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  1. I've searched in both the UK and US stores, but I can't find this game anywhere. It looks pretty fun too. Anyone know What's going on with it?
  2. Cool trophy list I think. I work 40hrs a week now, ain't got time or patience to sit through 200hr grinds like I used to anymore. I don't mind hard trophies, but mind numbing grinds no thanks
  3. I've kinda found a work around. Once you are in the lead don't use your turbo whatsoever, the more you use it the more the AI will rubberband against you
  4. Yea it's so annoying, especially in the eliminator events. I don't mind a challenging game, but I hate cheating games.
  5. What's the difference between this and stacking multiple Ratalika games?, I love trophy hunting, but I can't believe how hissy pissy people get over a virtual icon that means nothing in the real world
  6. Sorry to make a thread regarding boosting, but I can find the game under a session. I just need somebody to help me obtain all the online trophies. Thanks.
  7. None. If I can't platinum a game, or I can't be bothered to go for it I just move on to something else. Games are meant to help escape anger and depression, not cause it.
  8. Excellent game, excellent plot and Soundtrack too. I really wish they would Remaster Nier1. I never got to play it.
  9. Upgraded still won't unlock for me, I've upgraded 7 cars now and zip zilch. I'm giving up with this game. What a waste of time and money
  10. The game looks a little like Ridge Racer, a series I miss dearly.
  11. Welcome to the party pal! 😁
  12. Lol at the Queen and Die Hard references 😁
  13. Using in game exploits, save scumming etc is fine. Using CFW hacks is just dumb
  14. Somebody has the platinum, so there must be some way around the glitched trophies
  15. Everything in life is a waste of time really, it will mean nothing one day