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  1. I bought it for $1.50 I had spare, got both the ps4 and vita version for the one cost. I was intrigued tbh and have known about it forever, Lucky I had turbo turned on for the ps4 version and the vita I did with the Vita Tv. I'm not ashamed.
  2. Hell yeah, I mean yes Have you ever cleaned graffiti off a wall?
  3. No, I block all of them and sometimes spam them back. Have you ever received and phone scam and then bombed the number in return?
  4. finally be married
  5. It truly is a fantastic Zelda and I've completed both the Wii U and Switch versions, By complete I mean about %20. I honestly can't think of a Zelda game that I don't like though BOTW is something different.
  6. You might enjoy the switch, it's hackable and has no trophies.
  7. Not really, it was the tsunami in 2004 which is neither. Have you ever experienced an earthquake?
  8. Got this digital, Because I love Burnout except for Paradise.
  9. I'm a real sucker for the EDF Games. Got digital with a spare $20.
  10. Yes Have you ever opened an elevator door between floors?
  11. mail order brides
  12. No but man I want to. Have you eaten magic mushrooms?
  13. pink flamingo move
  14. dance practice area
  15. with roller blades