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  1. You make a good point, we have hardware so let's use it. There is nothing on the PS5 that shits me to tears quite as much as the fact there is no web browser. I mean nice update, we can all install an m2 now, the trophies look nice, the division of platform per game is nice. In Beta 2.0 my external 4tb sharted itself twice, In 3.0 no problems.
  2. Yes, And my sister had the same dream Have you ever had the ability to take complete control of a dream?
  3. on new trends
  4. DaivRules, As an owner of the XBSX one of the best things is not changing the interface much at all. Of course the hardware isn't much different on the Xbox sure and the BC is far more useful then Sony's. Maybe people that own both consoles are expecting old features too soon? The big 2 ps4 updates to allot of people are Themes and Folders. I myself was surprised in Nov 2020 to not see them let alone a web browser.
  5. Exactly the same for me.
  6. Don't forget to use the spacer on the SSD, It's tiny and under the screw made for the ssd and would be visible in the video ziggypossumm posted, I lost mine after the Beta. If you are using a heatsink, make sure it fits. With the Beta testing I was only successful with a one sider but I'm sure Ebay will have loads of overpriced sellers stating PS5, Buy from me. I love seeing my ps3 games in the trophies listing properly. Sure I liked the Beta but really it's insane we waited for this long, Ah well, I love Japan and they have been busy.
  7. Plasmatics - Summer Night
  8. The list of re-releases I haven't even started playing the original is becoming absurd.
  9. or artificial flavors
  10. I like the freedom of sitting on the sofa and not too keen on strapping something to my head. Without even trying I know it's not for me but as gamer who started with Atari I have to say it impresses me how far we've come with VR. But there is the problem for developers "how far we've come", It changes like the wind.
  11. Yes Have you ever followed a sports team with passion and one day said to yourself, Why am I doing this?
  12. people shared germs
  13. Yeah but screwing around with Vsync is a pain in the butt when your game is running over 100fps and your monitor is 60hz. 120hz really does shine in first perons shooters racing game you may not think you see it but games run smooth from a visual perspective. I notice it but witcher 3 on max 60 fps is a beautiful thing on ultra. too much individual games setups, sure nvidia control panel setups are nice but fuck it. Console is easy, good games , I still play pc though but exclusives mainly. It's clear my ps5 and xbsx doesn't surpass the tech of my pc but better community etc etc I personally wished crossplay would die in the arse along with Bobby Kotick the only known half human half lizard, repulsive little f'r that one. My point is it's getting harder to avoid pc gamers that use the master race tag. Any fucker that believes Master Race is either a child or mentally deficient, what you prefer as a gamer is master. This is coming from someone who's pretty f'n well off financially, Hanging around snobs isn't my thing and dealing with these motherfuckers online is something I avoid. You own a nice gaming pc and you personally are mature enough to not use master race, you play online and can't avoid these c%^ts I bet most of us here have a decent PC? The OP is just trolling shit, lock this crap please before I join the Hitler youth, the original master race.
  14. Ya reckon?
  15. Godfather 2 - Ps3 , Yep still playing and I kinda like it. Blackops Cold War - PS5 , Finishing the Dark ops challenges because Zombies really is the only playable part of this dogshit game Neutopia - Pc engine - Best Zelda clone I ever played
  16. The real pandemic is idiots with technology which pretty much covers most of society, we have no choice.
  17. I just realized last years video cards are mainly hdmi 2.0. Well fear not, do you have a HDMI 2.1 tv set? You can buy DP to HDMI 2.1 adapters if you want RGB 4k at 120hz. Or of course have a tv with display ports or a gaming monitor. But I want to play from the sofa on the big screen. So master race virgins who think the ps5 and xbsx are basically rtx 2060's, Find me a 2060 running on HDMI 2.1?. And then let's fight about AMD vs NVIDIA vs Intel. Then spend the entire night looking at framerate comparisons on youtube. We'll forget all about it the day we loose our virginity but it was so fun fighting and putting people down with words for all of those years. In hindsight the money spent to be king would be more suited to Gym memberships.
  18. before the pandemic
  19. Yes Have you ever licked a toad?
  20. roller disco truck
  21. This is the best solution imo
  22. Today your love, Tomorrow the World.
  23. I noticed Manhunt is now more playable, after an hour in on my Hardcore run I've encountered no glitches.
  24. Yes, what a nightmare Have you ever had a song stuck in your head for days and never worked out what the song is called?
  25. or Brandon Novak