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  1. I did all the MP trophies for this game back at the start of 2018 and it was totally dead then, so I guess more so now.
  2. Yep, finished the last two with no issues and got all related trophies. Thanks for taking the time to create this thread!
  3. Finished the first larger challenge. Did as explained here and faced no issues Hopefully, the other two will go just as smooth.
  4. Is it confirmed that the raids must include 4 players? Not possible with only 2? And what about survival? Could this be done with only 2 players instead of 4?
  5. Hi, I read this game has an option for couch coop. Will playing offline local coop with two PSN users unlock the trophies for both users? Thanks.
  6. For those interested, while the host player is able to get all trophies, the joining player can get everything except for those based on career progress it seems. This means that the second player won't unlock the 'Champion' and the 'Jackpot' trophies. As for the 4 cumulative kills related trophies ('Rat-at-at', 'Snip-snip', 'Ka-boom' and 'Wub-wub'), I'm not sure if the progress towards them is tracked for the second player, but they could be done in a single match by hosting a match against each other.
  7. Hi, Will playing offline local coop with two PSN users unlock the trophies for both users? Thanks.
  8. Thanks for this. Thought about starting this soon and was worried about the crashes. Btw, what do you mean by "low level splitscreen exploit"? And did you play on the PS4 Pro?
  9. Amazing. Thank you!
  10. Thanks for the heads up. Hopefully someone can answer the first one. Another question while at it - can the coop be done offline?
  11. Hi, Could you get the trophies for the 'Endurance' DLC while going for the trophies of the 'Endurance Co-op' DLC? Also, other than Endurance Co-op, is there anything else in this game that requires online play?
  12. For me, it's not even listed in the store for some reason(Israel store, for that matter).
  13. Thanks, @djunk101! I unlocked it now.
  14. Nice! I loved playing this game growing up. Brings back many fond memories. I wonder why it's unavailable in my PS Store, though. Might have to buy it from the US store, then...
  15. My problem is I can't seem to navigate to the online section from the main menu. I can only choose 'Paramount War' and that's it. So I wonder if it means I need to progress through the story to unlock online play.