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  1. Recently played Tenchu Wrath of Heaven , It's is a fantastic game though I think Shinobido is perfection.
  2. It's funny we have different tastes, Some honest thoughts and some "I'm so cool" thoughts. Ok so let's bash Nintendo, Pretty much anything Mario or Zelda including Smash series are a complete waste of money. Why? Well the games are better in Emulation, I have a nice PC which will play SMT 5 if it ever comes out fine. C'mon, tell me you hate SMT. Honestly imo overrated Hardware and software there is one clear winner by a huge margin. With that said I love the 3ds, NGC and SFC/SNES, Not so much N64 except Mario 64 changed gaming. But now, Same shit different hardware. Overrated game series, It's you Mario and Zelda.
  3. Finished the Honk Kong Version and pre ordered a hard copy of the EU version out on the 25th
  4. Keep your PS4 if you can, Better safe then sorry. As already stated yes for most cases though it looks like free competitive online games might be targeted as the no go zone, Now I am saying this as I get the information from the Cronus/Titan/XIM community. In short, unless you play these types of games then we should have no problems playing both versions on the PS5.
  5. Oh wow I remember that time, COD ghosts came out on ps3,ps4,360 and Xb1 at the same time. Lobbies where hard to find and the player count was higher on Black ops 2 for PS3/360. Never finished Killzone, story was just bleh. But we had Ass Creed Black Flag and Need for Speed Rivals, I didn't mind these.
  6. I do remember the 360 to ps3 switch, I replayed games I loved on 360 again on the ps3 even though many weren't optimized that well. The ps3 wasn't region locked except ps1 and ps2 games physical copies so that opened the door to a whole new library. I've only left sony twice and that's partial as I still play ps3/Vita. The first time was from Ps4 to Xbox One, the reason? No external storage so any new games went to xb1 The second time is current with the PS5 to XBSX but only ps5 games, The Reason? I f'n hate the Dualsense no matter how much I pretended to like it so new games go to the XBSX. A temporary situation until the Cronus get's a firmware update or 3rd party controllers. I've never truly left any console except the wii, wii u and switch.
  7. Bought the NA version
  8. I love GTA 3, One of my favorite games of all time. There aren't many that took over my life for weeks and I still have the un modified Australian version, and Manhunt.
  9. pensioner home gig
  10. You are %100 missing the point of what I'm talking about.
  11. When did you start gaming? Hacked saves have been around since the beginning. The PS3 and 360 era was rich with bullshit achievements.
  12. Anything that's popular because I'm cool Really though Red Dead is bollocks however I didn't mind the OG Xbox game Red Dead Revolver though that's specifically based on when it was released and the Hype that GTA created for Rockstar. We had GTA, Red dead revolver, Manhunt and Bully back then.
  13. I mean that's ok but I found Judgement that boring I never finished it. And the hard copies went pretty cheap quickly so who knows whether this formula will stick.
  14. You can just buy attachments for any controller though and I'm playing several 120fps games without the Dual Sense, Until they get Cronus Patched I'm using the Astro C40 or XB Elite 2. There's no Doubt the DS is accurate but man it murders my hands, and no back buttons? To be fare I think it's a positive thing that many like this controller though it seems that unlike previous Sony gens there are allot more people uncomfortable with it. After opening it up you could really remove half of the junk in there and it still works.
  15. Silent Hill 2