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  1. So a few weeks ago I completed Jotun. I enjoyed it so much that in order to prolong my time with the game, I decided to beat the bosses in Valhalla mode without taking damage and without using god powers simultaneously while going for the Valhalla trophies. I'm even thinking of playing the NA stack, even though I'm not into stacking lists, since it would give me more reason to come back to the game. I then thought about it and I did some extra challenges in Cuphead and Furi, as well, whereas usually I would just do whatever's needed to get all the trophies in a game. I guess jumping into a game and pretty much just beating bosses appeals to me, since this is what those games have in common. This is why I would really appreciate some recommendations for boss rush games or games that have boss rush modes. I already have Titan Souls and Hollow Knight (which has a boss rush mode from what I gather) in my backlog, btw.
  2. Hi, So this game can get a bit grindy. For example, I needed around 200 faith gems, 85 deaths and countless entrances to the abyss after doing everything else. Fortunately, the game saves the additions to the global stats you get on a certain level even if you don't complete the level (by entering the portal after defeating the boss) and just go back to the main menu at any point during it. By doing that, the game will give you the option to continue from the start of the level which you backed out to the menu on, but now your global stats will have updated with all the contributions you made to them before going back to the menu. That way I was able to quickly farm all of those things in a matter of 2-3hrs tops. I will now list the best methods I found for framing each stat: Faith gems Those are the gems needed to unlock the 6 characters for the Grim Squad trophy. Each character can be purchased from a separate skill tree(or forest, technically ). There are 6 in total, starting with only one being open when starting the game. By spending enough gems in each one, you unlock the next one and get the chance to purchase the character there. This requires a substantial amount of gems. Probably better go for this one right after the abyssal run you need to do for the Ultimate Challenge trophy. After defeating Athena, collect the gems she drops, but don't enter the portal and get to the credits. Instead just go back to the main menu. This will give you the option to start level 9 again, but if you'd check your gem total, you'd find out that the ones you got from Athena had been saved. Now, you also know where the boss is and can just dash through the rooms needed to get to her, kill her again, back out to menu, and so on... I was able to get 23 gems in 2-3 minutes in each clear of level 9 on abyssal. Note that the difficulty does influence the amount of gems you get - I tested this on hard and you get only 17. Be careful of dying, though! Deaths For this one, the character of choice would be Lucas. Get to level 2 and you need to be 1 hit away from dying (or any level beyond 1, since the game will just put you in the bar if you back out to menu on level 1). Then use his ability to drop mines and just place one under you feet at the start of the level. The blast will kill you, adding a death to your total. If you're fast enough you could navigate to the menu while the death animation is running, before the screen telling you the run's over appears. This will save the death to you total, but you will still be able to continue from the start of the same level. Starting the level 1 hit away from death and being able to die by not even moving saves a bunch of time over the process of starting a new run, finding a room to die in, waiting however many invincibility frames after each hit, then going to the bar and doing this all over again. You could, of course, adjust this strategy for any of the characters, but this one seemed the most optimal to me. Environmental Deaths Though only needing 9 such deaths, I believe you won't get this naturally. All you need to do is get to a level which has a room with any spike trap in it, die to the trap and quickly back out to menu during the death animation like mentioned above. Do this correctly, the death will count, and you can start the level again knowing where the trap is and just dash to it until you got all the deaths needed. Don't forget - do this on any level after level 1. Fishing, Piano, Smirk Co. Trades, Roulette, Discovering Secret Rooms Find a level (again, except level 1) with a room those can be found in, use as many times as you can, then when you can't anymore, just do the same old backing out to menu, and it'll be saved, letting you have all your pickups to use again and again in the same level. Egg Hatches (successful and failed) Better to try this one with Ming. Start a run where you concentrate on collecting eggs any way you can. If you collected enough eggs (or didn't, but got lucky and picked up more than 5 in appropriate timings), you will get to a later level in which each room with enemies will trigger a hatching after clearing it. Depending on whether you go for Mom's Love or Sad Eggs, just back out to the menu after you didn't get the result you wanted in the first 5 egg hatchings. The reason for using Ming is the fact the he has a higher chance of hatching eggs successfully and also the ability to cancel successful hatches while retaining the egg (a good way to save up a lot of eggs for a later level). So on the surface, it sounds like Ming would be best suited for Mom's Love, but might lower the probability Sad Eggs unlocks. Well, from my testing, if you cancel enough eggs, it seems like getting a streak of failed hatches become more probable as the run goes on. It's not confirmed or anything, but after canceling every successful egg hatch up to level 6 with Ming, I had a streak of well over 5 failed hatches (around 9-10), while barely even scraping 4 in a row with other characters. It was so effective that I didn't even need to use the menu method I mentioned to grind that out and it just happened while I was trying to get to the final level to implement it. lol. And so, maybe if going for Mom's Love just collect a lot of eggs, so you have enough to go for the method without cancelling out successful hatches. (Mom's Love also unlocked naturally for me during a random run even without Ming. Looks like it has a higher probability of happening than Sad Eggs, and with Ming's higher hatching success rate this should come pretty quickly.) Abyss Entrances I just used the method mentioned in the following post and it unlocked in around 15 minutes: Hopefully, this makes the grind less daunting
  3. So I completed a run in which I bought all items from 5 shops and the trophy didn't unlock. Is this trophy bugged? Do you maybe need to buy all items in 4 shops in a row without skipping a level in which you don't empty the shop (even though the trophy description only mentions any 4 shops during a run)?
  4. Man, relax lol Yes, you could use paper maps, or you could stay lost and cry your GPS isn't working. I was only suggesting a workaround until this is fixed, if ever. You are more than welcome to continue using the current search engine for the time being. Never have I ever said that the algorithm doesn't require fixing. It could be improved by alot, and with not much work, tbh, but it doen't mean you can't use better methods in the meantime. Also, to your final point, you could navigate to the list of any version of a game from the page of either one of the other versions.
  5. Could always use Google to search for games on psnprofiles. Much, much more exact. Just search the game name followed by 'psnprofiles'.
  6. Damn, so many games from my wishlist on this sale. I guess I won't grab them all this time around, and would just get Titan Souls, Little Nightmares - Complete Edition, Hyper Light Drifter and both Gungeon games. Might throw in Neon Abyss and The Shadow Warrior Collection, as well. I would encourage other people to take a look at the games I mentioned now that this sale is here, btw.
  7. For me, some of the best and most fun times I've had playing the Uncharted series were the coop maps, be it survival in UC4 or the adventure maps in UC2 and UC3 for the PS3. I would recommend everyone play it for themselves first instead of shying away from it just because of how challenging it seems (though the challenge makes it even more fun, imo).
  8. Don't know about the start of the campaign, but if you have the 'Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary' DLC, you could always start a lvl 30 character and do this right away. Also note that on the PS4 it's not strictly an online trophy, since it could be done offline with two controllers. Just make another PSN account and add it to your friends list, then use the second controller to sign in as the account you created, and now you can do it in local coop.
  9. So it looks like we have a great chance of taking down the bugs atm. If anyone feels like playing, please complete some missions on the bugs' homeplanet. Any little bit of help is welcome!
  10. You should check out Nexomon: Extinction. The game won't have it in early access, but it will be added when the full game launches.
  11. Nope, I meant local coop. Meaning both players play locally on the same console. And most of the games suggested here do answer this description, and offer local coop gameplay, some even for up to 4 players, without having to play in split-screen.
  12. So playing through BL2 and just found out Jack destroyed Moxxi's Underdome. I guess he also hated this BS of a DLC and it makes me so happy knowing the arena is destroyed
  13. Thanks. Aside from those trophies, I was just wondering how well could 2 players manage, since I read that completing it solo isn't realistic with the game being designed for team play and all, and wanted to make sure 2 players are sufficient.
  14. Is it enough playing with one other person or do I need to play with more people to 100% this game? I plan to start this game in local coop, and was hoping to avoid playing online.
  15. I'd include Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, as well.