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  1. while wearing Crocs
  2. fermented in socks
  3. Collectors edition Sealed Been after this for a while Lost my copy so bought again, might plat this as I really like DS2
  4. like bad cheese
  5. No, I'm really bad at this type of thing. Have you ever fallen for an email based scam?
  6. It's an amazing game and probably the only game I've ever gone back to on the system, A sequel would be well received I'm sure.
  7. in royal toilets
  8. Yeah, Pachinko Have you ever won money gambling?
  9. faith in math
  10. Nope Have you ever dressed in character for a cosplay event?
  11. arcade emulator device
  12. from NBA Jam
  13. due to lack
  14. No, I'd probably take a look. Have you ridden a segway?
  15. So my own photo is bad and I stole this image, Finally a hard copy.