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  1. You can also play a casual pro-am game, you don't need to be in a team and 1 game is more than enough to get the rep you need
  2. I've checked the profile of some YouTubers that have already unlocked Galaxy Opals and none of them has the Geologist trophy, so those new Dark Matter cards are required for sure
  3. I would have preferred a return of the "Perfection" trophy honestly, at least it's skill-based
  4. Any chance to reach GOAT collector without spending money?
  5. It is possible to unlock every campaign-related trophy playing co-op? Let's say that I play the campaign on Realistic with a friend, at the end we both get the trophy, or just the host?
  6. You have to keep playing and win the division trophy.
  7. I can't unlock the shotgun. I have the 3 requirements to start the enforcer syndicate assignment, but the reward requirements are still "???", even if I just got more than 30 Ballistic Shield coins. Am I missing something?