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  1. What do you think Guys? A Nice Metal Trophy List!! I Preordere the Signature Edition,Cant Waittt!!!Absolute love to Slain Back From Hell
  2. Yep apparently it's a bug... Thank I had a previous backup save, reload it, and this time he was there(even I don't finished the Cathedral) Anyway Thanks
  3. Finished the cathedral, went back to the comic store and no one here... Am I Missing something? Can you describe me all you have done?
  4. No wait, doesn't matter how you kill them, the important thing is they're dead
  5. Sorry for the quote but I Saw you got the trophy for Iron Maus set. I send him off off once and then I tell him to go home. To find it at the comic book store, do you have to finish the cathedral first? Because I went there but Iron Maus isn't there
  6. To be sure kill both
  7. This Will be very Helpful, Thanks!!
  8. I'm not sure but I guess it counts
  9. Sure, like as the others
  10. You can do it with a second controller Seems nothing difficult, can't wait!!!
  11. Thanks for the tip, got it yesterday
  12. Same here, tried a couple of times, yesterday and no trophy
  13. Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus 0,72 % Kingdom Come Deliverance 2.01% Trine 2 2,31% Tropico 5 2,39% Pillars of Eternity 2,55%
  14. No Hardcore mode? Disappointed!!!
  15. Thanks