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  1. It's Friday the 13th Play 1 multiplayer match as Jason. Doomed, you're all doomed! Kill all 7 counselors in a single match.
  2. The name i wanted was taken a long time ago by someone with 1 unfinished game on their profile and has been abandoned, it would be nice to have the name that matches my other social media but i can live with what i got.
  3. Dull all possible dialogue options in a tree. Would you rather everytime you took a bite out of food it screams in pain or have all your favourite foods taste bad forever?
  4. It's Over Defeat Anubis It's Over, For Real! Defeat Aumaan Anubis
  5. Sure, toys are meant to be broken.
  6. "Welcome back to the stage of history... retold!"
  7. Been listening to this alot lately
  8. Transistor / / V
  9. Fast Blood You have earned First Blood in any game mode before 0:00 on the in-game clock. (Versus or Ranked)