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  1. Granted, You have the worse case of OCD known to mankind. I wish everyone had orange skin, Just like Trump.
  2. No, I haven't seen that before. It looks mac only?
  3. Yes a few times, A car chase was the best as the bottom of the car was dragging on the road. Have you ever been in a stolen car?
  4. Disrupts flights by flying drones at airports.
  5. These are my every day clothes even when I'm not driving.
  6. Berlin - The metro System of a Down - Metro
  7. Yes, I like the FF games This is pretty obscure I know but here at psnp, maybe someone has played this.
  8. known as toilets
  9. Yes Have you ever quit a job without having another to go to?
  10. In The Hunt
  11. Granted, The suit is equipped with a vibrator and a rotating fist attachment, this is all the sun can power and man it's a sunny day. I wish this heatwave would just go away.
  12. based on Scientology
  13. Nuggets
  14. Chermside had no Vita games and the 2 in town still have the same original prices. Frankly I think JB is a rip off and will go the same way as Wow site and sound. I base this on their current pricing for ps4/3 and vta games which doesn't look well managed. Not just that though, their headphones and mobile or computer parts are currently a joke. I recently bought some Seinnhauser headphone's for $40 less at office works.
  15. No Have you ever had a complete stranger blame something on you that you know nothing about?