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  1. #49 Bloodborne All trophies acquired. Hats off! 2 years ago i first played this game and i almost got the platinum then, i only needed the collect all weapons trophy and just had to get the badge off Alfred to finish, unfortunately i lost my save data so i ended up selling the game. Since i got it back for free via ps+ i thought i'd give it another shot and here we are. Now i'll need something special for my 50th.
  2. Twin Automata Cleared “Twin Automata”.
  3. Code Vein has been delayed until next year! Damn that was one of my most anticipated games of the year, atleast Valkyria Chronicles 4 still comes out that month (hope i haven't jinxed it's delay too). :P

    1. Dragon-Archon


      That sucks, was looking forward to it.

    2. soniq


      Everybody seems to be avoiding RDR2 this fall. Read somewhere that Kingdom Hearts 3 was supposed to be released in the fall, but Square Enix' marketing strongly suggested to not launch later than mid October. Probably the same with this game. :D

    3. Deluziion90


      Actually I'm happy about it. I've already got all 3 spyro games, tomb raider, spider and life is strange planned for that time period. Gives me some time to sleep :awesome:

  4. #46 Herald of the Scribes Earn all other available trophies in Pyre. Finally got back around to finishing up the trophies for this fantastic game!
  5. Master Conductor Prevail against a Master CPU opponent with six or more Titan Stars active (Versus Mode with default Masteries, Talismans, Pyre Health) Enlightened Prevail in a Rite against a Master-level CPU opponent (Versus Mode, default Talismans and Masteries)
  6. Arrived early! Some pics of the steelbook
  7. This reminded me of the film i watched as a kid ''The Twelve Tasks of Asterix''.
  8. Opening Movie
  9. love your new avy so classic Beautiful style ;)

    1. SteelFreaxx


      Thanks! I'm currently watching Star Blazers 2199 and it's amazing, it's a nice remake of the 70's show.