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  1. Another great avatar. :D

    1. SteelFreaxx


      Thank you thank you, same to you! ^_^

    2. Official-ME-


      Yeah, i like it (^_^ )

    3. SteelFreaxx
  2. Lost Planet 2 War Vet Play 500 Online matches. (1.57%)
  3. Tokyo Dark Release Date Announcement Trailer -


  4. Monster World IV Jackpot Collect 777 gold and see what happens.
  5. Great avtar, my friend. :)

    1. SteelFreaxx


      Thanks Iris! Been meaning to use it for a while. xD

    2. Iris Heart

      Iris Heart

      It's just your style. It's a beautiful one. :)

  6. I'm actually working on the Valkyria Chronicles plat now, i think i may save it for #50 Dragon's Crown has a pretty nice icon.
  7. It was the demo for WET (20/12/2009)
  8. Randgriz Crest of Honor Obtain the decoration considered Gallia's highest honor, begun by House Randgriz. Given only to heroes who demonstrate complete military mastery.
  9. Trophy #6000 and back from hiatus 😁

  10. like your new avy!

    wish you a nice weekend

    1. SteelFreaxx


      Thanks fluffy hope you have a great weekend too. 😃

  11. Champion of Champions Unlock all trophies in Paladins. 5.30% Very Rare Thanks to the boosting group who helped me get that last tricky trophy.