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  1. #32 - The Suicide of Rachel Foster
  2. Been waiting for the full song ever since the trailers for Mafia 3 years ago. Thank you Mafia: DE for finally giving it to us!
  3. Are you making sure to leave and let the game auto-save? I believe I read that they won't stay saved if you save manually, unless I'm thinking of something else.
  4. Good news, I booted it back up just to check my progress and I'm already at 500/2,000 scrap for Dividend and surprisingly, it looks like my scavenging locations are all good! Was really worried I'd already gotten glitched but hadn't noticed. I've got a head start now.
  5. Thanks for this, makes it a bit less daunting. Started the game a couple years back, need to actually boot it up and get to work.
  6. I will become the Golden Prince of the PlayStation Network Let's split the price 50/50 😂