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  1. Here we go friends, the Mirror's Edge Catalyst Beta/ Sign up now! -

  2. 6x Platinum Life is Strange PS4 Ver.

  3. of course that's not official but there's some hope left, keep believing guys. If Hideo Kojima left Silent Hills won't be same as P.T was but hey at least it might come out. Check link there's some hope and that's a fact even its not official yet.
  4. Its pretty sad to say such beautiful horror game is not coming out anymore it alse breaks my heart. Maybe there's a few chances that Konami will rebuild it but if that game is coming like in 2018 or so it would be the same Silent Hills /P.T as supposed without Hideo Kojima and Del Toro their visions. I'm very sad but hey let's focusing on other games, they might bring another Silent Hill out for PS4 this or next year who knows. Hideo Kojima is also focusing on Metal Gear Solid 5.
  5. Konami why??? they gotta be kidding us wtf seriously its sad very sad.
  6. How all began
  7. Today is National Ninja Day here were I live in Japan, oh yes will celebrate with few classmates so excited :)

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    2. SheruKusanagi


      Thx guys best way to celebrate a national ninja day in japan is to play ninja gaiden I guess. But yes @Kashiyuka dressing up "cosplay" since everyone does in tokyo, it was like comiket yesterday! ^^

    3. Kashiyuka


      Haha that sounds like it'd be a lot of fun, hope you enjoyed it :D

    4. SheruKusanagi
  8. YouTube: 浜崎あゆみ, Hamasaki Ayumi - Surreal

  9. Wow its night here in Tokyo now and I just went home after school and saw this new big shop has open few days ago, I went in for the first time and look aroung, I just saw Far Cry 4 for ¥2700 "yen" its $25 in us I think and I picked it up its nearly 11:00PM here but hey its weekend and I gtg play some Far Cry 4 now go to bed until its morning! :P

    1. SheruKusanagi


      around* Far Cry 4 is pretty good on PS4 wow.

    2. Bucknerd


      That is a very good price. I hope you enjoy yourself!

    3. SheruKusanagi


      I know Bucknerd that's why I just picked it up thank you :)

  10. God Eater 2: Rage Burst is so pretty 2:00 min
  11. God Eater 2: Rage Burst PS4 2015/02/19 :)

  12. Hello, guys I was thinking on getting me a Xbox One just for dead rising 3 and rise of tomb raider since I had Xbox 360 and played on it for nearly 4 years Xbox got shitty I went to PSN, 2012. I now want to know what you guys think is it waste money? I might get other Xbox exclusive e.g quantum break. PS4 will still be my main console at all.

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    2. McJacs2


      Idk bear, 1000 years is a pretty long time to wait

    3. IntenseFATE98
    4. ZeroXOF


      @McJacs2 This isn't Nintendo but I had to admit, I chuckle.