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  1. I picked witcher up day 1 and did all trophies except death march and gwent stuff. I put it in my backlog and now I'm about to jump back in. When I stopped, however, there was no NG+ as it was added later in its life. I don't have my saves anymore and I remember one of the DLC saying you could start at level 15? 30? I was wondering if I could do that and then just do the entire quest or if it needs to be done from lvl 1.
  2. AMA

    thanks for the response! Congrats man! You said the skywell slot machine drop down was by the elevator. I'm not on the game right now but was that before or after the vents?
  3. AMA

    what was the confusing part?
  4. Do I have to buy 20 on one character or can I buy 5 on each?
  5. ohhh okay thanks so much! I'm 10k away from an upgrade and saw a bunch on the ground so I was bummed I couldn't grab it.
  6. the little blue stuff, source I suppose, just lies on the ground and I can't pick it up. When I run over it initially it picks some up but I would assume you should be able to pick it all up. Is it just me or is that something entirely different?
  7. AWESOME! Just came to the forum to ask if parked cars count and here you are. Thank you for the tip!
  8. easily Persona 5, though I must say nothing beats the menu screen music from Borderlands 2
  9. hmm, My friend and I are only level 10 so maybe we aren't a high enough level yet? I was under the impression they spawned as soon as the game begins. Maybe I'm wrong. I'm thinking maybe I'm too low a level? I thought that they spawned as soon as you started the game, but I could be way off. I hope that's the case. Responding to what you said in the other comment: No, we haven't died. We finish a mission, head over to the spawn point and nothing. We fast travel to the white house and walk back and still nothing. When enemies do spawn it's just low tier enemies and maybe a purple. I'm starting to think that they spawn once you're at a higher level as everyone who has said they found him has been 15+. Is there anyone I'm supposed to talk to first? Or do they just spawn without talking to anyone? I thought I read something about finding a guy who tells you about the cards or something that shows up randomly at different spots on the map
  10. man, I wonder why it isn't spawning. It isn't spawning for my friend either when we play together. Maybe we'll switch hosts.
  11. I was looking at powerpyx's guide and he said that after you start the game you can go below the white house to where the giant circle is on the map and there will be a named enemy there who drops a card every 30 minutes after he dies. I've gone there about 5 times now randomly and there isn't an enemy there. I'm level 9 so I figure he should have been there by now. Anyone else have this problem or know of a fix?
  12. meaning if I have a greatsword can I unlock a sword skill and use it with the greatsword? Also, I assume sword mastery skills count for both. Am I correct?
  13. I was thinking about doing it because I Was about to fight a boss and wanted to grab a new wand for rab, but was a little short. I didn't want to sell accessories as I swap them out sometimes but wouldn't be swapping out the old gear. I'll hang on to them, though and just farm some gold