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  1. About 1 hour for the last treasure
  2. I think i agree with Mrtrofyhuntr in almost everything i just add that i love to plat/100% games that i like and also trying to keep my completion above 90% Great post!
  3. John Wick 2
  4. Wait what? He plays shitty games all day for years and only now is retiring? What a joke
  5. In my opinion games like my name mayo and stacking multiple country versions of the same game should not count to the your rank, if psnp at least only alow 1 platinum per game it whould be a good thing
  6. Gran turismo sport?
  7. never i love the ps3
  8. Silpheed The Lost Planet and Gradius V
  9. I just hope atlus dont change a thing its the the only way to shut up sjws
  10. Resistance: fall of man and Motorstorm, a lot of people mention ninja garden sigma well theres a psvita version with trophies
  11. Clear your team of all negative quirks and build districts that boost heroes my team is vestal,jester,shildbreaker,shildbreaker still hard but the main problem is that this dlc sucks
  12. I have all dlc and yes its bugged i can only build some districts others i cant
  13. Galaxy Superstar SĂ–LDNER-X 2: FINAL PROTOTYPE