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  1. I hope that they are listening and they do put all 3 games on the disc, if they don't I will be and I urge everyone to boycott this shit. We can't just let billion dollar companies keep pulling anti consumer crap like that on us.
  2. I have all Persona Dancing plats.
  3. Ridge Racer, Hotshot Golf. Back in December 2011 when I imported a Japanese system. I still use that Same Vita to this day
  4. Hmmmm, there's a fair share of grinding required in this game. Not calling the person out, but how the hell did they do it in that time?
  5. Its pretty ugly, but aa a special edition it would be nice to have if you can get a hold of one. I remember trying to get hold of the 20th anniversary PS4. I had the money aside to buy one off the Sony website, but they sold out instanly, mostly bought by f'ng scalpers!
  6. Anything with XX at the start and finish, full of underscores or a load of numbers at the end of the id
  7. Meh, anyone that is better than another person is always classed as a cheater, when in reality they are just bitter that you are more skilled than them. These days I tend to avoid multiplayer gaming and if I really must play online against steangers I mute my mic. I deal with too much shit in real life everyday, I sure don't need it when I'm trying to escape it all
  8. Sony need to step their shit up when it comes to quality control. Games like mayo were a fun novelty, but this Shit is getting beyond a joke now
  9. GT7 Tekken 8 GTA6 Shenmue 3 Remasterd FF7: Remake In all honesty though, I'd rather they come up with some fresh and original IP's, rather than sequela and remasters
  10. I often buy wordsearch books, I love doing them. I'll pick this up for sure.
  11. If they allow name changes, they could always send you a notification saying something like "Xx blahblahXX is now called XwhateverX" or something like that. To be fair I'd rather they just let you use spaces, instead of hyphens/underscores to split your id up, rather then let you change it completely
  12. More shovelware with an easy platinum, to entice trophy hunters
  13. Mainly trophies that are just a boring grind rather than a challenge. Like GT sport, I have all the hard trophies I just need XP lvl 50 to plat it and that requires atleast another 100hrs of grinding, it's ridiculous. In the past I had a bad habit of starting multiple games at once amd I ended up getting overwhelmed with my massive back log
  14. Usually just settle for platinum, I kinda protest DLC, unless it's either free, or a game I really enjoy
  15. Episodic sucks, it will probably be this time next year before we get the full game