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  1. For Madden 17 on ps3 i just tried playing draft champions mode with 3 different alts on 2 different ps3s and i was getting the "EA servers not available at this time" error message. That doesnt look good for anyone new trying to get it done. The game seems to log me in when i first boot it up but once in the main menu it doesn't show my username in the top right hand corner just the local name that is set for that profile on my ps3.
  2. i had the same issue with both trophies when i did this, basically i think the full sega outfit doesnt appear if you are playing in the women's side of the career mode. I got this done without the patch and on the men's side, which took forever to grind through again the style guru trophy also glitched on me but im not entirely sure what i did except unlock and use every playstyle in a match again on the men's side at the same time as my run for the sega outfit
  3. I did the same and got the following responses from the chat; ------- "I can confirm that the developers are currently working on resolving the issue and that we plan on releasing an update to fix the issues. We have narrowed down the root of the issue and are working hard to put a fix in place. Unfortunately, due to the nature of bug fixing, we really cannot give a timeframe for this as we would need to fully develop and test the resolution." "The Breach servers issues is a fairly recent event and we have been working hard to fix this since it popped up. I really couldn't say how long it may take unfortunately. Bug testing, fixing and fix testing is a delicate ballance and we need to make sure that we do not introduce further problems with any fix that we develop." ------- The guy i was speaking to said that the following links would post any updates on when the server would be fixed; as well as the main squareenix website. These are quite vague responses, so im guessing they may be doing something but that there are not enough people complaining about it to speed up the process. Hopefully more people will complain about it!
  4. Thanks for this thread @JorgeSleep I managed to get .05 within 10 mins of starting so its not difficult, but definitely seems random - just try doing different things on your run. I'm looking forward to getting this shitty trophy to pop so i can finally get closer to never playing this online crap again and actually spend my time playing something better.
  5. it worked for me - i found a new copy on ebay, the guy i bought it from said it was new even though it wasnt in its original shrink wrap. I decided to take a punt on it and thankfully the code was there and worked. Hopefully you can get lucky in finding a working vip pass.
  6. As you were one of my many boosting partners for this trophy when i could not get the trophy to pop, this method is not entirely correct. I figured out the issue and eventually managed to pop this trophy. The reason i was locked out of getting it was something really weird i figured out, i helped another person get this trophy with a dummy account (which i had never used) and he got it on his first try. But i could not get it to pop on my main account, so i tried understanding what was different between my main account and the dummy account. To cut a long story short, it had to do with the FUT CHAMPIONS menu, i had entered this menu just before that mode discontinued and in the online menu and it would simply display 'unranked' where FUT CHAMPIONS section is. So after getting the rest of the FUT trophies i completely deleted my FUT team and created a new one. On the new one i did not click on FUT CHAMPIONS and got the friendly seasons trophy on my first try. The reason i know it had to do with Fut Champions is because when i helped my friend get the trophy with my dummy account i made a silly mistake. So, after helping him and before trying to pop the trophy on this dummy account i had messed around with the menus and clicked on the fut champions section. Afterwards when i tried to pop the trophy on the same dummy account i couldnt get it, even though moments before i had helped my boost partner. Anyway thats my long-winded rant on it, if anyone has the 'unranked' page for the fut champions section and cant get this trophy then id suggest deleting your team and creating a new one without entering the FUT CHAMPIONS section. Hopefully more people can get the trophy done now.
  7. I'm using the website on my laptop and having similar problems to what @tpepper1985 posted. I hope that this issue will be fixed at some point as it is getting quite annoying.
  8. I forgot to mention that i eventually got the trophy, but your method of looking at recent achievers is what i did pretty much. Basically i looked through the recent achievers and saw there was somewhat of a pattern, and figured that i would just wait until someone achieved it and then id try myself. The trophy popped for me after the first match i played (which i lost).
  9. i have the same exact problem i have played 3 seasons and havent got the trophy to pop - im not really sure whats going on as i tried using things wins/draws from the catalogue on my first 2 seasons that i got promoted. On my 3rd season i played everything legit and nothing
  10. just the got the bros gonna bro trophy with @BloodyRutz using the same method as the drop in trophy, so these trophies are attainable with a tiny bit of effort.
  11. i just got the drop in game trophy thanks to BloodyRutz for the app recommendation, and to charlijaen for the method of connecting - very easily done! Lets hope we can get the other one done as well to confirm that both trophies can be attained
  12. my connection is wireless but i do have a spare wire around. ill try and give this a shot tomorrow - let me know how it goes for you. Hopefully i'll be able to manage it and not get stuck !
  13. ah damn - ill just cancel the subscription and get my money back on it hopefully - but looks like no plat for me on this thanks for checking it out for me anyway - and good luck to those who are going for this
  14. Sky Q Hub ER110 - i hope i have listed the router name correctly. I was thinking that Sky perhaps used one of the routers that were listed in expressVPN, but im not so sure that they do. here is a link to a review and specification of the modem
  15. This seems to be a great method and ive had a try for a number of hours now but i think my router configuration settings doesnt have the option to change the WAN connection type to what was recommended, the only page it shows that relates to WAN on my router is the following; Default DMZ Server: [ 0]- [ 0]- [ 0]- [ 0] Respond to Ping on Internet WAN Port Respond to Ping on Internet WAN Port(IPV6) MTU Size (in bytes) 1500 (default) Router Mode either DSL Only or WANOE Only or Auto for someone who is no expert (like me) im not really sure what else to do at this stage - my expressvpn is connected successfully and ive changed the location to japan and i have the username,password and have tried different asian servers. Ive also tried setting up a vpn with no luck as well, so any help/advice is welcome!