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  1. I have but same feeling. Anyway i have Sea Bands someone wrote about here from another game and it helps
  2. Playing for two Hours and having motion sickness Just like in just cause 4 Anyone?
  3. https://direct.playstation.com/en-us/accessories/ps5/dualsense-wireless-controller
  4. https://www.psu.com/news/take-a-look-at-the-new-dualsense-colors-up-close-in-images/
  5. https://direct.playstation.com/en-us/accessories/ps5/dualsense-wireless-controller
  6. i am waiting for a save option to buy the game
  7. or hacker Immortals Fenyx Rising 51 of 69 Trophies 6th December 2020 • Platinum in 4 days, 4 hours Fastest Achievers 1 Lindhojj 1 week, 1 day 2 Chrysalis680 1 week, 3 days 3 BlackJackal1191 1 week, 5 days
  8. https://www.powerpyx.com/returnal-trophy-guide-roadmap/ Estimated trophy difficulty: 8.5/10 (entirely skill-dependent, experienced players might find it to be a 7/10, for some it will be a 9/10 or 10/10) If you’re looking for a quick, easy and fun platinum this game isn’t for you! If you don’t like repetition (repeating the same level 100+ times) this isn’t for you! If you don’t like random luck-based trophies, this game isn’t for you! The game is randomly generated. Getting all collectibles (needed for gold survey trophies) comes down to luck. It’s a game of the roguelike genre. If you die, exit the game, or turn off the console you basically lose your progress, with the exception of a handful of permanent unlocks. You can’t “cheat” it by backing up your save game, because it requires you to close the application and the game wipes you out when you do this (when you go to back up your save you will respawn at the start of the act). However, you can skip bosses / regions you’ve already finished and head straight for the next boss. There are no difficulty settings, it’s the same hardcore experience for everyone. The story is quite challenging. A test of skill and patience. It’s definitely not a game for everyone. There are 6 Worlds (Biomes) & 5 Bosses in total & 3 Acts in total. Act 1 = Biome 1-3 / Act 2 = Biome 4-5 / Act 3 = Endgame Free Roam. There are 2 checkpoints during the story. One after act 1 (after 3rd boss), one after act 2 (after 5th boss). There are no checkpoints in between. The game is very punishing. If you die, you respawn at the start of the act. The game works similar to Wolfenstein 2 “Mein Leben” difficulty. If you die you lose your progress and respawn with practically nothing. You lose all your health upgrades, all your weapons, all your weapon proficiency, all your inventory etc. There’s also no character leveling system in the game, no way to permanently boost your stats between deaths
  9. I don't like the ps button and it is difficult to press it Ps4 button is way better I like the hold mute button feature Overall great but missing ps colour buttons
  10. UI suuuuuuuuckssszss big time I want the ps4 shortcuts Ps4 ui is so easy And pressing holding PS button in ps5 sucks too
  11. I was searching a post like that For astro was fun but now my second game wrc i don't think i am going to be able to play all day with force against my fingers Maybe for the casual gamer 1 or 2 hour but for all day i don't think so. I will get fatigue for sure in my fingers I am turning it off
  12. wow i am playing ps5 for the first time and wow what a lame sound
  13. already here and i hope sony will fix it like the unfinished UI
  14. what happened?