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  1. Damn you PSN and your Black Friday Sales.. Just take my money



  2. CoD: WW2 Battlefront 2 NFS Payback Metal Gear Solid 5 Persona 5 - Makoto Niijima Wolfenstein 2 Persona 4 - Chie Satonaka Metal Gear Solid 3
  3. Taking a break from WWE 2K18 for now. Have so many games to play with such little time :P

  4. Just got BF2.. lets see if Im going to hate myself later for getting it :P

    1. Cubone


      I sincerely hope you will enjoy it. Personally, I cancelled my pre-order. I wouldn't have really played the multiplayer anyway, my decision has been based on the new knowledge about the story campaign combined with EA's shitty attitude towards everything.


      Again, I very much hope you will enjoy it, and I would appreciate it if you told me afterwards exactly how many starship battles there are in single player.



    1. marvelboy10


      Happy Halloween! 1f383.png 1f36b.png1f47b.png

  6. Made two for the game but have another that Im making still
  7. found the game here and others are getting trophies updated to the site. Did a resync of your account on PSNProfiles homepage and I see it on your page now - Also verified that I could see them from here as well -
  8. also, it was posted on their PSN twitter account as well:
  9. yea, I dont have a thread so using this one is fine and you can just place my username in the request so I will see it. Dont always have such a quick response like this one but had some free time that I found to make this one. Enjoy!
  10. Was just searching for D.Va summer/beach like images and found a really good one and had the inspiration to make this one for ya (wasnt sure about the quote part but can change that if needed) Enjoy!
  11. was bored and had some free time to make some up and coming game PSN covers and some Destiny 2 ones as well DESTINY 2 South Park: The Fractured But Whole Middle-earth: Shadow of War
  12. Orcs Must Die Unchained is going to be the death of me 


  13. I would go to the site, log in and go to your 'Purchase History' and make sure you see it there.. that would be the best way to verify if it was purchased or not on your account. Just my 2 cents.
  14. if anyone else is interested
  15. The best way to lead a party is to make a PSN party and invite others to it. Once you do that and they are shown in the game, you should see yourself as the party leader with a 'crown' next to your name at the top right corner of the screen.