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  1. Absolutely Nitrus Brio!!!
  2. Speed characters like Tiny, Penta Penguin, Dingodile
  3. Release date?
  4. Looks pretty easy, a lot missable
  5. So no Nitrus Brio?😭😭😭
  6. Can't waitttttttttt!!! This will be my 200th plat!!!!
  7. You sure? Source?
  8. What a list!!! Can't waitttttt!!!!
  9. Wolfenstein 2 Kingdom Come Deliverance (100 % the hardcore mode with all 9 negative perks it's brutal) Pillars of Eternity Slain Back From Hell
  10. Probably a spinoff, too soon for darksiders 4
  11. As always, thanks a lot!!!
  12. Any patch for these trophies?
  13. Thx for the guide!!!
  14. Pretty standard for this type of game... Can't wait!!!!
  15. Can't wait!!!!