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  1. I guess not 😅 , Thanks
  2. I just finished the DLC and it did not unlock for me after the credits, am I missing something ?
  3. Gran Turismo 5 , good job it must have taken forever
  4. I have a 100% completion and I just recently finished my 50th game 😀, I don't know why but it gives me satisfaction seeing my profile at 100%, The most difficult ones I got are Overwatch and GTA Online. Good luck on your journey.
  5. Spider-Man, also nice collection
  6. Horizon: Zero Dawn; it's definitely on my playlist.
  7. Tekken 6 Such good memories, played it on my old account.
  8. Ill grab that RAGE plat, thank you very much
  9. Definitely Bloodborne, Im just not that talented to get it myself
  10. Def. crash 2, im so hesitant to complete it since crash 1 took alot of effort for the 100%
  11. Finally got the GTA V trophies after nearly 5 years (PS3)
  12. I regret buying Watch dogs for some reason i thought its gonna be really good but in reality it was just a boring open world game
  13. Looking to do the Heists Please add me its impossible and frustrating trying it with strangers PSN : theduke102 Edit: Got them all not boosting anymore
  14. I want to get it on ps vita , and i was wondering if its 100% achievable or not , since they closed the servers on borderlands 1 , also if you would rate the trophy 100% difficulty from 1~10 what would you rate it ?
  15. Thank you all for your help
  16. Psn ID : theduke102 Systems : Ps4 , Ps3 I Accept Blank Requests
  17. Just took the platinum to Dust An Elysian Tail , surprisingly good and enjoyable game.