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  1. Do you send the games? Second account? With psn code? What ps country store? How do you give the games?
  2. Platinun already greetings
  3. Never give up
  4. What future?
  5. Thank you @Sly Ripper Maybe now this? https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/28087-how-do-you-change-your-trophy-stats-border/
  6. Any update this year? Wrong
  7. I was 860 km when i finished wrc career I am paying Sweden sss. As you, i from wrc 6 and 7 lol 3.8 km in 1,50 minutes so i think it is the best and with false start of course I have a video for nomad trophy for wrc6 wrc7 but i can't replicate here 😭 They fixed it I have tried other places for rubberbanding but nothing i guess this time we have to grind
  8. Where to grind?
  9. Thanks, I went down to wrc2 to get perks there
  10. You only get perks winning rallies?
  11. After the championship i just rest and rest and skip rally and then I got 2 gold
  12. I got the trophy. I skipped 3 rallies as you said. Then i won Australia. So you can skip 3 rallies if you win everything for wrc championship trophy Trophy popped after spain short objective competed i checked emails i paid checked calendars check objectives too many times to check tyres to make sure bot to use the ones, lol, did everything and trophy As this thread recommends only do 1 rally short 2 rallies medium and you'll get it after spain
  13. Mid career now and finland germany it doesn't show maintenance anymore What the......
  14. I don't understand First rally monte carlo Short one 1 rally Mid one 2 rallies Second rally sweden Short one is done cant do new one Mid one gets completed here Third rally mexico All over again Short one 1 rally Mid one 2 rallies So, after spain it is 13. So how to get 15?
  15. You have to pay bodywork anyway at the end of the rally. I'll post because i am paying, messing with menus and everything