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  1. The trophy guys at Codemasters are fucking sadists Even getting lvl 50 on GT sport wasn't that ridiculous.
  2. I liked the movies and the previous games weren't too bad either. I'll be giving this a rental atleast
  3. It's backward compatible with PS4 and PSVR we know that much. I'm hoping they build that breakout box for the VR into the console itself, so we can plug the headset stright in without all the messy cables
  4. Could you not just rubber band the around the globe trophy? Would make it far easier. Gonna start this when I get some free time over the weekend. Nice to know there's definately no multiplayer to worry about too. I'm still mad at codies for Dirt rally 2 though. Lol
  5. Why I dropped this game. Having to figure out where to go and end up just running in circles because of the clumsy map ruined the game for me. And those damn loading times every time you die!
  6. Ridge Racer 7 with 4k and s VR support, that would be insane!
  7. The race Master trophy is at 0.1% on PSN, so there must be some way around it, unless it's a test by the dev
  8. No online trophies. Which is fooking awesome! *well done for seeing sence Codemasters*
  9. I can only hope. My all time fave game series will return.
  10. Do you think it will be some kind of big media press conference?, or some state of play pre recording? With a few teasers shown here and there.
  11. Great to know I can just enjoy the game. Thanks
  12. Is there any collectibles guides out yet? Thinking of picking this up this week
  13. And this dogshit game and dev team. Tried to get this trophy for month's only to be at a disadvantage next to wheel users, also in a car that has sponge for brakes and is just about impossible to drive in a stright line. Also it is all pure random as to when and 4wd event turns up on the daily challenges and you only get one shot at it, if you screw anything up you are back to waiting a few more days before you can try it again. Rant, I know. But seriously do Codemasters hate people ao much to come up with crap trophies like this? Their obsession for online trophies is why I never bought andy recent f1 games or Micro machines, I won't buy Grid either.
  14. The series has been meh since Hot putsuit 2010. I won't get my hopes too high on this one. I'd really love them to make Underground 3 or remaster Underground 1&2
  15. Yes wipeout HD. I told them to get fucked. Fake ass gamers