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  1. I can see now what the OP meant, I misunderstood it. Anyways, @DarkSoleride you might want to go to services list on your PS4 and see if anything related to Season Pass appears there. I think you can also check it here.
  2. Sounds like you're good. Season Pass breakdown previously said about 7 DLC packs + number 8 is some bonus stuff available at launch I assume. Is there a separate Season Pass available somewhere for those who just got the regular edition?
  3. PS4 is a current-gen version and it's actively supported. I think even if something gets out of control, they will simply come up with a solution. (PS3) However I still don't get it how they couldn't just lock the bounties to fixed amounts of cash (cause it actually appears that's how it should work?) or leave out bounties just to pedestrians.
  4. I don't even know the story behind Tutorial Shooting Game but this is hilarious. Anyway this is gonna be fixed for sure, what bums me out however is the fact that there's separate lists for EU and NA. Sucks when you want to see who else on your list is playing the game and compare stuff.
  5. That's some nice surprise for sure. I think you actually wouldn't be able to play Ucharted Golden Abyss without the Vita, and even if you force it to run on PSTV by unofficial methods, there are certain sections in the game where it requires Vita controls not supported by PSTV, therefore making it impossible to proceed.
  6. I had no idea you could do that, having played since the original version. Gonna have to try it out in the PS3 version while I'm on my way to plat it. Also, you might want to adjust the title as it's kind of a big spoiler itself.
  7. I also wonder if you can purchase the Orbital Cannon later and still get the free shot. Or whether is it gonna even work if you purchase it today but after receiving the reward?
  8. I wasn't even trying to get any of the criminal mastermind challenges, but my partial progress got reset once for no reason, the mission/setup that would have broken the progress actually never started because I backed out of my (empty) lobby. Then it said the progress was reset after I was put back into free mode.
  9. What are your thoughts on this? I feel like this may drive even some hardcore fans away from re-buying the game. And with the sales of previous releases being rather underwhelming, every sale matters at this point to make Capcom consider a fully-fledged sequel in the future. One can only hope, right? On a side note, I'm normally against multiple trophy lists for basically the same game and I wish some publishers were more cohesive. I mean, some games have multiple lists per region, per platform and it's a bit messy this way.
  10. I assume this applies to NA accounts only?
  11. When calling Lester the bounty option is still locked. Just checked. Also tried stealing some cars for the unknown bounty to no avail
  12. This only affects the PS3 version indeed.
  13. Wow they didn't even bother to make the black background transparent this time around.