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  1. Doom 3. You're so close!
  2. Going by your position and total plats, you would be throwing 1000s of hrs down the drawing by restarting. if completion bothers you can't you just finish up your incomple games?
  3. Anyone know if the Jap version will support English? I'll have to import if no West release is announced in the meantime.
  4. Can you get hold of a another PS4 to check yours aginst?It could be your PS4's Gpu what model PS4 are you using?
  5. Wouldnt mind it for a fiver or less, but 13 quid for 2 Min play time Screw that
  6. Damn, I thought it was pretty hard when I played it, mostly the later events. Glad I played it when I did :-)
  7. I platted it months ago, but never touched it since. What has the patch changed exactly?
  8. Collectibles are the worst in VR games. I'd rather have a challenging difficulty than collectibles in any game to be fair
  9. Horizon- it looks fantastic,but beyond that I don't see what's so special about it. The last of us- it's just another zombie game like the other 1000 of them out there. MGSV- As a big MGS fan I feel they should have let the series go after MGS4
  10. So just to be sure if i did thia exploit, I wouldn't get fired from the leaderboards? Just want to double check Played Jak back on the ps2 and I was never a big fan of them. But the triphy whore in me :-D
  11. If you have experience with repairing electronics it's worth doing it yourself, there's plenty of guides on YouTube i recommend Gilksy's guide. I managed to repair my old 60gb twice, first time it lasted 2 momths, second time 6 momths. It all depends on how long it lasts really, there's no set time I did end up buying a superslim eventually though.
  12. Driveclub VR: Although time consuming, it's fun and easy REZ Infinite: Wonderful game and even better in VR
  13. They don't care for silent Hill, they cancelled the last one remember?
  14. I can't wait for this crap to fail,and for Konami to Go bust along side it :-D