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  1. It is not possible. You need to do 1k Levequests and the allowances for those are timed. You get 6 leve allowances each day, making it 180 allowances for 30 days if you don't miss any. You start with zero when you create your character. This is the main reason the platinum trophy will take so long and if you read through the roadmap it also says 6 months minimum (1080 allowances at that point).
  2. Also got mine without problems with an empty space from the tutorial Regent. If all else fails, you could try to rush to the 2nd palace again on NG+, a new game alltogether or catch one later in Mementos and see if it works. :/
  3. On one account I did the d-pad part with ring (left), middle (down) and index (right) finger and on the other like someone posted in the early thread with middle and index finger, which you angle. Which one works for you in the end also depends a bit on your coordination. I changed up the method because i did the second golden finger trophy more than a year later and for some reason always lifted my middle finger slightly when I got to the end of the combo by then. As someone else already said: getting the Input to stay where you want it is horribly programmed. Patience and breaks before you throw your controller against a wall are the key.
  4. Like the Tales of series then, good to know. I'll take a look around on what's the best entry to start with then in terms of gameplay.
  5. I remember playing DQ VIII for a bit back in the PS2 days and finding the music much better there, I'll have to get back to that game sometime, it seemed very promising. Disgaea huh? I've been meaning to play something from that series, but never got around to it. Is the story connected throughout the series or are the games standalone?
  6. Took me kind of forever for... no reason, but it's done: Platinum #15 Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age - PS4
  7. My copy of the launch edition was shipped this morning according to amazon, so yeah it varies wildly from country to country.
  8. Upper La Noscea would be my go-to spot as it's a small map, but has a fair bit of fates. Just stay near the ferry on downtime to jump over quickly if needed
  9. I've been playing FFXIV for five years now and there certainly is a rise in the kind of players that react impatient or outright toxic. But nonetheless the majority of the playerbase is VERY welcoming, doesn't mind to explain things when you say you're new or gives you pointers, when they see you have a lot of trouble with your job. There are a lot of players from other MMOs, mainly WoW, coming to FFXIV for the past year or so and while most i encountered are like "oh wow I can't believe ppl greet each other at the start of a dungeon, this is great and happens almost never in WoW!", there are also quite a few who bring their big attitudes over, though it's most noticeable in the partyfinder and not in normal dungeons. You had quite a bit of bad luck, but i assure you, it is NOT the way things usually go.
  10. Special Edition for the 2nd game came in just now. If only i could find the time to catch up... Just got 100% on sora fc the other day, after almost six months...
  11. Just arrived
  12. Solved the pre-order dlc issue, it's just not listed in the addon list, but the ingame npc still has the dlc. I also searched around some more after your post and found a google doc with alternative locations listed. Thanks for the help.
  13. I got the physical Day One Edition (EU) recently and have three things that confuse me a bit right now: 1. I read there was an issue with the 6 dlc that came with it, where only 3 could be downloaded, but it was solved a bit later and a simple redownload should have fixed the missing 3 downloads according to this thread: https://community.eu.playstation.com/t5/PS4-Support/lt-Digimon-Story-Cyber-Sleuth-gt-DLC-Problem/m-p/24045128. But I still only have the head start dlc + 2 themes (yasuda suzuhito + royal knight) and can't dl the last three, nor are they listed under installed addons in my library. The downloads + patch for the game still work, so they're not pulled entirely. Anyone here who had that issue and can help me out? 2. I'm guessing since the game is pulled from the store, the free dlc missions are unavailable now too, so my question is: The trophy guides mention, that the last medal is from GroundLocomon/GranLocomon, which is apparently in a dlc mission. Does that mean the platinum is unavailable or are there other ways to get that medal? Some comments in the delisting threads on other sites said, that you don't need the dlc, so which one is true now? 3. The last one would be the question, if the multiplayer is still up or not.
  14. When your life is so busy, that you barely get to play the some games and totally forget to update your trophy list for nine months... I would like to update my first post too, but won't do so until i know why my banners randomly vanish and only leave the image title behind only to get displayed again after a reload where instead other banners aren't. >.>" The forum didn't like the old linked images anymore it seems. Works with new links. Updates to first post in a bit. Platinum #11 Steins;Gate 0 - Ps Vita Platinum #12 Tales of Berseria - PS4 Platinum #13 Sword Art Online: Lost Song - PS4 Platinum #14 .hack//G.U. Last Recode - PS4
  15. Just got a delivery notice saying that Dragon Quest 11 will arrive today. 3 days early and a nice way to spend my weekend. <3

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      It's officially out on September 4th. It has a trophy list and i'm also getting trophies, but the online list is not up yet.

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