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  1. https://youtu.be/Tv1yKshh1ek Thank you Floriiss...l did this alone..its possible too. 🤗
  2. https://vita.lbp.me/v/s9s0n Hey everyone, P4P please)
  3. Thanks for help. Now l going to search for a good soul that could help me.
  4. Hi, someone knows where l can buy all dlc for zen pinball 1? I know that it was delisted, but if someone knows where l can find it, send me a message. Thanks.
  5. You'll have to make a save part of your progress. I only managed to do this goal without updating the game, that is in the old version. As soon as I made the goal, I saved it on a flash drive and updated the game. Then put the save in the updated game and did the rest. This all on PS3.
  6. Hi man, During the multiball, you must hit the three yellow blocks, located above the right flipper. Have to hit everyone to double the jackpot, and then make the jackpot on the Molecular Mixmaster. Try to hit the three yellow blocks first before making the jackpot, because every time you hit the jackpot you have to hit ten more times with each jackpot. Most importantly ... never lose the ball in multiball. I hope I have helped !!! Waistlines
  7. I need Too !! !
  8. OMG...game freezed until frogmind patch this....if they will patch this someday!!!!
  9. Its real that have some stages in coop impossible to complete, because that was made wrong.
  10. Very hard trophy. No one can have your player died....if someone die completely...restart. And more important...no powerup decrease can be catched.
  11. So sorry to say...but...in this link is the answers to your questions. http://us.ewo.ubi.com
  12. Not an hard game...easy trophies...in solo mode you can catch almost of them....only unbreakable trophy is very hard...because you need to play with 2 people and all need have a bit habilities and skills to finish hidden level without gadget.