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  1. I'm doing my part Hand in all three keycards in a single area
  2. #84 Sweet! (6.67%) Unlock all trophies.
  3. I almost bought Amalur 2 weeks ago, lucky I didn’t.
  4. Been a long time since i've played but here's how i left my character. Lvl 78 Samurai - Stella Crescendoll
  5. It's time to duel! Finish a game in versus mode Both are for monsters Finish normal mode with Anis in "Anis & Reglisse" story I have low esteem for everyone else Finish normal mode with Reglisse in "Anis & Reglisse" story Honor the fortunate dead Kill the cat queen with Reglisse's spell
  6. Angry chicks Kill 7 monsters with one Vanille spell in "Praline & Vanille" story Nobody steals our chicks... Finish arcade mode with Vanille in "Praline & Vanille" story Now you respect me Finish arcade mode with Praline in "Praline & Vanille" story