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  1. Blackout in Black Ops 4 is very addicting to me.
  2. and frozen testicles
  3. No Have you ever eaten an inedible cake decoration?
  4. Everyone's so upset atm, we can't all like the same things. Someone mentioned this, Google "wolfenstein 2 mein leben" and you'll see the most requested question is "wolfenstein 2 mein leben Patch" . I don't get why anyone wanted a patch, these kind of trophies are the most fun to go for in my mind. Forget plats, I'm on new order atm in Uber mode completely aware that there's an easy way around it. If so many people hadn't have glitched New Order then Mein Leben wouldn't exist. That was a disappointment of 2018.
  5. I haven't ever used it. Do you like Handheld consoles?
  6. they are gifts
  7. Granted, you've corrupted your own wish as you didn't exclude yourself from everyone. I wish that every non skater wearing a thrasher shirt gets acute constipation.
  8. I was just suggesting we take some medications and not because we need it. I don't think there are any masterpieces this year and after gaming for decades there's only a few games that I would consider a masterpiece. I don't think anyone here thinks you have an agenda of any kind as everyone here is a gamer and most with multiple consoles and allot of experience. Check your post, it's how you said it that hit a nerve with someone, it finished suggesting you had more to complain about but couldn't be bothered. It doesn't matter at the end of the day, you're of course allowed an opinion. And actually I don't care, 2 of the games you mentioned I thought are pretty over rated.
  9. PSNP Rare? or PSN rare? Below is the PSNP rare. PS3 Watchdogs 5.34% Very Rare
  10. I have received allot of friend requests from various female name likes xXHotchick6969696Xx with links to their online porn. I ban them immediately. Actually my banned list is about 5 times bigger then my friends list. As for being dropped by friend? I wouldn't even know tbh.
  11. You seemed angry in your original post, Most of us who bought Battlefield 5 where aware that it was incomplete before buying it. I don't think people would think this about Spider-man at all, Not everyone liked it and I am one of those people. Anyway the post was sure to get some backlash and it's not the end of the world. Let's all take medication.
  12. Granted, You can only cast it from your anus. I wish for a total eclipse on Christmas day.
  13. No, Just pool Have you ever overwhelmingly beaten an MLG member on any game?
  14. Yes, Totally legit on the r4 card as well.