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  1. it ticks all the boxes so yes it should be fine. Edit: the important bits " PCle 4.0 M.2 SSDS with a capacity of 250 GB minimum and 4 TB maximum"
  2. For this to happen the same as the OP, it would mean that the consoles serial number is also hacked? So whoever used the account was also using a cloned serial number? Surely Sony has the technology to at least find out where on the planet the original account is and the cloned account was.
  3. Same error a couple of times but for me it's always related to "no title"
  4. Happy with the SSD being useable finally, but no web browser?? ffs, I re-read the post and no mention. And thanks for posting this MaxieM0us3
  5. Finally I'm the cool one
  6. My name is Mayo 2
  7. other tax free
  8. Imagine how much power my meth lab takes to keep running? It's too late, we've fucked the planet and ourselves.
  9. The opposite of SJW is Theodore Robert Bundy.
  10. Cool, I might pirate these games if it ever happens.
  11. and no job
  12. Does the Coke and Pepsi challenge count? I laughed so hard that pepsi ran out my nose, or Coke Have you ever had a Dance Dance Revolution accident?
  13. Ok well here's some basic info: http://akbstripplus.wiki.fc2.com/wiki/素材稼ぎ http://akibastripplus3201.blogspot.com/2013/05/playing-holic-mode.html