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  1. I think it's aimed at people who own the Digital Version of the ps5. I bet there's an external disc drive out within a year.
  2. Yeah kill those features unless you enjoy being nauseous.
  3. Mutli accounts are fine, some of us move countries every year. It's just these free games for PS5 and let's face it, they are all old and you could probably buy them for a few $ anyway.
  4. I remember my Xbox One Day one edition 2013, you could see the wires in the controller. Totally sux ass I know Apparently Call Of Duty Cold War is bricking PS5's and the new XB.
  5. Yes the theme and also folders, it will all happen. I am reading next shipment Australia is January 30th 20201.
  6. Well I really need help here, I need to Buy the HK digital version as a last ditch effort before the store closes. However my 2 vita TV's are on my En account and I can't really format to HK and start again. Basically I need to load my Main, Switch to HK, trophy the game and upload to the main from HK account. This is pretty much the opposite of the method suggested, is it al all feasible? I'm kinda desperate.
  7. I have plenty of trades for Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen Vita Asian version, I love this game so bad and want to plat all 4 versions. The HK store and swapping trophies is gonna be a problem. Thanks
  8. Yeah what I meant to say was 8bit HDR 4k 60hz works on YUV with HDMI. RGB though, trying 10 or 12 bit gives you 30hz on pc using HDR 4k and I doubt the PS5 would be any different. I am so damn tired but all this messing around with 4K and HDR and also raytracing has blown my brains away for the time being, I see the PS5 as an easier solution. I love my PC sure but I emulate the Switch and that kind of thing. Ps5 even has the performance vs quality so that's great. I am probably wrong as much as right But you don't want anything under 2.0. I mean your TV will probably reject input plus. The HDMI that comes with the PS5 is fine. With that said, If you have a kick ass pc would you still want PS5? Hell yeah, Some games to me are console games even though that's just an opinion. And, I am looking forward to all of us having this console. Oh yeah, I like the watchdog games, Legions give you 4 and 5 for one cost. Check the piggy
  9. talked about lunch
  10. No attention at home?
  11. I also deleted it and it keeps coming back.
  12. Trophies became pretty obsolete when the PS3 was hacked. At least we get a laugh from Mayo, I think it's the most common basic Platinum? I mean how many people have 1000 visual novels and then bothered with Mayo? Trophies are fun and this was kind of fun so I don't see something being ruined that technically speaking has always been ruined.
  13. I don't think any HDMI supports RGB 4k HDR at 60HZ yet, YUV 4k 60 HZ yes. Better correct myself, Over 8Bit So I have been running a PC with a 2080 Super for some time now and there is very little support for Ray Tracing. I think the consoles will improve this situation.
  14. Showing off!! Nah it's still the Backwards compatibility and some games you get 2 versions for the price of one. Also there's like 20 free PS4 games which is a bonus. I am looking forward to more people being able to own one though.
  15. I think this will come back, We are literally week 2. Remember the USB ports and software are updated all the time. The single System improvement I would Like is to be able to use any controller with PS5 games, Like DS4. I'm with myself here bit I don't like the Dualsense. I can tell it's amazing etc etc but it's a torture with long play on COD.