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  1. Me too,I was pleasently surprised by it. Very gripping storey and great acting
  2. I'm happy there's no online trophies, which I was dreading. I played the hell out of this back in the day, so I know what to do for a lot of them. TT's will be a hard, but fun challenge.
  3. If they are gonna set it In the UK, atleast set it in somewhere like Liverpool, or Manchester. That would be perfect. London has been done to death regarding game settings imo. There's more to the UK than London
  4. Aaaaaand shit like this is why I will never support an all digital system.
  5. I own a PS4 pro Since November 2017 and I recently stripped it all down and cleaned out all of the dust and replaced thermal compound etc. However it seems to be only this game that makes the fan sound like a rocket launch,I just can't focus on the game or hear much of the dialogue because of the ridiculous noise the console is making. Anyone else have this problem? Any solutions?
  6. 30 single and work 40hrs a week. Gaming has been a big part of my life since I was 4yrs old. I have no intentions of ever getting married or having kids. I have enough disposable income to buy games and I make as much time as possible to play them. My life, my choices.
  7. Snes PS1 N64 PS2 Dreamcast Xbox GBA DS lite PSP PSP was the first console I bought with my own money. I remember buying a Japanese system form a local import shop for about £300 it came with Ridge racer and Hotshot golf. I started collecting games about 14 years ago when I got a full time job. Bought systems I never owned like a Saturn, Megadrive, Gamecube etc.
  8. It's not just a case of beating a friend on the leaderboard. You have to find their position and set them as a ghost, atleast that's how I did it
  9. People that think it's a cakewalk are in for a shock, it's not Transformed hard. But some of the challenges can be rage inducing, mostly the traffic attacks and some of the key objectives.
  10. 11000 trophies 200 platinums. Then I'm gonna take it more easy
  11. I've had a couple of Glitches where there is no bike sounds, or Deacon won't get on the bike at all. Thankfully a save reload fixed them, but still annoying.
  12. Ridge Racer 8 Shenmue 3 Gameplay Final fantasy 7Remake. Gameplay and release window. Bayonetta 3 Xbox scarlet
  13. I like the thrill of ripping off the cellophane and smelling the newness of the case.
  14. I'll happily pay someone to do this too. Add my new I'd which is MX-5UK. Tell me your region and I'll buy you a PSN card off Ebay. Add me and we can talk on PSN
  15. They won't do jack shit. They'll just patch it and be done. It's the devs fault more than anything for not testing the game fully. Don't worry about it folks, just make use of the exploit while you can