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  1. They patched the time glitch?
  2. Ok, thanks
  3. ot question in the non upgrade run you need to build only the action items right? even the single parts of an action item?
  4. Non progress upgrade means you have to build only the 5 action items, right?
  5. Same list, but SR it's always fun to play
  6. Thanks, I'm in the middle (third action item) in Hard Bastard, love the game
  7. Using the Life Starter voids the no death trophies?
  8. The First Death in the Tutorial is unavoidable, right? I started the new game on Hard Bastard skipping tutorial, is it fine?
  9. Guys best traits you have found?
  10. For Trainspotter triophy needs all objects with all the upgrades ,Right?
  11. Seems an easy list
  12. This will be helpful, thanks!!
  13. Thanks for the heads up
  14. Thanks for the heads up, you sure for Hack Yeah and Element Perfection?
  15. An easy list, but a lots of missable