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  1. question: why don't you publish it in the Guides section like this perfect one you did: https://psnprofiles.com/guide/8499-god-of-war-100-trophy-walkthrough anyway. thank you for your time. i love you
  2. Thank you for your time and guide
  3. So?
  4. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ps/198876-syphon-filter/cheats these ones?
  5. this one?
  6. hello can you help me why i am not getting any post notifications email or people joining my session i have set everything to email but nothing thanks
  7. Got all ribbons and same as others . No trophy yet
  8. wow this game is sad. waiting for 31 players to join ..... lol
  9. not getting trophies in portal
  10. At the end of this month
  11. Yeah i read 2 or 3 that too time ago and said great and now playing just the first mission is an 8/10. 2 hits and you are almost done no margin of error plus erratic moves .not for me Pass!!!!
  12. if you use cloud save and go with knowledge ... i only had to load once before entering a place because i knew there was a trophy and didnt pop playing with patch 1,08 all the way and not going to update for the moment if there was a new update because they fix 2 and break 5 if you have cloud save play it because this game will always be buggy. only problem i have is a sidequest i can not complete and there is a youtube video too with that sidequest because there is an invisible enemy and can not open the door but sidequest is not important.
  13. Patch 1.08 i didn't get the trophy edit: cloud save saves the day. it is going to be a looong game