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      When viewing trophy lists from PS5 and the PlayStation App, those platforms are currently not pulling data from "legacy" trophy lists properly (PS3, PS4, & Vita lists), causing this website not to be able to scan them in at the moment. Your trophies are still synced to PSN, however they are not currently viewable on PS5 and PlayStation App until Sony fixes the issue on their end.   Here is a thread discussing the issue:    


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  1. Played on Xbox, easy list but the point is, this is one of the best games of 2021
  2. I saw it on pc last year, very nice Release date on ps4/5?
  3. Yup, it's the real ending You level fast and no limit with the companion, it took half the time compared to the first run
  4. This is all I want to hear, thanks for confirming
  5. there's a way to grind level 80?iI'm at the end of liberation mode but i'm only 75 and i have done all the quests
  6. I finished the first run, but no legendary helmets, do you remember which quests?
  7. @r_ebus Do you remember where to find a legendary helmet? It's the only legendary equipment that I didn't find. And for Liberation Mode needs all side quests to reach liv 80?
  8. Never played on pc, I Suppose the umbrella is a starting weapon?
  9. Someone knows where tt find a legendary helmet?
  10. Because on psn there's a 0,1, i want to be sure when I contact the devs
  11. I can't find the trophy list, there will be a plat?
  12. Just got the plat ps5 for Gta3 3 crashes in 30 hours
  13. If you complete I Scream, You Scream (El Burro Payphone) the triads is hostile
  14. Which ones are the buggy trophies? Can someone make a list? I'm about to write an email at snapshot games
  15. No they attack you only for main story reasons