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  1. I waited. Going to pick it up after work today. Can't wait! For people who have gotten it, how's the plat? I bet the final tower is rough. Didn't see a guide anywhere but it looks pretty straight forward
  2. Appreciate it. I'll check after work. The first time I killed him I was using charged hammer at max stats and it glitched out when he summoned the enemies. No enemies would summon for about 10 minutes so I restarted. Then I just used potions and the cutscene triggered when he still had health left. So I'll just do it normally with nothing like you suggested and hope that pops it. Makes me feel better that it more than likely is tied to his health being fully depleted. EDIT: I want to confirm that I did get the plat last night doing what StilRh said.
  3. This happened to me last night. Reloaded 2 times before I had to call it a night and go to bed before work. I noticed each time that his health wasn't fully depleted when it said I beat him so hopefully the unlock is tied to that and I can just hammer him before the ending cutscene triggers. There was always a 1/8-2/8 of his health bar left.
  4. I ask because I put about 20 hours into the vita version and then decided to buy the ps4 version on the ps5. My question is that even though vita is considered "old gen" in the community, will the stats still hold for what I did on the vita version over on the ps5? So, say I killed half the slimes on vita, would I just need to kill the other half on ps5 or start all over?
  5. This gives me hope that my paste up will pop as well. Thanks man. Glad they popped for you!
  6. Sadly I did do that, as I did 1-47 with the same character and just repasted over what was already there and didn't get it. Just backed up my save to a USB and starting a new game to do them all on one run/one character. Wish me luck!
  7. I'm starting this right now. I wiped my saves, and am going to start a new game. However, after the tutorial I'm going to need to quit out as my squad and I are going to play siege, but after that I'm going straight through and do them all. I used abyss's guide on my first run through when the trophy didn't pop, but I'll use pyx's guide this time. Thanks for the writeup! EDIT: I can confirm that this works, at least for me. Followed his directions to the T and popped the trophy.
  8. You and me both, homie. Except for me it's just the Piece de Resistance. Spent a couple hours doing it this morning, but since I did one or two with a seperate character I'm assuming that's why it glitched as I didn't read that you shouldn't swap characters. Stupid. Just gonna play valhalla and bugsnax until I see a patch is released that fixes it.
  9. ah, gotcha. Thanks for the response. I was looking at different Zane builds and saw some sort of grease gun and looked it up and saw it was during a takedown. I appreciate the response.
  10. I got the plat back before DLC 1 released and went to plat other games until all the DLC came out and then returned. Now that 4 released, my buddy and I came back to pop some more trophies and I was just curious if the weapons that were made specifically for the couple takedowns we missed were put into different loot pools in the base game/DLC's or if they are gone forever. Is anyone aware?
  11. Yup, webwood is where it popped for me as well. Are you the same Void from ps3t way back in the day?
  12. I popped green thumb and still have 2 edelweiss, 0 prismere dust, 3 scarab salts, 6 sky blossoms, and 9 scarlet flowstones. Definitely should not have gotten it, only level 14. I'm not complaining! That's for sure. I actually just left the alchemist in Canneroc where I experimented and messed up 1 potion, pickpocketed her twice (once for each thing she held), left and picked up a couple reagents and the trophy popped.
  14. Yeah, that's my fault, I figured it would have a pre order.
  15. I've been looking for it every night after work to pre order and then pre download. I just got off work and checked and it still isn't showing up, just the psnow version. Is it just me? Or will it not even show up in the store until tomorrow?