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  1. Yes, I have noticed there are a few puzzles where there simply isn't enough room on the vita and the bottom line gets cut off. It only happens on few puzzles.
  2. Yeah, there are a handful puzzles where one color is "hidden" There are also a few where the bottom row is not visible, at least while playing on Vita.
  3. Did you already do this? I just checked and I don't see a session anymore
  4. Thank you for the reply. Even if there isn't an immediate solution or ETA on one, it's still helpful to hear back from someone. I am all too familiar with this lol
  5. I was just coming here to ask about this. I wanted to rate the Hollow Knight guide, but it is linked to the EU stack and not the NA stack so I cannot rate it.
  6. BONUS: Home Alone. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!
  7. We are reworking the guide system to hopefully make it less daunting to create one. We’ve recognized our AAA game coverage was overshadowed by PowerPyx, Brian (now PS5Trophies). So we are trying a bit harder to get out big AAA guides day 1 (or at least closer to day 1). Most recently, TLoU2, THPS 1+2, Marvel’s Avengers, Crash 4, and Watch Dogs: Legion. (EDIT: and Ghost of Tsushima) We are all pretty excited about the update. If there are any features you wish you could see on PST, we welcome you to come on over and leave a post in our feedback forum. I know I have rather long list of improvements I’m building for our coder and am working on things on the side. Like a few people mentioned that they liked to print out the trophy list and check them off as they played. That was a feature we had, so I am working on a script to turn the list into a printable checklist for those folks. Exciting times over as PST, and exciting times for us all with PS5 nearly here!
  8. It's out in the NA Vita store if you search for it.
  9. Looks like it is out now.
  10. I see it now for the NA store: Enjoy!
  11. Definitely random luck... I was slowly grinding out Raider attacks... I would get 3-4 in a row and then nothing for days. I was stuck at 43 for the longest time and eventually they started coming again. Thankful that is done now and I can finish up my platinum!
  12. I misread as well, the shutdown is October 31st, not September 31st... so more than 2 weeks.
  13. According to someone on PlaystationTrophies: Source
  14. PS+ next month confirmed
  15. A green in regulation (GIR) is considered hit in regulation if any part of the ball is touching the putting surface after the player has taken at least two fewer strokes than par for that hole. So if you're on a Par 5, GIR is making it to the green in 3 strokes. For Pa4 4, make it to the green in 2 strokes. So, more specifically, get to the green in 2 strokes fewer than par AND have the ball land within 3 feet.