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  1. PS4/PS5 are 100% region free for games
  2. To be honest it sounds like you miss that time of your life rather than the PS3 era itself. Getting older sucks, our priorities change weather we like it or not. The PS3/360 era was the beginning of the downfall for me. That gen shaped modern gaming for the worst. Broken games at launch, day1 patches, installs, DLC, MTX all reared their ugly heads that gen and are only getting more common
  3. Moto GP class. I attempted it offline and it eventually popped. Strange
  4. I've tried to achieve it 3 times. I met all the requirements but still no pop
  5. Finally platinum. Thanks so much for the help @SiC
  6. Anybody got the trophy list for Ridge Racer 2?
  7. Rage Racer and RRV are my personal faves. Revolution was awesome too though
  8. I see me tossing aside my PS4/5 backlog to earn trophies on my old faves. Gimme metal Gear 1 and Ridge Racer1-V platinum's and I'll be a very happy camper
  9. The monthly games will only get worse from now, as Sony want subscriptions to the higher PS+ tiers.
  10. I can confirm it can. 1 lap of Indiana speedway in each car is enough.
  11. We finally cracked the case guys! Well done. I didn't waste any credits until we knew for sure what the cars were, now I just gotta wait for the Ford and Jag to return.
  12. I'm going with the logic that any car that raced at lemans counts, since any car and driver that enters a race has victory in mind weather they won or not. Just another one of those dogshit trophies that's there to pad out lifespan and fuck over trophy hunters
  13. No GT auto just restores it, it doesn't count towards the trophy. You do It in the Tuning shop, you need to do it on 10 different cars
  14. Love the platinum name though. Nice reference to Ridge Racer
  15. Already taking bets as to which trophies are glitched 😂