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  1. A little tip. Give the AI a couple of seconds head start. Let rhe field even itself out. Then try overtaking then 1 by 1. Hopefully by the end of the race you should be in the lead, if you try to take the lead right away that's when the ai will give you the most problems. Also absorb any crap weapons like the cannon, bomb to maintain your ship health and try to barrell roll at any opportunity possible.
  2. I thought they toned the difficulty down a lot in the Omega collection, compared to the original versions of HD /2048. I got the Platinum in all 3. But I didn't struggle with omega anywhere near as much as the other 2.
  3. Collectibles just turn me right off these days.
  4. MGS2: love the game, but not enough to complete all the VR missions and snake tales. Project Diva x: I can't be assed to keep grinding the same songs over and over, and the song list is pretty crappy compared to the other miku games. GTA V: I'm locked out of a few trophies because of wrong choices I made during the story, I played the game for enjoyment rather than for the trophies. It can stay that way too Tetris Effect: I play now and then when I feel like a wind down. Maybe I'll try to platinum it one day but it's a low priority Control: Just hated it full stop. The awful load times and the dreadful navigation just killed this game for me.
  5. There's loads of spam messages and fake accounts going around on PSN, there has been for a long time and Sony have done jack shit about it. Best to set your privacy settings to friends only.
  6. No,even rubber banding the analogue sticks won't work. You need to press buttons every few mins for it to count.
  7. The impatient on PSVR is a cool prequel to until Dawn.
  8. Think I'll be forgoing the plat and just be enjoying the experience. Hard mode sounds like torture
  9. Just another dumb dev that doesn't understand how the trophy system works.
  10. Simplygames have taken the money from my account, but my order status still says "in progress" here's hoping they ship it tomorrow.
  11. To hit level 30, I just left the game in create mode on my back up PS4 for a couple of night's. I highly recommend a turbo controller if you are wanting to plat this game. The grind is torture otherwise.
  12. Plat #200 Dreams. Wonderful game
  13. I'm at just over 2,000km. The grind is way worse than any XP grind in a GT game. Dunno if I want to try and plat this game, or not.
  14. I use that very same controller, its not the best quality wise. But if you just want the turbo function you can't go wrong.
  15. I've done everything with this game, only need lvl 20 and 30 trophies for the plat. I I just leave my PS4 on all day/night with my turbo controller auto inputting in create mode, I'll level up?