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  1. I have this on Switch and frankly the cross platform idea really puts me off, No trophies vs Trophies? I wonder which one I'd prefer. Exclusives would be better left exclusives for the switch.
  2. We are just having a laugh, You are using a game that is as common as muck on every system made for noobs.
  3. Atari 2000 became the 2600, I now wish it was the Atari 2500 I'm getting a little anxious waiting for my Victrix Pro BFG controller to arrive, I wanna love the ps5 but damn that default controller destroys my hands.
  4. I have a few retrofighters and this one is great. Though it's comfortable for me that can't be said for everyone and it isn't cheap. I say this as the only reason I don't play PS5 games is the Dualsense is not compatible with my hands, I'm talking painful as hell after 20 minutes. This retrofighter controller is more like a switch pro and I use it on the PS2, recently I've spent a few hours playing EDF 2025 on the PS3 with this controller and it is perfect for me.
  5. Good idea, I also have a second account which is just a knock around account. I don't have OCD but want to redo plats that I loved doing, I'm also not a completist but we have difference reasons for doing this. Just wish I didn't do the last 3 plats on this account,,,,,,,
  6. Either controller mods or possibly 3rd party controllers though the only 2 3rd party I can think of have just been released. I mean I could go all negative and laugh about the easy plat but I did the same thing on My Name is Mayo years ago.
  7. ^ Just those few seconds are hilarious, looking forward to this.
  8. Ah ok, I think I got lucky with Gigabyte providing the adapter I might not have needed (Not sure of brand). Congrats on the 3080, I love mine tbh In any case this is an important topic for anyone upgrading as GPU prices drop which will be more valid as it's not like everyone overpaid for the 3XXX series in the last 2 years. Mine cost $1700 so if I didn't buy that then the 4xxx series would be my next. I'm currently in Trista and loving it
  9. I've barely even touched and most certainly have come nowhere near maxing out my 3080 TI so I have massive doubts I'll get a 4XXX series. Now my card is massive as it's a TI OC version and what I did was use an extension cable supplied with the card. Surely Nvidia makers would provide this?
  10. Never heard of that model, Is it a Prototype? Everything has been a flop the last few years
  11. Nervously waiting on having my entire top row of teeth replaced,,,,,,,,,,
  12. For some reason I go the Promo Disc Version, I almost have all of the HD trilogy set's on PS3.
  13. I actually bought 2 games for the ps5, Disappointed in myself as I didn't realize there are PS4 Versions. However 3rd party controller arrives this week, I really hope I like it. Have hard copies, these are stock web images