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  1. I am glad that it proved useful in practice. If I recall correctly I bought Wyvern card along with some Nekkers and other monster faction cards. If you can still win cards then keep doing it. If you receive nothing after winning a new merchant/smith/herbalist then it is definetly sold by one of the merchants on Skellige. Hmm, never glitched on me but I went for gwent cards on my 2nd playthrough. Did you try to return to him after meditating for couple of days? The patch is going to fix Elsa's cards, but not this one. Well, playing this game for the third time is going to be very unpleasant experience but I hope this will be your last playthrough for these cards. Good luck.
  2. Yeah, sure, why not. I am downloading Bozak Horde DLC but I can't see Parkour Fever.
  3. I've actually no idea how to help you with this. Did you search everywhere in that camp? Maybe it is in one of the boxes and it is not hold by a bandit. If these are the only cards you are missing then just keep retrying. Hope you will find it.
  4. Can anyone enlighten me when both DLC will appear on the UK PS store? First I had problem downloading this game again because of annoying bug that thought I had this game installed. Then, my "Be The Zombie" doesn't show up although I have it installed and now this... Not sure if I should buy any more games from them.
  5. Thank you. Could've done it earlier but thanks to Gwent. Although I enjoy Gwent a lot, but I dislike huge missable trophies.
  6. Yes, you need only 120 unique cards. I didn't miss players at the ball on my first playthrough but I forgot to buy cards from Elsa. I am glad that this guide may help you
  7. Since no one who got this trophy decided to guide the rest of us for these cards, I'll try to make things easier for you. After finishing my 2nd speed playthrough for gwent cards I decided to make this topic, so you guys will know exactly which cards you need to look for and where. You don't need to have all duplicates. You need to have each card at least once. Cards like Ghoul which have Muster means that you need to have all 3 cards from this Ghoul 'subgroup'. I hope that makes everything clear. You have to look for merchants and innkeepers in order to buy cards from them. Blacksmiths and armorers will never sell cards but most of them will play with you. You don't have to play with every single merchant/innkeeper/smith in order to get other random cards because this game has more NPC's who are willing to play with you rather than random cards. You will know that you got every random card when they will give you literaly nothing for winning. A tip from dalailama1989: " get some of the random-won-cards a little earlier: Before you play a merchant/innkeeper you haven't beaten yet, make a manual safegame. If your reward is a duplicate card which you don't need, reload and play again." Tip from HellbornHunter: "When you go to arinbjorn make sure to talk to the inkeeper before having a drink with jorund and starting the contract because if you don't the inkeeper might glitch and you won't be able to buy the cards he sells (thaler and some of the monsters)." White Orchard 1) Buy all cards from Elsa, the first and only Innkeeper in White Orchard. (MISSABLE) 2) Win the tutorial match of Gwent. Velen/Novigraad 3) Gwent: Playing Inkeepers (you will get this mission from a noticeboard or by playing with the first inkeeper from this quest) 4) Gwent: Velen Players (the starting NPC I believe is Baron in Crow's Perch) 5) Gwent: Big City Players (one of the notice boards in Novigrad) 6) Zoltan Chivay will give you a quest "A Dangerous Game". Once you get all there cards, make sure that you keep cards instead of money. (MISSABLE) 7) Gwent: Old Pals - This one is tricky. You start this mission after defeating Zoltan Chivay who is located near Rosemary and Thyme. At some point you will need to play against Lambert. In order to find Lambert you must finish a side quest "Following the Thread". After killing Ekimmara and finishing this side quest Lambert will give you a new quest. Acept and finish it. After you finish this quest talk to Lambert straight away before he goes to Kaer Morhen. If he goes there and you don't have fast travel just play the story line quickly until you get Uma. (MISSABLE) Here is a tip from JoaoMXN: "if you don't play Gwent with Lambert before he go to Kaer Morhen (according to the game) you can still meet him at "The Nowhere Inn". He appear on the place even if the map points to Kaer Morhen." 8) Do Triss Merigold's side quest "A Matter of Life and Death". Once you reached the ball, head to the only exclamation mark on your map and play against three players in order to get their cards. (MISSABLE) 9) Gwent: Playing Thaler. In order to find Thaler, you will need to finish side story of Triss Merigold. Dijkstra will give you "A Deadly Plot" side quest. Follow this quest until you find and free Thaler. Play against him before he leaves. (MISSABLE) 10) Puttkammer and Sweers cards can be bought from Merchant in Claywich. In order for this merchant to appear you need to free him from bandits. The bandit camp is located to the East from Boatmaker's Hut (At the centre of the big island) in Velen. Skellige 11) Gwent: Skellige Style. Find a notice board and get this quest. In order to play against Gremist you need to finish "Practicum in Advanced Alchemy". 12) There is a druid-questgiver near the previous location who gives you "Shock Therapy" side quest. Finishing this quest will get you another hero card. Hope this helps. I will add if I find that I missed something.
  8. Triss, definetely for me.
  9. So that was the quest. But the description says to complete the contract. Yeah, you're right, I did use the altar method because at that moment I remembered that all contracts doesn't specify to kill the monster. 2nd run for me incoming.
  10. As the title states, that trophy glitched on me. Since I didn't keep track of my trophies I didn't even redo a battle with him in order to see if it will unlock or not. So if you finished a contract, don't be lazy to check it.
  11. The Devil's Pit in Velen is one of best places to get this trophy. Credit for this image goes to King fiShiZ.
  12. Well, most of the trophies are doable on Death March. Two contracts which I did were Shreiker and Wyvern since I think they are very easy to handle. Environmental kills can be easily stacked up with Harpies and Sirens, since killing them while they are stunned counts as environmental kill (providing you used AARD sign on it). Knocking of 10 enemies to their death seemed tricky to me on Death March until I found The Devil's Pit in Velen. Master Marksman and Overkill trophies are those which I am still trying to achieve. I've been running with bleed/poison/burn silver and steel sword for a long time already and still nothing. So this trophy is either glitched or the description is wrong and you need to have finishing blow with these effects stacked.
  13. Humpty Dumpty Kill 10 opponents by knocking them off somewhere high with the Aard Sign. Can someone share, the best place to do this trophy? Also, I assume that it is impossible to do it on Death March difficulty, so I should do it on a separate save. Correct me if I am wrong.
  14. Thank you for letting me know!
  15. Stop this "scared" trophy hunting. You either hunt for trophies or you don't. There is no "please let there be a glitch".