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  1. I've messaged them on Facebook as I don't use Twitter. Maybe if a bunch of people ask the same question they'll update it.
  2. CRSED is the only one I think. Could it be an error they fix?
  3. Rectangle images please. I joined the site years ago because of it's slick / minimalist design. It looks a right mess now with those huge squares mixed in. Looks even worse on the PS5 UI
  4. I had this problem a few days ago. I was missing Casa da Mordecai even though the whole map was complete.
  5. Heavy Storm Shurikan build is the most OP build for that difficulty IMO. Great damage, safe distance. Mainly good against yokai but can deal with the human bosses well too. It'll take some time and grinding to get set up but once you're ready you'll breeze through that difficulty. Check the links:
  6. If you have to gold medal all cells in the fury campaign on elite then this could very well be rarer than the wipeout hd plat. Some of those tracks are brutal at phantom speed class if I remember right
  7. It was an easy Platinum on the PS3 to be honest. Only the level 65 trophy was a grind and the high score in one round was slightly tricky if you couldn't co-ordinate well with a partner. I don't recall anything else being a problem and this list looks slightly easier.
  8. #35 - Aragami
  9. Platinum #35 - Aragami

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    2. evilartifact
    3. PirateHunter777


      Congrats. Did you enjoy the game?

    4. EternalWarriorVI


      Yes it's a nice game. The framerate is dreadful though which really pulls the experience down

  10. For anyone interested in Furi I've started a playlist for S Ranks in Furier Difficulty:

    1. dernop


      nice, subbed you for later! one day i'll try furi... one day ;)

    2. EternalWarriorVI


      Hey thanks! It's a nice game. One of those ones which is fun to master

  11. #34 - Dust: An Elysium Tail
  12. Yeah that's basically what I've been doing too. Played numerous levels with both other players and lots of different colour combos but it just won't pop. Tried starting and quitting levels and also finishing levels too. Seeing as you had the same issue I'll just persist and hopefully it pops sooner rather than later. Thanks for replying
  13. This trophy will not pop for me and someone had the same issue on as well. Anyone else have this problem and is there a way around it? I've deleted game data already but didn't help. Really don't want to have delete save data and start again
  14. #33 - Furi