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  1. I discovered a trophy hacker on my friends list that managed to get the plat in like 5mins, I've since unfriended them. Dumb fraudsters
  2. It's all in foreign German I assume?
  3. Reviewers, testers, devs, rich people get access to the games weeks before the general public. It's nothing new, move along
  4. It don't bother me. You share your real name all over social media anyways, how is PSN any different?
  5. I know it's a PS forum, but I just bought an xbox one for forza and other exclusives. PS4 will always be my main console for multiplatform titles. I'm looking for xbox live friends. My Id is Zer007mx5 feel free to add me
  6. Just bought the PS4 version on PSN for £15 last night
  7. Will the PS2 games have trophies?
  8. They would have downloaded it while it was available, but only started playing it. Just a thought
  9. I still have my japanese launch system, though it's pretty scratched and the shoulder buttons sometimes get stuck, just goes to show how much fun I had with it. Guess I'll have to buy a spare ASAP. I'd actually go as far as saying it is my all time fave handheld system
  10. I kinda respect completionists, but I feel sorry for them at the same time. I have a PSN friend, who will only play games he knows he will 100% but he is missing out on great games like MGS,GTA, Wipeout. He won't play any of them because he says he will never platinum them. I think more of people for atleast trying, rather than not trying at all. Trophies are just trophies, it's not a matter of life or death if you don't succeed
  11. I cancelled my preorder and preordered Paris Dakar instead. I went through enough hell with GTsport and Project cars 2 online trophies can't be bothered with grindy online trophies anymore
  12. Fk online trophies. I wanted to buy this, but multiplayer trophies ar a big turn off for me these days. Devs have a bad habit of including ridiculous grindy online trophies in games they know will sell like shit, in order to fk over trophy hunters that will keep the servers active
  13. I hope that they are listening and they do put all 3 games on the disc, if they don't I will be and I urge everyone to boycott this shit. We can't just let billion dollar companies keep pulling anti consumer crap like that on us.
  14. I have all Persona Dancing plats.
  15. Ridge Racer, Hotshot Golf. Back in December 2011 when I imported a Japanese system. I still use that Same Vita to this day