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  1. I don't have too many accessories since I had to cut back my hours at work due to school. I have a sleeve, two 4GB memory cards, a 32GB memory card (that my grandma threw away! I'm glad it wasn't trash day, so I got it back...) and a screen protector. I really, really wish I got a protective film for the rear touchpad since I somehow managed to put a mini (but very noticable) scratch on it. I also have a game case that holds eight games and two memory cards, which is a bit of a waste since most of my Vita games are downloaded, and the one that isn't just stays inside my Vita.
  2. I checked out Near when I got my Vita a while ago and forgot all about it. Soon after, I started getting all these seemingly random friend requests. It took me a while to connect the dots, mainly since I really did not understand what Near was at the time.
  3. how ya liking da site so far.?

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    2. HelloBethy


      Yeah I stumbled in there once on accident but I didn't really stick around. Thanks for the recommendations, I'll try them out. I kinda wanna lurk a bit more just to see what it's like first, then slowly start posting. :)

    3. BDKSimba


      ;). lurk away.
    4. HelloBethy
  4. Ah I love the survey idea! My Intro to Research Methods class required us to get into groups and create surveys, Sadly, my group did not want to do a video game survey, they chose a boring mood/sleep/exercise one. I guess I'll have to make my own one day!