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  1. They did change the matchmaking for fifa 20. This year in 19 when you reached Division 1 and got to 2400+ skillrating it became really hard to still find matches, specially late in the cycle. I was waiting to find a match for like 25-40 minutes at times. Thats why they brought the requirements down a bit to close down the skill gap. With Fifa 20 there won't be that problem, since everyone at 1900+ (Division 1 is 1900 instead of 2400 last year) will be matched against each other. So you could get matched up with someone at 2400 skillrating while being at 1900. They might not change the requirements half way through the cycle like last year. Best advice I can give you is to start early before everyones team is stacked with great cards. Use loanplayers nd traning items to get the trophy done asap if thats the only thing you're aiming for. Im just hoping that the Volta story is not as dull, boring and long as the Journey story mode. Really had to force myself to finish up the plat this year lol
  2. For the Valentine and Saturday trophy, I just set my clock to Feb 14th 2015 22:00. That was a saturday and valentines day in one, at least it was in the Netherlands. Playing 1 quick duo game was enough to unlock them both. edit: for solo play you need to be online, this plat can not be earned entirely offline.
  3. Amen to that!
  4. I really don't get how you guys compare isolated incidents as the debug mode, in game glitches and the other TOS violations to this. As much as I like stacking, I don't want psnp to become a subjective leaderboard. Which it will be if other trophysites dont follow this lead. Thats what customs leaderboards are for not psnp.
  5. Obviously Im serious. Im not talking about violations/breaking the TOS. Perhaps 'intentions' was not the right word. But since both the ps3 and ps4 have the option to use multiple blank/alt accounts by default and the vita doesn't, a trophy website should not alter leaderboards in any way by allowing a device exploit. Im just unpleasantly surprised to see something like that happen here.
  6. Points 2 and 4 which MMDE made are essential. I kind of missed this entire thread leading up to the whitelisting of this exploit. I don't agree with it at all. I'm not the alone in this. Plenty of hunters are disheartened by this decision. ''I like psnp standard board the most'', well a lot of us do. This is my main leaderboard aswell, but if choices made here, get us removed elsewhere, something is not right. That's why psnp always should follow sony's intentions. If they wanted the vita to be able to switch accounts on the go, that option would have been added by them. That should have ended the discussion really.
  7. Imo thats the whole issue. Sony did not allow us to use multiaccounting on the vita. So psnp should not allow it either. Isn't it really that simple? A forum with so many decicated trophyhunters needs to draw a line somewhere, we should not be promoting device/app exploits.
  8. ahww man, a lot us were not that lucky and had to import a disc version. Fingers crossed this new stack will finally update both versions and make the platinum obtainable again!
  9. Since I did not get the hoarder trophy after 2 playthroughs on the vita with patch 1.05 (using the video). I tried again without the patch, not knowing the butterflies did not count on vita. I did not get the wake up trophy without the patch! But luckily after installing the patch again on the vita and continuing from last checkpoint the wake up trophy popped. Edit: Some conclusions - Baddrivers video is perfect for the ps4 version, got all trophies without issues. - The butterflies do NOT count in the vita version, not when playing unpatched 1.00 nor when playing 1.05. I played the vita version 3 times without getting the Hoarder trophy, and I was using the video which leads to 89 items including butterflies. 89-13= 76, you will fall short. - The 4rth time I made sure I picked up 80 items without the butterflies included, finally the hoarder + plat popped for the vita, YAY! Thank you dernop, baddriver, optimusmart, hotdogpresident and garciafever for your maps, video, advice, text walkthrough and trophy guide. It only took me 6 playthroughs in total, but I got there haha. Cheers!
  10. wow for real? that would explain it in my case. Even more annoyed now than I already was, but thats what 3 lost playthroughs will do to ya I suppose . Gonna try it yet again and follow the trophy walkthrough hotdog wrote to see if that gets me there! Thanks for the heads up Optimus.
  11. So guys, I seem to be having a problem with the EU vita version (1.05). I have played it twice on normal, following the video. Both times it showed me having: 76 items, at the ending screen. The second time I wrote each collectible down, should have been 90 items! As annoyed as I was I tried yet again today, this time the PS4 version, and I got the hoarder trophy first try. At the end screen it showed me picking up 90 items. Exactly the same amount as I picked up on my second vita run. edit: played the vita version a 3rd time, picked up 90 items , now without the patch (1.00). Still no trophy, ended with 76 again at the ending screen again.
  12. 30 mins?! thats like an entire Midnight deluxe plat. No wonder your day is ruined
  13. The only thing of importance for the Tim trophy is his head.
  14. Awesome walkthrough Rus, thanks!
  15. Steel black will be the next addition. Still love my Sunset Orange the most though, that one is sooooo hot