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  1. You can find your boosting partner more easily if you both search at the same time, for ranked Tag Match. I think if you don't have him/her in your friends list, makes it easier to find each other!
  2. It's not the most populated online game ever... But if you play during the weekends you should be able to find someone to play with, no problem. As for the private match, set a boosting session if you're having trouble invinting random people.
  3. I believe you can't restart an event while playing the Season mode. But like I said, I'm pretty sure the seasons never end. If it does, it can take a pretty long time... more than enough for you to go after winning the championships and the sponsor goals. I did everything about half way in season 2 (everything = Sponsor goals and winning certain events that gives trophy) Just keep an eye out on what event you're doing. If it's too difficult and doesn't have any trophy related to it, skip it! Just keep in mind you'll need to focus on winning events to win de FEDex cup, or something like that...
  4. -_-

    You would probably need a dispute too! lol
  5. It's on PS4 as well
  6. Just a little update here guys... I finished the SAKURA and DOWNFORCE DLC and, believe it or not, it felt a bit harder that previusly DLC I've completed. Don't get me wrong... AMG and Elements are still pretty hard... But I think the difficulty is because of the track itself (maybe it's wet... it's too dark... too much snow or rain...) The other drivers are pretty much okay. Their AI are not very agressive and, so far, I've managed to win every race with a very confortable gap Sakura and Downforce, on the other hand... Oh My... I don't know if it was the car or whatever... But I really struggled with the races. I always try to win the race, regardless of the mission asking me to be top 3 or whatever... and in these events that was really hard. Time trials and drift events are pretty """""easy"""""... I mean... not much trouble there... but when there are other drivers in the race, it's a bit difficult, compared to what I've played so far!
  7. I finished all events on the Elements DLC and yes... It's hard! That race in the snow, at night made my eyes hurt haha But I did it first try. By far, the hardest DLC... Hope it's "easy" from now on!
  8. You mean the championship? What's BS about that?
  9. So... It's my lunch break now and I had to try this! I can now understand why you consider Venom Hot Lap 2 the most difficult one. HOLY DAMN... A lot of tight turns with a slippery road... pretty hard to control the car on track... But I finallt got 3 stars on that one! I have it recorded so if anyone is interested on how I did it, let me know and I'll upload it to youtube! I can now agree that this, so far, is the hardest event in the game! (for me, of course)
  10. Thanks!
  11. Do you guys remember witch DLC is this event in?
  12. I'll have to try that one next. I'm trying to get rid of all the harder events first, so the rest of the game is "smoother" And yes, those events that needs combined requirements are pretty difficult too! The one in AMG had this and was the reason it took me so long to get 3 stars.
  13. Hey guys! I began my "road to 100%" this game a few weeks ago, because of the delisting and stuff, and was wondering what is, in your opinion, the hardest DLC or Event in the game? So far, from the ones I've finished, I had most problems with the AMG. That time trial in the rain was pretty difficult to complete with 3 stars... What about you?
  14. I'm glad I could help! :)
  15. It's funny reading this topic and realising I only have 1 rule: - Don't Cheat! (Save game from other people, softwares to edit timestamps that sort of thing) - Since no one plays on my account, I don't even think about the risk of other people earning trophies for me! Everything else is good to go, on my book. When I first started, I barely cared about the platinum. Today, I usually only buy games when their "complete edition" are available at a fair price, so I can have acess to their DLC and the 100%. I don't mind starting a game that is already impossible to platinum... In those cases, my focus is just getting all the trophies that I can. Yes, I do buy cheap games just for the trophies because I think everyone should play some cheap, crappy and bad game once in a while, just to make the "real" game more valuable! The only thing I really try to do is to keep my completion rate above 75% and all my games with A or S ranking here on PSNP