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  1. more then pants
  2. two thirds of
  3. Oblivion with trophies Really though, the ps3 is still a valid console so I guess only games with bugs that need to be fixed.
  4. Ahh the Vita, It holds a special place in my heart. I remember the day I bought it in Akihabara second hand at a Hard Off store, lovely model 1 in a purple case in mint condition. The guy behind the counter was so happy to sell it to me as if to say "Are you sure you want this"? I honestly don't know where to start with the library as there are so many quality titles. I spent the last 5 weeks on a ship with the Vita, Vita TV and ps3, Didn't even take my modded switch because in my opinion the games for it have nothing on the Vita once you're done with zelda. Sorry Nintendo but your last 3 consoles have been shit imo, simple as that, No bugger that, I'm not sorry Nintendo, I want my god damn money back for buying these Lite versions of real gaming machines. I mean ffs if I want to emulate the Nes I could probably use the toaster. Sorry everyone The Vita in my opinion is a valid console that opens up a whole new library for you to explore and enjoy.
  5. I think I have, yes. Have you ever blown up someones letterbox?
  6. ^ Yes, it would need to be a hybrid for any type of success imo. I love the Vita and games made for it but %99 of my game time is on the Ps/Vita TV. I doubt this would happen anyway tbh but then again, if you've seen the Vita section in Japanese game stores you might think again.
  7. because it's fun
  8. I lost all of my Save states on the Saturn, most distressing was my 100+ hours on Devil Summoner Souls hackers. It's really strange how I couldn't care less if my Ps4 blew up tomorrow with 100 %99 games
  9. Does this count? I have almost and entire Dreamcast and Sega saturn collection. Well, One day my air conditioning decided to leak for hours directly above the entire collection. Not only that, it also flooded a Panasonic 3do and a white Japanese Saturn. I was able to retrieve most of the DC collection but sadly many of my Saturn cases/covers are history. Both the 3do and Saturn have been refurbished and work fine now. Moral to the story is don't place anything of value under a Air Conditioner, I mean the big wall ones. You may cry like I did.
  10. Been away on a cruise for 5 weeks and the PSTV Mem card shit itself. That's fine for physical games but my digital games all have errors. I F%$^^n hate digital and am replacing every game that screwed up with a hard copy. So far we have,,,,,,,,,, These are not my copies but I will photo them when all 3 arrive. This arrived last Friday If only I knew that this was edf 2017 the numerous times I've seen it in Japan. Ordered from Kyoto and should be here soon, I think this will be delivered today
  11. Oddly, it's taken me ages to get into P5. I took it with me on a 5 week holiday and started NG+ from an old save, I honestly avoided the plat so I could play through it twice more. I have the Japanese ps3 version ordered. As expected back when it was new, i'd eventually like this persona more. I can't believe I beat the twins under leveled, super lucky This is a classy Persona, I love smt games and am starting p4 golden again right now.
  12. Yes Have ever shaved someones eyebrows while they are knocked out?
  13. if god exists
  14. Great game LA Noire and it's $10 at my local target right now. I think I'm a little more nostalgic with these remasters though and like the ps2/xb era more the ps3/360, Imo it's too soon for these.
  15. I still have Mafia for the original Xbox, honestly it plays fine today. I'd rather a True Crimes L.A and NY remaster tbh.