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  1. You're a life saver, thanks!!
  2. Any tips for these three trophies? 1- Calling for shots I unlocked in the skill tree the mark target ability but I can't find it 2-Built for the streets How do you fill all cyberwares with only 5 Essence? 3-Rifle Headshot I can't one shot anyone
  3. The original was a cult game, as always Nightdive Studio is a guarantee
  4. I found it!!! I forgot to talk to the priest!!!! then i was able to enter the fighting pits....i know i'm really dumb lol anyway thanks for all the quick replys!!
  5. where are the bloodstains? outside the the arcade?
  6. I can't trigger the conversation with don after the first arena fight
  7. the third conversation with Shogo doesn't not trigger for me,any tips?continue with the story? ediit got it ,but after you combine the worms with the empty trap
  8. I just started the game yesterday @[email protected] you did an amazing job. This will be helpful, the karma system isn't very understandable at first glance, but I just started Is that a complete walkthrough?
  9. how works the coop?i've seen some videos but it's not clear,only online?
  10. Patch available and looking at the patch notes should fix the broken trophies. Let's the hunt begin!!
  11. Can I ask you if for defeating Kurt at the Sad Base, Emem needs any requirements?
  12. Thanks You remember exactly where are the Rats ? edit got the trophy now i left the trophy for kurt and for defeating Hilda,any tips?
  13. where is the location of those two guards? I walk over the crane then? edit found them but I have a problem,if I listen the guards and convince the guy to talk,then i reach max hunger and I'm unable to jump on the vent and read the document...any suggestion?
  14. The only way to defeat Hilda is having max celerety?
  15. Based on Vampire The Masquerade, this tima is a Narrative Rpg from Big Bad Wolf (The Council)