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  1. Last year I did that exploit to get gold on the Red Bull X2010 challenge. My prize car glitched and I can no longer use them, but that's not a problem. I still have gold on all 3 races haha Now I just need to complete the endurances and most of the special events with gold trophies. So far, my main problem lies in that Eiger race, in the Gran Tour Event. I tried that for hours yesterday and I got 1:17:037 (gold is 1:17:000) That's so sad! But I'll keep trying! Later I'll need to focus on the AMG Special Event. I need to undestand the Nordschleifer before I can even tackle that!
  2. Pretty sure there isn't. Maybe there is one for kills in total, but for each kind of enemy, I don't think so!
  3. Only you can hide a game from your list. Follow the instructions here if you wish to do so:
  4. Thanks for the help! I'll probably start the game and play the main campaign first and later I'll worry with the co-op.
  5. Hello. I want to start this game soon, so I can clean up my backlog of game, and I have a question. I noticed in the guide that there are a few trophies that you need to play co-op missions. Some of them you can do it by yourself, I guess... My question is: Is it possible to do these co-op missions before you actually start the main campaign? Or is this one of those games where you have to play the game in order to unlock the ability to play online?
  6. Damn... I was way off! haha It's been a really long time. Anyway... You're gonna be playing the Canadian GP so much you'll be able to finish it blindfolded! haha
  7. Maybe 10 hours? I remember that going from level 1 to 40 is pretty "quick"... but from level 41 to 50, that's where the real grind is! But if you set up a few goals, like "finish 1 or 2 championships per day", it could make things less boring for you
  8. You don't need to buy for every gun. Once you buy any red dot, you don't need to buy it anymore... The same goes for the GL and Shotgun attachments.
  9. I'm late to the party but... Not so bad? WHAT? It's expensive AF, for what it actually is! There are far better games than this, for way less money! BUT... I just saw today, the brazilian PSN has a sale where all 3 "Gilson B. Pontes" games are 50 reais. So... A little bit better, I think! haha
  10. I felt the same way! I decided to do the same as you around June/2019... Going for 100%. Yes, I found some very difficult events but overall I was able to get 3 stars... Some with less headache than others. Sometimes I spent around 1 hour just to complete one event, but I never let the game win. I was always trying... Until I reached one event in particular that, sorry, but I don't remember the name. But my problem was this: I was only driving supercars up to that point. They're fast and I was able to be first place and get 3 stars pretty easly, despite the AI. Than, an event thow at me some regular Renaut Clio for me to do 3 laps. And one of the stars was to get a max speed that could only be achieved if you slipstream someone. This event alone made me give up on the game for the rest of the year! At the end of the year I give it another try and manage without too much problem. Don't know why Bottom line is: Yes, it difficult... But if you're having problems, just take a break. Maybe a few hours, days (or in my case, months) PS:. There's another event people say it's the hardest. One where you drive at night with heavy snow. My tip: Be very agressive in the beggining while there sun is still in the sky... Once the night comes, you'll be driving looking more at the minimap than the road itself. Try to build some gap to the second place and stay ahead until the end (easier said than done)
  11. I mean.... It wasn't thaaaaat bad. But people need to keep in mind that it will take around 1-2 hours per arena, playing split screen to make things easier. I did 1 arena per day so it took me 3 days (duh) and maybe that's the way to go... Good luck for those who decide to make all in one go. May God have mercy on your sanity!
  12. People set up boost sessions for this game all the time. I think the game is full of hackers, but the platinum is achievable!
  13. That's a good idea. Just remember that there's one pendant where you need to kill a Bloater in order to get. The one in the university dorms. That area is full of clickers too, so be careful. I didn't play the game on grounded yet, but when I played on Survival+, I had everything collected so I just had to worry about finishing the game
  14. It took me some time, but I got it on Bedrock... However, I am playing for real and not just for trophies so I may have a little bit more resources than you. I made a diamond sword and enchanted it with Sharpness III. Than I made a potion of strenght (I don't remember the recepie, but you can look at the wiki or a youtube video). Just waited for night time and began killing some zombies. IDK what happened, the first few zombies I killed didn't got the trophy, but I kept killing them and eventually, the trophy popped!
  15. Damn! Well... i'll stick with survival mode and build the more complicated stuff, old school. Thanks!