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  1. Love the original!!!! Can't waitttttt!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Round 18 angelic ruins error ce-348...
  3. Yes Armageddon mode is ng+
  4. Still no one with plat?
  5. The only difficult is Valhalla Mode on higher difficulty (aka Permadeath)
  6. Available now
  7. Now works there two different trophy list Eu and Na
  8. Same problem
  9. I It doesn't synchronize trophies(Error WS-37073-0), someone knows how to solve?
  10. Whole quest line without dying? Can't wait!!!
  11. Seems an easy platinum 3 factions quests, crafting What do you think?
  12. can't wait!!!!
  13. Sekiro will be number 193
  14. Can't wait for more videos!! 4 more hours then I can finally play
  15. As always thanks Rubhen for your amazing videos!!!