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  1. #58 Murdered: Soul Suspect Moving On Collected every trophy in the game
  2. TGIF
  3. EP 8-12 Finally finished this after starting it last year, quite enjoyed it but was disappointed by the cliffhanger ending.
  4. Ultimate Skill Complete the mission "Twilight of the Hounds." It All Comes Together Collect all trophies.
  5. #57 It All Comes Together Collect all trophies. My first plat of 2019, took 60+ hrs including idle time.
  6. I can confirm you need 1 of each weapon/shield/gun type at level 7.
  7. I only just changed to God Eater 3 avy and theme, may need to change again...
  8. Welcome Home! The bonds between you and your family have spread throughout the world.
  9. Dreams of Glory Earn an SSS rank on 40 missions.