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  1. Yes, My drug dealer So, Have you ever closed a wound on your own body with Super Glue?
  2. Absolutely freaking interested, Thanks Man.
  3. Wow, 50/50 for this feature.
  4. No but it did on Hdmi 2.0 which most people would have.
  5. I finish games I like and sometimes don't platinum due to un-fun requirements, THPS level 100 comes to mind. I still own and play a real Neo Geo, that has no trophies.
  6. So my Winter, I look forward to %100 internal.
  7. Wait, We still can't add an extra internal SSD?
  8. I feel that Sony doesn't care about the Vita at all, closing the store means loss of sales so maybe after then you'll see allot more CFW going around. On my first Vita TV I used the Whitlister to play non compatible games, the moment Sony decided to start blocking games on the Vita TV. That same system I used for years and not a peep from Sony. Sure it was a simple email glitch but I'm sorry, I bought the PSTV under the sales pitch of "Plays all Vita games" until of course Sony decided to change the rules, the first step of pushing people out of the market. I don't get their actions, I've been to Japan any times and the Vita is huge.
  9. Yes Have you ever randomly found marijuana plant in the bush?
  10. the litter tray
  11. I have no shame, I just really enjoyed getting the trophies to begin with.
  12. Good idea, The use on both consoles worked fine for me until I had Black ops 4 on the ps4 internal and on the ps5 external.
  13. Yeah but make sure you don't have a duplicate game on the interal HDD.
  14. Ok Well I can't wait to pull out my 360 disc version of me1 and play it again on the Xbox Series X. Remember back in the day when Me2 came out and the community was divided between "Rpg elements gone" and "I swear it's not just a corridor shooter"? Well it's still a corridor shooter from 2 onwards however we now have shop manikins as characters. Remember if you still have a PS3 the store is still open. And if you have a Serie X Xbox I can confirm that the original looks amazing.
  15. I have a 4tb portable and it works fine on all ps4 games.