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  1. Yes, I'm wearing a Contra T-shirt as well right now. Doesn't matter which platform
  2. to change form
  3. ,,,,,,,,,, yes Have you ever watched a video that was super gross before knowing the content?
  4. Yeah, Mario 64 Have you ever scratched someone else's car?
  5. populated by Lepers
  6. and encouraged piracy
  7. Social skills, would be easier. Be a famous inventor with not much money? Or the person who copied your invention and made millions.
  8. Yeah, personal safety though. Have you ever had your tongue stuck on a frozen metal pole?
  9. thought to be
  10. and Cheetos reviews
  11. Used Fully packed. Would you rather Cruise to a destination with 2 weeks at sea and 2 at the destination? Or Fly with just the 2 weeks at the same destination.
  12. Yes, lots Have you ever eaten someone else's lunch at work?
  13. along with religion
  14. buffet at Sizzler