I mentioned on the PC & Desktop Page I created a game and released it on Steam for Free. It is called FROSTBITE: Deadly Climate and its a First-Person Survival-Horror Game with gameplay inspired by Resident Evil, and its Story/Setting are heavily inspired by The Thing and now I have ported my game to the Android with possible plans to also release it on iOS. Anyway much like the PC version of my game I'm hoping the mobile port will help show people interested in future game projects that I plan to create and hopefully release on multiple platforms like the PS4. Link to the Game on the App Store
  2. Thanks, and yes any feedback and constructive criticism is much appreciated. Can't become a good game developer if I don't get feedback and criticism to point out the faults I need to improve on.
  3. Thanks, and feel free to PM me on this site
  4. Hey, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post this topic, but few weeks back I recently graduated from college on Game Development, and during my time/after being in college I created a Survival-Horror game called FROSTBITE: Deadly Climate, which is basically Resident Evil 7 meets John Carpenter's The Thing. Anyway a few months back, I released my game onto sites like GameJolt/Itch,io and sadly it hasn't gotten much attention. Heck I even tried to promote the game and message allot of YouTubers about my game, but not getting much luck on it. So few weeks back I made the choice to release this game onto Steam in hopes it will boost some added attention. I doubt I port my game to the PS4 for multiple reasons, but I'm hoping this game act as a stepping stone that helps show people what I can do and get them interested in future game projects that I plan to create for not only for the PCs, but also other platforms like the PS4. FROSTBITE: Deadly Climate - Steam Page P.S. the game is Completely Free if you feel interested in playing it.
  5. This method worked great for me.
  6. So true, the only way companies will stop this scummy practice is when we decide to not buy there games, just ignoring the Micro-transactions is not gonna send a message to WB, them losing purchases on the other hand will.
  7. If people say that Shadow of War's Micro-transaction doesn't effect the game, well you might be wrong. Beside the Micro-Transaction in any game always effects a game, but in Shadow of War in order to unlock the games True Ending, you ether have to spend Hours on tedious and not fun grinding or spend your money to get pass the grinding. Shadow Of War's True Ending Allegedly Locked Behind Grind Or Loot Boxes Shadow of War Hides True Ending Behind Tedious Grind, Encouraging Loot Boxes
  8. This seems to be very obscure game, but compared to others, I would say this is the worst when it comes to trophy hunting. This game has allot of missions with very strict time limits (possibly worse then Simpsons: Hit & Run) and requires perfect precision in some of them. But to make things worse, your doing all of this in poorly controlled Hover Vehicles, that slip and slide making precision almost impossible and making loosing control so easy, that making a small mistake in a race, should just be an instant fail. This is game was so f##king frustrating, that at times I almost gave up, or try and continue it later down the line. However, this game is so obscure that it's hard to come across and even GameFly was even making it unavailable for renting. That it made me decide to not let this game beat me, and so I pushed on through frustrations until I finally Platinum the game. My only big regret (other then wasting my time) was I didn't take a risk and break the disk, before I mailed the game back to GameFly.
  9. NIER: AUTOMATA Making that 283 Platinums so far.
  10. I'm automatically Sign-In when I enter the Forums, but anywhere else I'm logged out and the site is having trouble Signing me in.