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  1. Maybe I should give some Andy Nightmare runs more chances... I'm mostly doing hell runs on /players 5... I think Nightmare /players 8 could be pretty easy for me!
  2. Single player, using /player command when I feel it's safe... I mostly kill Shenk and that other unique close to him, over and over. Good source of xp right now. Later I'll try to do some baal runs, but I need better gear first. Sometimes I do some Andy runs in hopes to get a SoJ or other good uniques... No luck on that so far!
  3. It was due to my own stupidity! lol I got too greedy in areas I should have been more cautious. But lesson learned. My Javazon is currently lvl 86 and handling Hell pretty well. But i`ll try to beat hell with all classes first. That way I can find better items for everyone and later give a got with the class I feel more confortable.
  4. I've been trying to get to lvl 99 for ages but never could get past lvl 85... Can you please explain the "Save Scumming" part as I'm very much interested! lol I thought uploading the save to the cloud didn't worked, but I might be wrong...
  5. In one week I lost a lvl 85 Summon Necro and a lvl 75 Hammerdin... I started playing with a Smiter and, despite being a fun character, not very viable for hardcore solo... I'm back to square on again. I never played with a barbarian but people suggested that a Singer could be very safe to play. I might give it a try on that one!
  6. I think the idea is to buy a broken PC, repair it and sell it. You'll have a larger profit that way! always remember to run the Benchmark before selling it
  7. Oh damn.... I'd better get back to Le Mans than! Thank you very much for the reply and for the daily updates here! We owe you big time!
  8. Does the price for these cars stay the same? or they can chance according to that real value stuff? I'm sitting on 16 million and hope it can buy both cars I need (the Jaguar and ford)
  9. Press the Left / Right button on the D-Pad during the race... go in the TCS menu and you can change there
  10. I did it yesterday! Eau Rouge, for me, is the hardest part. No matter what I did, I always seem to hit the curb and lost control due to the wet surface. Just take it somewhat slow and keep control of the car. Have the Breaking line active also helps but there's one breaking line that you can kinda ignore (2:06 in the video). Don't be afraid to accelerate, as long as you're in the dry.
  11. MrLlama is my go to guy when it comes to Diablo II... I used his guide for my Necro and worked pretty well. The main problem (and I believe that goes for eneryone), is having the right gear. Specially when you're playing offline... That's why I'm thinking of starting another character. That way I have more chances to find better items. If I'm using a paladin and happen to find a really good item for my necro, I can just put it on the stash. It's more time consuming but somewhat safer, imo... (btw... I played the game with /players 8 activated up until act 2, on Hell... That helped a lot to level up!)
  12. I'm playing offline, yes! What kind of Paladin should I try? I've been thinking about a Smiter. Never done one before so should be interesting. I tried about 4 ou 5 Hammerdins, but I always get myself killed on act 3 or act 4, on nightmare difficulty... 99% sure it's my mystake, but yet... I think the Necro is a pretty safe character to play with. Just let the minions do all the work. (I mean... Baal alone, on Hell difficulty took me about 5 minutes of my casting Decrepify on him)
  13. I'll give it a try! I started 3 paladins already and none of them survived past lvl 60... Perhaps I can give it another go or maybe try something new (for me) with the Sorc!
  14. Starting a new topic just to share my thought and experience on the game so far... This past weekend, I managed for the first time to defeat Baal on Hell Dif. HC... I'm using a Summon Necro and he is lvl 84. I noticed that my summons don't stand a chance against the "Minions of Destruction". I had to lure them out of the main chamber so I could fight baal and finish the game. My question now is... Where to grind for exp? In my opinion, right now Ball is out of the question. Dispite he being very easy with the Clay Golem and Decrepify, His minions before him are a pain in the ass. A have a shared stash full of nice items for other classes... I thought maybe I could begin another playthorugh searching for better items for my necro using other classes (and working on beating the game on Hell Difficulty too, but um HC)... What are your thoughts?
  15. Update on my Summon Necro. Despite being able to kill the enemies with relative ease, the character itself was still a glass cannon (like I said... no high end gear) Bishibosh and his spectral hit got the best of me at lvl 73 Now giving a try with a Paladin. Let's put those hammers to work!