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  1. You sure?
  2. Can't waitttttttttt!!!
  3. Seems trophies are quests related and for picking the specifics decision, what do you think?
  4. I know, but trophy and achievements are the same?
  5. Already? Thanks a lot themindisacity!!!!
  6. You must beat the game within these time frames : Leon A / Claire A 3.30 on standard 2.30 on hardcore Leon B/Claire B 3.00 on standard 2.00 on hardcore
  7. Thx
  8. What determines the S Ranking? And for the steps there's a counter?
  9. I hope there will be some counter to keep track of the steps
  10. no,only single player
  11. The Valhalla mode on highest difficulty has to be a fresh start so not Ng+ I did first run as a Warrior,second run Valhalla mode highest difficulty with the shieldmaiden and third run ng+ with warrior
  12. Would be perfect!!!
  13. good!!!
  14. Sure works with 1.04?
  15. Platinum finally!!!!