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  1. Thank you Too!!!
  2. Got the Platinum weeks ago, but thanks for the reply
  3. You're Breathtaking as always Abyss!!! Thanks
  4. Hahah i knew it I had read your old posts about We Happy Few,also mine was sarcasm in fact for this I Laughed.In any case thanks for your effort,You are the number One!!!
  5. @SnowNinjaRaccoon hahaha you're all time favorite games, You sure?!? Anyway thanks this will be very helpful , how long is the dlc? Same as the others?
  6. Wow amazing guide, this will be very helpful thanks!!!
  7. No guides out there?
  8. No new trophies for TerrorMania?
  9. Can't wait!!
  10. Ok, thanks again Can I add you on psn?
  11. ok thx,but for the different endings need multiple playthrough?
  12. This will be Very helpful, thanks
  13. thanks for the reply,got it in ng+
  14. so they're bugged?damn...