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  1. And this dogshit game and dev team. Tried to get this trophy for month's only to be at a disadvantage next to wheel users, also in a car that has sponge for brakes and is just about impossible to drive in a stright line. Also it is all pure random as to when and 4wd event turns up on the daily challenges and you only get one shot at it, if you screw anything up you are back to waiting a few more days before you can try it again. Rant, I know. But seriously do Codemasters hate people ao much to come up with crap trophies like this? Their obsession for online trophies is why I never bought andy recent f1 games or Micro machines, I won't buy Grid either.
  2. The series has been meh since Hot putsuit 2010. I won't get my hopes too high on this one. I'd really love them to make Underground 3 or remaster Underground 1&2
  3. Yes wipeout HD. I told them to get fucked. Fake ass gamers
  4. Either total shit, or games I already own. Anyway, I want No Man's sky and The last Guardian
  5. Dev's have clicked on that people are willing to buy the same game twice for more trophies, that's why region stacks are becoming more common.
  6. It sound like it's just a Switch port if Futurr Tone DX. Still love me some miku though
  7. I'll buy it if the camera zooms in on melinda messenger's tits every 2 mins, like it did on the TV show
  8. I mean going by legit ways. I spent weeks on GT5. I didn't know about the exploit until after I did it.
  9. I have both the wipeout and GT5 plats. I haven't attempted the CTR Time trails yet. I hear they are a lot harder that the original version though and that they are a potential platinum breaker.
  10. I can see now those level up trophies will be online based knowing codemasters,They can fuck off if they are. After the buggy mess that was Dirt Rally 2 I'm a bit appreciative about biying anymore games from this dev.
  11. Me too,I was pleasently surprised by it. Very gripping storey and great acting
  12. I'm happy there's no online trophies, which I was dreading. I played the hell out of this back in the day, so I know what to do for a lot of them. TT's will be a hard, but fun challenge.
  13. If they are gonna set it In the UK, atleast set it in somewhere like Liverpool, or Manchester. That would be perfect. London has been done to death regarding game settings imo. There's more to the UK than London
  14. Aaaaaand shit like this is why I will never support an all digital system.
  15. I own a PS4 pro Since November 2017 and I recently stripped it all down and cleaned out all of the dust and replaced thermal compound etc. However it seems to be only this game that makes the fan sound like a rocket launch,I just can't focus on the game or hear much of the dialogue because of the ridiculous noise the console is making. Anyone else have this problem? Any solutions?