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  1. To get that trophy it needs to be done in the Rimac car, you use it in season 2
  2. Had a launch PS4, but traded it in for a pro in November 2017. I bought a 4k TV around the same time so the upgrade was worth it for me
  3. Do you need to get SS on all journeys? That will be the hardest for me
  4. Rage, some marvel lego games that my friend started on my PS3 without switching to his profile. Horizon zero Dawn, that game just didn't click with me I played for about 4 hrs and I just had no will to play anymore and Soundshapes Stacks. I felt cheap with autopopping them
  5. Is Amplitue the PS4 version aswell? I wanted to play that for a while, but my PS3 has long broken
  6. This is great news! People are starting to get wise. EA are just a bunch of money grabbing as hats, all they do is reskin the same games every year and charge full price for them, and add further insult to injury with ridiculous DLC and micro transactions. Keep on sinking EA, the games industry as a whole will be better without you! I've been boycotting them for years and I will continue to do so. If I have to buy a game made by them, I buy them used
  7. If it's any consolation I paid £110 for the Japanese versions. I may double dip at some point, just for the double platinums.
  8. PS3, PS4, PSVita all use the same infrastructure. PS3 game servers will continue to close, but access to PSN on PS3 will always be possible even when PS5 launches, only time it will ever go down completely is if PSN as a platform ceases to be.
  9. Was one of my first PS4 games back at launch. I kinda enjoyed it. it's not amazing, but it's not as bad as people make it out to be
  10. It's not just me then. I've only had my pro over a year and it takes ages to load anything form the XMB when playing games
  11. I had one and I hated it. It just added unnecessary bulk and weight. It's fun for about 10 min, but your arms will soon get tired. But to answer your question, any fps or on rails shooter will support it
  12. Paranormal Activity was originally VR only, but it got patched to play without it
  13. I played the Japanese versions. Some trophies are a bit glitchy, some of them poped a lot later than they should have, some even all at once. It will pop eventually.
  14. The servers closed wayyy back in 2014, sadly. As for hacking don't go there!
  15. Thanks for the guide dude. Now I know what I'm aiming for when it comes to S ranks