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  1. Its not game related but I can't stop listening to this song.. I just thought I would share for anyone who likes hard rock/scream like music. Its so catchy I cant stop listening to it (and the video is entertaining as well)



  2. [PSN US] PS4 Vets theme you can redeem now if you want it. Happy Memorial Day to everyone in the US.



    1. ghostofdovah


      That is gorgeous. Thank you. The flag waves in the background and the soldier salutes. 

    2. Jelly Soup

      Jelly Soup

      Thank you kindly, I wouldn't have known about this otherwise.

  3. My browser closed as I was editing 😞. I 'm making significant changes and improvements that I'll let you know about. Should be finished today.

    1. ruffedgz


      sounds fine, had some large storm come in last night so I wasnt able to start anything, was going to get it started tonight if possible.

    2. EcoShifter


      That's actually a good thing, because update:


      • I added more pictures to Shantae, Lara, Spyro, Clementine, and Kat & Raven.
      • I re-positioned every image by importance of which I prefer to least preferred.
      • Removed some additional and specific request to make the creation easier 


      I feel that Lara, Sonic & Shadow, and Kat & Raven will provide a bit of a challenge, though.

  4. If I can find the time sure, just provide whatever images or character names and I can find some good quality images... Remember that anything low resolution will be hard to work with.
  5. [The Last Remnant] Just realized that I was missing one quest that will not come back so will need to start over again, should be fine since I like playing the game and I can skip a bunch of the story since I already watched it once.


    Its annoying but I will live



  6. I got THE LAST REMNANT REMASTERED from the current Big In Japan sale and the only reason I got it is because I loved this game when I played my 360. I beat the story mode of it and thought the story wasnt half bad. Combat was interesting and a bit random but it did make the battles interesting for the most part. Will be trying it again but this time will be going for the plat this time around.

    1. XchocomanX


      Haha my sister and her boyfriend finished the game ages ago. Guess its my turn now, huh? lol

    2. ruffedgz


      its interesting, its not Square Enix's best to say the least but I enjoyed it

  7. I did some already awhile ago but can see if there are some better quality images as well:
  8. Im not that into PC games right now but its for a good cause and you get a lot for it to just donate:



    1. ruffedgz


      also already own the following games on Steam so if you want the codes, can send it to you:



    2. KingGuy420


      That's a pretty unbelievable deal.

    3. Kittet3

      Kittet3 also has a bundle that goes to help small game developers that were affected by the cancellation of GDC!

  9. March has now been renamed to 'COVID-19'... probably for the best as everyone seems to forget the month even exists...



  10. Not a problem, updated the album above with the third option without the INC
  11. I wasnt sure where to take this but did come up with 2 that I had but if you have any other suggestions, please let me know PSN Trophies - Trophies 1 Trophies 2
  12. ok I was afraid of this but 2 things: the image is boxy for PSN covers as I was able to use the image but the text and image together can not be seen on the PSN cover side of thing... love me a good meme but the meme itself is not that funny and I'm not going to help with making it more usable for PSN covers or PSNProfiles as a whole If someone else wants to help, all power to them but Im going to decline to help with this request.
  13. Might want to post the link you want it fixed up as it probably just need a bit of fixing up
  14. The images are not the best quality but was able to make your request for all 4 images:
  15. ok cool didnt know that, I just call it an avatar as well Will look into these shortly