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  1. Been after this edition for a while, finally got it. Now that I have all the DLCs, it's time for a fresh playthrough!
  2. Happy New Year, PSNP! 🎆 Let's hope 2021 will be a better year for all of us. 🙏

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      Happy new year to you too! 

  3. I've been wanting to pick this up for a while due to its similarities to Dragon Age, and 10h in I'm not disappointed. I'm enjoying the story, decision-making and the different ways to complete each quest. It's coming to PS+ next month, so if you're a PS+ member give it a chance!
  4. Merry Christmas and Happy Gaming to all! 


  5. Night City, here I come!🏎️
  6. Rock 'N' Roll 🤘
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  11. "No luck in the south, east or west... The treasure must be in the North!"
  12. Telescope. Spaghetti bolognese or Beef wellington?
  13. So, I found this game in the PSN store last month and its trailer got me interested enough to give it a chance.



    I've played some Battle Royales out of boredom before and thought they were okay, but a lot of the time I find that these Battle Royales are all too similar to each other and don't offer anything new really, however, this wasn't the case with Don't Even Think, despite its poor graphics and odd lag spikes at times, it makes up for it by having the coolest twist I've seen to a Battle Royale (up to now); werewolves! 3 werewolf players hunt you down whilst you also have other players to deal with and they have unique abilities only to them, without being equipt with the best weapons the werewolves can easily take you out, this made the game challenging and kept me playing until I was able to get the better of them.

    Playing as the werewolf was good fun too, whilst it made you feel you were overpowered most of the time, the real challenge came when you'd run into a group of experienced players, even if you still had one or two other werewolves alive with you if they had silver bullets or all gold weapons it could easily be game over for you.


    Another thing I liked about DET was the different ways you could heal yourself apart from finding stims in loot boxes, you could also take apples from trees or heal yourself at fireplaces and these two ways of healing would also boost your cold meter back up, so if you were outside of the zone and you had your cold meter maxed it would eat into that first before your main health which was nice. It's the first Battle Royale where I honestly can say I've had some fun with.


    Platinum :platinum: #19 - Don't Even Think.
    Thank you for playing Don't Even Think!


    Unfortunately, DET servers will be closing down this Tuesday @ 7am (GMT) with this message appearing in-game;









    They say the main reason for closing is due to the pandemic, but I think the lack of players can't have helped either (there were only 2-3 lobbies per day/night) which is a shame because if this game had a bigger budget I think it could have been a lot better and survived for longer.

    To those of you who are still going for the platinum; good luck! I hope you get it done in time. 🙂