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  1. Does it help for trophies? Edit: yes
  2. What do you mean finish a game? Edit: save and exit and continue and they will be there in the cave 3rd and 5th room
  3. Rent or buy and sell it
  4. Which website? Do you have a roadmap?
  5. I would give 1 hour of the 10 hour battery life of the Dualsense for that
  6. The new Steelseries 7p for ps5 does not have it and the same one for xbox has https://steelseries.com/gaming-headsets/arctis-7p https://steelseries.com/gaming-headsets/arctis-7x From someone : ps5 doesn't have chatmix apis available to third parties, so I don't think any headsets will have it and you'll have to use in menu mix PlayStation only allows sony headsets to work with the chatmix feature site:www.reddit.com Anyone with a ps5 knows if we can adjust it via fast menu holding ps button?
  7. Everything studied. Adapter 2.0 So they buy new ones lol
  8. I now need new headsets for PS5 To include HDMI 2.1 would have doubled the cost of the adapter while only being relevant in a minority of use cases. I guess i am the minority lol https://blog.astrogaming.com/2020/10/astro-hdmi-audio-adapter-for-playstation-5/
  9. https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/97585-how-to-access-the-old-ps-store-ps3-ps4-vita-psp/ Ruuuuuuun you all
  10. You said you really like the change lol I am Joking I have no idea
  11. Where is my wishlist? Where can i see the money i have in the store fast like the previous app? Where is the previous profile page where you could see: about, music...image colour background people chose to have in profile?????? P. S. New trophies design , new trophy sound, new app missing functions , and no colour buttons in my controller Kill me