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  1. The preview of the Overwatch Winter Wonderland main menu looks great this year.


  2. Simple Trigonometry Fully deplete both types of Moira's Biotic Orb without dying in Quick or Competitive Play.
  3. Dirty Pair: Project Eden (1986) Ok film but the ending was dark.
  4. Maybe Dissidia NT
  5. I've had my eye on this for a while, looking forward to playing these games for the first time on Switch.
  6. I bought Resident Evil Revelations HD a few days ago and now it's on sale half the price on psn, FML.

    1. LucianaRosethorn


      I remember when I asked my friend to buy me Destiny the collection which was £50 and the next day or two it was £16, he never let's it go even to this day. xD

    2. SteelFreaxx
  7. For those interested, Spice & Wolf VR Kickstarter is live and has already reached it's goal in just 1 day: 


  8. It's High Noon Get 4 killing blows with a single use of McCree's Deadeye in Quick or Competitive Play. It took way longer than i thought it would to get this trophy.
  9. Yes my main is back and looking fast as ever.


    1. Iris Heart

      Iris Heart

      The only great character for that game. Alongside Shishio. xD

    2. JaM


      And here I am... Still waiting for Saiki and Gintoki...

    3. Avatar_Of_Battle


      Goddamn I wish they'd make a game for the series. Being a stubborn jackass about it, RK will forever remain my favorite anime/manga.

  10.  Is this real!? Spice & Wolf VR game


  11. Wow Fruits Basket anime is getting a remake! :o

    1. Silently


      I love that anime followed by kobato, quran highschool etc.. thank u for sharing.. ^_^v

    2. JaM


      Nice... Hopefully this time they will adapt til the manga's ending.

    3. Jelloycat


      I never read/watched the original, so I'm excited to try it out. :)