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  1. Are you,,, John Hancock? Yah know, need it for the museum.
  2. And Vita titles, with HDMI out and DS3/4 compatibility. I'd buy that.
  3. Can't remember the last time I've seen anybody on public transport playing games on a hand held. With that said, the Vita has been my favorite handheld to date and there is enough existing games to keep going for a while. That's my rant Too much competition, such a niche market. They would really have to wow people for success. The switch, Is it really that successful? idk, mine is modded and still gathering dust.
  4. I have Have you ever planned a vacation and had to cancel?
  5. I've played through 1 and 2 on the dreamcast once a year since they existed. I still have the Japanese version and Japanese dreamcast before the English version existed. Wow, look at me gloating super fan for no reason, But we all know what to expect right? So, Ryo still has the band aid on is face? It's got to be a tat right?
  6. most people plan
  7. Just now Have you ever hated a AAA game though not said anything as hating on popular games is hip?
  8. Devo Ft Neil Young - Hey Hey, My My
  9. lonely Gamestop dumpster
  10. cold dead body
  11. No Have you ever wished that a co-worker would quit?
  12. Yes I have. Have you ever fallen asleep while gaming until sunrise?
  13. in the morning
  14. Hi MidnightDragon I meant to say I didn't know it actually existed
  15. First I've heard of this, thanks.