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  1. Update on my Summon Necro. Despite being able to kill the enemies with relative ease, the character itself was still a glass cannon (like I said... no high end gear) Bishibosh and his spectral hit got the best of me at lvl 73 Now giving a try with a Paladin. Let's put those hammers to work!
  2. I Have a lvl 68 Necro, just finished Nightmare. Max lvl on Raise Skeletons and Skeleton mastery. Sometimes they get killed but it's normal... Keep using Amplify damage + a mercenary with the might aura and they can kill quite a lot! My Clay Golem is also at max lvl and, because it has 4k to life, it can be quite an effective tank to distract the enemies from killing my skeletons. Right now I'll focus on Corpse Explosion (it's lvl 5 now I think) and it's great for area damage and helping your skeletons. The damage doesn't improve with each lvl up, but the radius of the explosion do, and believe it, it helps A LOT. With whatever is left, I'll put points into Golem MAstery just to boost his life a little bit more. Keep in mind: I don't have high end gear. I only have +3 skills past the maximum on Skeleton mastery and other summon skills. So there is room for improvement! Btw: I'm playing on PC, that's why my lvl on the trophy list says I'm lvl 33
  3. One way I found to bypass this issue, was to, before starting to build on the brand new case, put it in the cupboard. (You'll need to buy one, of course. 2.500 I Think). Put the brand new case into the cupboard and than take it out and place it on any available table you have. You should be able to build freely. One thing to note: If the job asks for brand new parts, when you do this with the case, be sure to remove ALL case fans. For some reason, the game thinks the fans are considered used parts and the client won't give you 5 star for the job. Another thing to note: If, after placing the case in the table, you decide to put it back in the cupboard, be caureful because you won't be able to remove the case fans anymore. (Weird glitch, I know)
  4. How's it coming with the Chaos lvl 14? I'm trying to destroy most of the red things I see while I complete the wingsuit, speed and cars challenges... I'm lvl 10 and have 3/4 of the map liberated
  5. Most of the kills trophies, have the description "kill x PLAYERS with x weapon"... I've been playing a lot of FPP Solo and there were A LOT of bot in that game mode. Maybe that the reason? You need to kill real players in order for the kill trophies to count?
  6. On THPS 2 there was a list of all gaps in the game... in each stage. Once you've done them, they became highlighted. Probably there's gonna be something similar here too.
  7. I'd say it's "realistic"... idk how close to the real thing the game is, because I've never watched a golf game in my life... But let's compare to that EA Game "Rory McIlroy PGA Tour". That game was and arcade golf game, imo... The way you can add spin to the ball and kinda make it go where you want. It has a bonus game with very elaborated courses and etc...
  8. idk if you can replay any mission... The best way to do this is to blow up a car with your RC. The blast radius of the RC is pretty weak, so it'll be very hard for you to kill 4 enemies with just that. But, if you blow up a car that the reinforcements use to get to your location, you can kill all 4 of them pretty easily!
  9. People always seem to find a specific bunker on a specific course to make things easier. But if it's anything like the previous game, it's pretty much down to trial and error.
  10. I didn't read everything, so someone might said this before. What really annoys me is not the fact that a game dowsn't have a platinum. But what makes a few companies to not put a platinum in their game. Back in the day I used to only buy/play games with platinum, but today, I prefer to stick with what I think is gonna be good (yeah... I do have a lot of shitty games on my list. I know!) What I can't understand is why in the hell a game like Resident Evil 4 doesn't have a platinum, for exemple.It's a complete game, full of chapters, just like RE5. It makes no sense. And there are a lot of games like this! Let's be real here... Ratalaika games (or the way their trophies are), that's the kind of game to not have a platinum!
  11. Last year I did that exploit to get gold on the Red Bull X2010 challenge. My prize car glitched and I can no longer use them, but that's not a problem. I still have gold on all 3 races haha Now I just need to complete the endurances and most of the special events with gold trophies. So far, my main problem lies in that Eiger race, in the Gran Tour Event. I tried that for hours yesterday and I got 1:17:037 (gold is 1:17:000) That's so sad! But I'll keep trying! Later I'll need to focus on the AMG Special Event. I need to undestand the Nordschleifer before I can even tackle that!
  12. Pretty sure there isn't. Maybe there is one for kills in total, but for each kind of enemy, I don't think so!
  13. Thanks for the help! I'll probably start the game and play the main campaign first and later I'll worry with the co-op.
  14. Hello. I want to start this game soon, so I can clean up my backlog of game, and I have a question. I noticed in the guide that there are a few trophies that you need to play co-op missions. Some of them you can do it by yourself, I guess... My question is: Is it possible to do these co-op missions before you actually start the main campaign? Or is this one of those games where you have to play the game in order to unlock the ability to play online?
  15. Damn... I was way off! haha It's been a really long time. Anyway... You're gonna be playing the Canadian GP so much you'll be able to finish it blindfolded! haha