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  1. As someone who knows nothing about cars going into this game, it was very educational. I now can at least point out where car parts are and have a greater understanding for how things piece together. It was pretty overwhelming at first but that doesn't last too long. I can't wait to start building and selling my own cars. You can go to junkyards and hunt for pieces.
  2. I am almost finished with this game on ps3 but would prefer to have 1-3 on the ps4. Will my trophies carry over?
  3. This is a amazing game on pc I hope the controls work via controller
  4. I was wondering what trade goods are safe to sell? I don't want to sell something I could use to upgrade something.
  5. Thank you! this was driving me insane. I will finish the other areas now then.
  6. So I have 99% complete in Geothermal Valley, everything is 100% except 3/4 missions completed. I see I need to complete the Ancient Secrets mission because I have 7/9 "knowledge from tombs". I have completed all 4 optional tombs at least 3 times. Now I ask the question, are there tombs required for this outside of Geothermal Valley? If not i'm at the end of my plat expedition because I have no idea where they could be. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I thought the release was late april and I see the recent players but can't find it on the store....thanks >.<