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  1. in housewives globally
  2. Nocturne is a great SMT, I'm glad others can see this. Persona really is just a spin off SMT game not matter how you look at it, A brilliant one at that.
  3. Really, It's pretty much over for these titles no matter what happens now.
  4. Still Got mine with a 500gb HDD and component running at 720P. There are way way way too many to even number so just honorable mentions from me SMT Nocturne Robot Alchemic Drive SMT Persona 3/4 THPS All Burnout All Williams Pinball Manhunt GTA 3 Earth Defense Force Silent Hill 2 Shinobido 2 Yakuza 1 and 2 Onimusha 1,2 and 4 Virtua Quest Star Ocean Till the end of time Dragon Quest 8 Kings Field 4 Evergrace Shining Force EXA Shining Force Neo Look I'm just naming the games I like and there's too many to continue. The PS2 did well and the creativity was better then today, I pity the future of gaming tbh
  5. Not sure but I do think it's why I haven't touched the switch apart from BOTW. Not a handheld fan but love the Vita TV so that's my conclusion.
  6. Great game on Wii U and switch. Also the only game I've truly finished on the Switch. Have not played this year, have not touched the switch for any reason other then modding it which is done.
  7. Wait until it's hacked and by a bigger HDD.
  8. Finished it on the 360 and haven't even started the ps3 version. Was free on PSN ages ago.
  9. A poster from HK pre virus.
  10. I Must have been Drunk as I've bought Digital. I've wanted to play AOM for ages and figured that it won't be here forever. I also have Ray Gigant already from Japan but the cartridge is broken.
  11. Lol, I bought the Xbox/PC game pass for $1 and cancelled my Subscription the same day. True backwards compaitibility is what made the Atari 7800, PS2 and Wii so brilliant. The Ps3 was always powerful enough for PS2 BC yet Sony saw the $ in digital. Some of these remasters are pure turd, Yakuza collection, Mafia 2, actually there's little point in mentioning the bad ones. The Good ones imo so far are the Yakuza Kiwami games, Trials of Mana. That pretty much covers that. Who can afford a new console? The older players that would use BC? Or the kiddies who play games made for consumers? Sony needs to step up this time.
  12. Use it when I haven't figured something out. Would you rather be Infamous and wealthy or Famous and poor?
  13. due to germs
  14. No Have you ever bought an expensive item that wasn't delivered, purposely forgotten about it and then it has turned up months later?
  15. The Vita TV is awesome, I use it all the time and take it where ever I go.