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  1. To Answer the Question - yes you can get a external HDD that doesn't need a power supply to work it. Have a WD Elements 2TB drive that I just plugged into my PS4 without any issues and noticed it: so I would recommend just looking for a external HDD thats: Over 1TB of storage since a lot of games are just large in size USB 3.0 type for the external HDD (both pro and standard are using USB 3.1 Gen1) - After that, you should be good because the PS4 will need to format it to make it work and you should be good to go Here is a basic search from Amazon on some products that should work:!493964%2Cn%3A541966%2Cn%3A1292110011%2Cn%3A595048%2Cp_n_feature_three_browse-bin%3A668383011%2Cp_n_feature_two_browse-bin%3A5446812011|5446813011|7817230011%2Cp_n_feature_keywords_browse-bin%3A3143948011\c7233208011&bbn=595048&ie=UTF8&qid=1519417075&rnid=3093276011 A guide from PS4 on how to get your external HDD going -
  2. Oh man, NARUTO TO BORUTO: Shinobi Striker - Open Beta available now on PSN


  3. ok, Im excited for this one.. do miss the Burnout Series and this will be something I will get for the PS4. UPDATE Found this game to be preorder available on PSN store now (US only for my search that I know of)
  4. man its been a rough could of days @Norava I dont know what those previous images were but made some new ones below Danganronpa (1) Danganronpa(2) Danganronpa(3) @Melty Kara No Kyoukai (Shiki)(1) Kara No Kyoukai (Shiki)(2) Enjoy!
  5. @AlvarezPT Last of Us (1) Last of Us (2) Last of Us Part 2 (1) Last of Us Part 2 (2) @locutus442 Secret of Mana (1) Secret of Mana (2) Secret of Mana (3)
  6. Heya rueffedgz, I wish to request a new signature. The siginature I requested is another one, only it has wearing a schoolgirl's outfit (Anime looking one), her smiling and has my PSN name next to her. Think you can do that? Please and thank yous.

    1. ruffedgz


      Hey yea will do my best.. was lucky to find a D.Va one with a swimsuit so hopefully can find one with that request later.

  7. Oh PSNP...



    Happy Valentines Day!!

    1. ee28max


      Happy Valentine's Day! 

  8. Im surprised that one has has placed a 'last of us' cover on this thread.. such a great game. Will see what I can do later tonight or tomorrow.
  9. @milanbarca82 Dynasty Warriors 9 (1) Dynasty Warriors 9 (2) Dynasty Warriors Wang Yuanji (1) Dynasty Warriors Wang Yuanji (2)
  10. Aww another Dynasty Warriors fan.. I think I will be able to get some ideas of this and hopefully find some nice one of Wang Yuanji
  11. yep you can do stories, optional, etc .. not sure about events but dont see why not but just can't do SOS flares, etc... but yea no network totally needed
  12. yes you can play this game offline without network but you will not be able to do online quests like SOS' and so on..
  13. PSN status page shows all green and Im seeing services coming back..



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    2. Stargazer2600


      @MidnightDragon yeah some dude on fb was saying a group was taking credit for it on twitter. PSN is up now so it couldnt have been that bad

    3. Meta Knight

      Meta Knight

      @Stargazer2600 I tend to take those with a healthy dose of salt. It's easy to say you did it. Hell, I could go on Twitter and say I won the Powerball and bought a unicorn farm. Doesn't mean it's true. xD

    4. ddracarys


      The constant downs throughout the day have been very annoying. I'm glad the servers are back on (for now, at least).

  14. Had some drive to make a new signature.. not sure if anyone likes it but can update it with your name if you want it



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    2. It Is Time To Oil Up

      It Is Time To Oil Up

      Looks really cool. Who is that in the sig tho? An Sjw? Lmao. 

    3. ruffedgz
    4. Van-Helsings


      Thanks bruh, gonna put it in my sig when i get home