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  1. A patch is coming, Antique Appraiser has been appropriately balanced says don't know for the skill books
  2. No that cat doesn't count
  3. I experienced the classic crash (Ce-348 error), like the pc version is a very bad Remastered
  4. Got it yesterday as far as I know you have to tame a normal goat aside Billy and Jean
  5. Easy peasy, can't wait, 19 years has passed ❤️
  6. much more easy than the steam list
  7. Now are available
  8. No trophies?
  9. More than 10 hours of playing, And a couple of times I got the classic error ce-348, aside from that, no other problems
  10. I doubt it
  11. No new trophies for the Dlc? (it will available tomorrow)
  12. In EU 40 €
  13. Remastered
  14. Some characters from W2 and they mention some events, but you can Start from this No mp trophies, there's a coop but this Game (Crpg) are single player at its best
  15. Haha it's a must