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  1. Thankyou, that's a pity and the same as the xbox release I guess. So I'm hearing allot of rumors re Metroid Prime and Zelda Twighlight Princess def editions, Just rumors.
  2. No, I've not heard of it but I think I'll try the iso, Look at the giant image
  3. Sorry I didn't do much looking into this but can I ask, Is the persona 3 the portable version from PSP?
  4. The only PS5 I have ever seen is my own, Ordered in Japan 2020 and shipped to Australia. The PS4 pro is still a good contender and available. This console has an identity crisis.
  5. Cyberpunk 2077 on PC - I finally like this game Modern Warfare Remastered with H1 mod online, also on PC Will Plat Sniper Elite 5 but only playing a little bit now
  6. The Library is pretty small as is the NVME space, Sure it's nice to own one for a week or two but that wore of pretty quick for me. Also waiting for a Pro or Slim and the only reason I still have the original is the 4TB NVME I've put in there. With that said it's just wrong leaving this console as a tease to so many.
  7. Breaking into and arcade machine and stealing all of the coins during a lunch break at school, I think it was Wonderboy, I was hungry and forgot lunch money. Going to the Golden Super Market in Hong Kong and purchasing pirated games and consoles as a kid. Playing Neo Geo cup 98 at an airport in Bahrain, I owned this machine. Literally killed it and had an audience Arabic commuters. Finally finding a copy of "Revenge of Gator" in an airport in Bangkok, God I loved this game to death Sure it was on a 100 in 1 cart but I loved it. But by far the most memorable was being at the launch party for Dark Souls 3 in Shibuya at Tsutaya. Play Street fighter 2 Turbo under Tokyo Station with the dip switched set to level 9, this was in 2020. Yep they are all travel situations except for the theft.
  8. I found one single game I'm interested in that I don't already own and that Y's IX, I've ordered a hard copy instead. After wading through all of the crap it took some time I figured like Xbox's Gamepass I'd just cancel anyway, I always want to own the actual game.
  9. I think it's good not to have trophies online. For the first time Since COD World At War I thoroughly enjoyed Coldwar Zombies, it has challenges instead. I also think COD is over or at least until MS runs the business and then we can just hope the game is ok.
  10. Location is Australia and the PS3 version is what I have, online trophies needed. Doesn't matter when.
  11. We now have it here in Australia and all of the PS1 games are PAL versions, So no thanks Sony. I already own all of the games I'm interested in from the "Free" list of modern games. I don't think this is a good deal though I have been buying PS1 games from NTSC markets, they are so cheap anyway and you do end up owning it as opposed to a rental. Trophies really do enhance you gaming experience with these games in my mind. The highlight for me so far is Wild Arms.
  12. Sniper Elite 5 - PS4 version on PS5, It is a great game. Good enough for me to want to plat. I love the stories with the letters and description of the soldiers regular lives just before you blow their brains out. Solid series and I've played these since V2. The Axis invasion element is so much fun. Zelda Skyward Sword - Nintendo Switch, Finally I get to enjoy this game with traditional controllers. Splinter Cell HD Trilogy - PS3, Just started the first game and now I wonder what happened with this series.
  13. This is exactly the experience I've had with the single PS5 game I've played.
  14. I just hope that PS4 versions of games last a few more years, These controllers I bet will be the same shape as the regular Dualsense. I'm hoping that Scuff create a different shape based on their previous controller, or even better would be a new Astro. Basically anything non Sony would be nice though with little demand. Currently I have a gutted Dual Sense with all gimmickry removed, it still works so next I'm sizing up shells that will fit this board. The DS4 is fine for the sticks though the actual DS board is a bit taller. Plus the humungous L2/R2's need to be replaced so it's a bit of a project.