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  1. Shirokuma Rescue Squad Rescued Shirokuma. Monokuma Hunter Defeated 100 Monokumas. Redemption Raised Komaru to level 20. I like the story and the characters so far, but I think the actual gameplay is not fun at all... The travel time of the bullets and the slow camera turning just make it incredibly frustrating.
  2. Burning Your Bridges Escaped the collapsing bridge.
  3. #53 Soul Sacrifice Delta! I actually hated it at first. It got a lot more fun after I figured out its dumb terminology. :P

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    2. nenugalimas
    3. DamagingRob
    4. Xillia


      Thanks guys!


      @skateak yeah, it's really annoying when it's just throwing words at you and you have to figure out what they mean through the context. The game could've used a glossary. :/ But even then it would probably be called something ridiculous like Necronomicon lol.

  4. Faith in the Divine Earned Sanctuarium title "High Cardinal." Chronicles of YoreAcquired all trophies. Finally got this last night.
  5. The Ideal SorcererEarned Avalon title "Archmage 1st Class." Sanctuarium's PrideEarned Sanctuarium title "High Cleric." Only Sanctuarium's title left until the plat! I'll try to nolife it so I'm done before I leave for Bosnia tomorrow.
  6. I used to play TERA and later Black Desert. I loved them both but eventually stopped playing them because my friends quit first. It just stops being fun after that.
  7. I'm probably gonna be without internet for a while. That shouldn't mess with my trophies or time stamps once I sync them, right?

    1. Hemiak


      Correct. You only get bad time stamps if you play on a console that hasn't set it's internal clock yet. 

    2. Xillia


      Alright, that's great. Thanks dude.

  8. The Platinum Rain guys probably win this one.
  9. Avalon's PrideEarned Avalon title "Mage 1st Class." Phantasmagoric BeautyAcquired 50 different accessories. I wish the accessories at least didn't look awful considering how annoying they are to get lol.
  10. Defying the Gods ThemselvesEarned Grim title "High Awakened." I've been with Grim basically the entire time I've been playing the game. I feel so lost, now that I'm done with that and have to switch over to Sanctuarium and Avalon. I have never even looked at their sigils or allies lol. As for skills, I'll probably just switch out my primary sword for a lance/arm attack. The lance is similar enough, but I hate how slow the arm attacks are. :T
  11. A Challenge from the Ivory TowerFulfilled all pacts in Age of Ruin. Transcendent Fulfilled all pacts in Age of Infinity. A History of Adventure Fulfilled all pacts in all Ages. Welp, that's that. Only the accessory and title grind remains. And I just noticed that the trophy icons get less busted as the rarity increases.
  12. I'm torn between like 5 games I could play on the PS3/PS4. I just can't stick to one. :/

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    2. Tora Chan

      Tora Chan

      That's a tough choice... you could split the playing time between them to one each

    3. Xillia


      @Terra Star Ocean 4, FFXIII, Gravity Rush 2, Senran Kagura or finishing the Stardew Valley grind. I'm thinking GR2, but I feel bad for putting off SO4 and FFXIII for so long lol.

      @KittiBear Yep, it's definitely better than having no choice at all. :P 

    4. Terra


      I'd say Gravity Rush 2 or Senran Kagura and then finish off Stardew Valley and move on to either Star Ocean or Final Fantasy XIII because they are longer games. 

  13. Butchered Barachiel Defeat Barachiel in the engine room of the celestial ship. I found it strange that it took so long for the boss to die and that it was exclusively aggroing me. Then I realized towards the end of the fight that I accidentally set two other team mates to manual while I was switching characters.
  14. Do you ever think about how a robot is asking you if you're a robot?
  15. 100% Overcooked! Super fun game. The volcano and the ice levels were a great... bonding exercise.