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  1. Glad I'm not the only one with the graphical errors in Evoland 2. I won one game of cards blind but I don't want to have to do that for every game in the future era. Also, looking for shadows of people in buildings can be a pain due to messed up texture layering. They said a patch is in the works so we'll have to wait and see.
  2. Finally. A patch for trophies has been implemented. Picked up Erik's journal 3 and got both trophies for all journals and all collectibles. Had to run through the game again though to get the trophy for opening all doors. Finally this game is done and I can delete it from my hard drive.
  3. Nope. I wish I would have saved my money. A cool concept but executed poorly. Plus lack of console support and updates makes the platinum on this game unobtainable and it seems like it's not going to be fixed any time soon.
  4. Nope. No update on their Facebook page. No update to the game on the PS4 system either.
  5. This is the message I got from the Through the Woods FaceBook page. We've said several times several places that a patch is in the works. However, our publisher and a third party porting company are fully responsible for it. We hope that it will be ready soon, but right now we don't know much more than you guys unfortunately. So basically the people they hired to get the job done aren't doing their job. How can you hire someone to do a job then not know why they are falling short on what they were paid to do? That's like being a manager for a company and not knowing what your employees are doing or not holding them accountable for their screw ups. Someone needs to get on the phone with their "third party porting company" and get the ball rolling.
  6. Nothing yet. Whoever controls the FaceBook group is pretty much blaming whoever is in charge of patching it or blaming Sony because apparently it takes time for some patches to be approved.
  7. No word yet. At least 2 of the trophies remain glitched.
  8. I heard back from the teams facebook page. Both trophies are indeed glitched. The team responsible is working on a fix. If the door trophy becomes too much of a hassle they may just remove it all together. So now we just sit and wait for the patch.
  9. Erik's Journal 3 is currently unobtainable. I get no prompt to pick it up in his cabin. This is why the all collectibles and read all texts trophies are at 0%. Also open all doors trophy seems to be glitched. I know I got them all. This trophy is also at 0%. Hopefully a patch is in the works. I messaged the game facebook page. More info will be posted as I find out.
  10. I can confirm that doing the puzzles and HO scenes in the bonus menu DOES NOT work. All puzzles and HO scenes must be done during story mode. Pausing the game DOES stop the in game timer. For Atomic Memory, grab a pencil and sheet of paper. Flip cards 2 at a time and write down what they are. (Pausing after every 2 cards to write them down. Remember, this WILL stop the in game timer). Once all cards are written down, quickly get all matching pairs. This worked great for me and I finally got the platinum trophy. Also, play on casual difficulty. This will make some puzzles significantly easier, such as the music box, colored button HO scene, and the spot-the -difference puzzle in the bonus chapter. Hope these tips help those that go for this platinum trophy. And for those that gave up, try again! The patch increasing everything to 2 minutes makes it very doable!
  11. Anyone know of the hidden object free play option in the bonus stuff counts toward the trophies? I used a stopwatch and finished most in under 1 minute. I know I finished all under 2 minutes and i still can't get the trophy to pop. Do I have to do it during the actual game?
  12. Yeah I had this problem a lot with almost every trophy. Every time I bought a weapon I would quit and restart the game otherwise the kills wouldn't register.
  13. Got this tip from a user at playstationtrophies.org. Start a fresh save with no upgrades purchased. Do not use helpers either. The dogs and those fast zombies will never spawn in. Making it a game of just dodging and using the axe if you have to in a pinch. My worst enemy were the zombies that crawl. Hard to see them in the grass. I actually over shot the target. I ran 9255.2m. Of course the trophy did not pop for me so I had to make a other 5000m run again. Took me 4 or 5 tries to get. Good luck!
  14. I just get overwhelmed. 99 percent of the time I run out of ammo to keep them off and they spawn right in front of the crates and I die during the weapon load animations. That marsh area sucks too. Can't see the zombies half the time and I plow right in to one. Or I don't know I'm all the way left or right of the path and I try to dodge in either direction and find out I can't move anymore and run right in to a zombie.
  15. Yeah. The 5000m trophy is bull.