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  1. I played Guitar for Manson so no way, Actually there's no way I played Guitar for Manson. In any case I'm not changing my psn.
  2. infused toilet wine
  3. Still on Spider-man, spending allot of time on Blops4 BR, MP and Zombies.
  4. Granted, You did it from inside the same building and it remains a mystery as to how the building collapsed to the outside world. I wish as a species that we where at the level of AI looking after everything on our planet and leaving us to holiday all year long.
  5. Russian block games
  6. Yes, Sorry people. Have you ever missed a plane in a foreign country?
  7. kanyes stupid mouth
  8. Hard-ons and Henry Rollins - Let there be rock
  9. equipped with Tamagotchis
  10. My switch is going down the same path as the Wii U, Gathering dust. Seriously need something for this system, trophies would definitely help but a decent library that's not dominated by indie games would be great. With that said it's either hack or ditch for me at this stage. Also, the Raspberry Pi does have Achievements for certain emus.
  11. All 3 of my DS3 have sticky thumb sticks, It's disgusting and I'm super clean. So I found a seller and think I'll buy a few more.
  12. Granted, you filmed yourself being kidnapped which was then viewed on TV by millions. I wish the Dead Kennedys would reform and do a universal tour playing every album in order.
  13. based fairy tales
  14. Aye Aye Captain, I can't hear you, Aye Aye Captain!