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  1. more like Sony want you to use PS+ cloud. lol
  2. No the matching is totally randomised. Only way to do it is to git gud. 🙂
  3. GT5 GT Sport Wipeout HD Wipeout2048 Wipeout Omega collection I kinda love GT and Wipeout 😀
  4. I just want to get my platinum, sell this junk and never buy a Codies game on release ever again.
  5. GT6 is a rather easy plat. servers are closed now, it's a little grindy. But no mp trophies
  6. Disc version, best of both worlds that way
  7. So playing on version 1.0 it's possible to unlock challenge accepted trophy?
  8. Probably a dev testing it, but with a private profile.
  9. Looks like Sony are just trying to stur up some hype by saying stock will be limited. I'll just preorder off Simplygames as soon as order's are readily available. I got both the Switch amd PSVR at laumch despite only preordering them 2 weeks beforehand
  10. Wanting everything thing on a plate is the snowflake generation in general, not just trophy hunters.
  11. I won't be too hastey buying this version given the sub par quality of the last few.
  12. A game that the devs know will have little userbase,so they try to keep their online servers relevant by including ridiculous grindy mo trophies. I hate that shit.
  13. My only gripe is the camera angles during combat, it's got my ass killed a few times. I'm loving the game overall though.
  14. What's the bets they patch this before they patch the glitched trophies?