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  1. This is the Spirit!!!
  2. Don't Worry,thanks anyway
  3. Wow!!! Very good work, thanks!!!
  4. Really? Good!!!
  5. What the game consider all stages? I ve walked everywhere but no trophy nevermind I got it
  6. Two online trophies, right?
  7. Ok, thx at the moment I'm struggle with the all stage trophy, I've walked on all map but no trophy... Can I add you on psn?
  8. Thanks, any tips?
  9. It's bugged? Also the Mole Difficulty?
  10. Thanks for the tips
  11. Sadly, both are glitched
  12. Wow, thanks!!! It's your trophy guide? Very appreciated!!!
  13. just got the trophy now
  14. exactly, it's just luck
  15. Really?